Cabrera: “I was a little scared with my eyes”

Miguel Cabrera’s first play at third base this season was a little acrobatic, a foul pop-up that sent him into a somersault when he reached back for the ball and slipped on the dirt. That wasn’t a scare so much as it was a laugh.

“I don’t know if it was ovation or if everyone was laughing,” Cabrera said after the game, “but it was fun.”

That was a laugh, it turned out. It was the next ball that was a scare for him.

Dustin Pedroia’s sixth-inning ground ball was a hard-hit ball that got past Cabrera. Instead of staying down for the ball, he pulled up too early, earning him an error. That reaction, he said later, was related to the ball that hit him around his right eye a couple weeks ago in Spring Training against the Phillies.

“I was a little scared with my eyes,” he said. “I came up and should’ve gone down.”

Cabrera escaped that play with a non-displaced fracture of the orbital floor below his eye, only because he was wearing sunglasses at third base that day. He realized immediately he was lucky. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t think about it, even though he was wearing sunglasses in the field Thursday.

“I talked to my teammates after,” he said, “and I’m going to be OK and play my game.”

Manager Jim Leyland reiterated his support for Cabrera.

“He’s fine,” Leyland said. “He’s going to be there [Saturday]. He’s going to be there all the time.”


Bueno, señor Miguel, que guardas los ojos, mejor que ver los honrón lanzados.
Good to understand Miguel’s caution on that ball that was so hard hit and so like the one that smashed his sunglasses and broke a bone beneath his eye, we must remember we need him for offense (in the line-up on a regular basis, hopefully every game this season). And I agree with JL, (do not think he is wishful thinking), Miguel (cannot bring myself to say “Miggy”) on defense at 3B, “He’ll do fine” (or some such). And the humor from JV and Miguel himself after that indeed acrobatic catch (any fans tried that lately?) shows a beautiful and necessary togetherness. Some long-term, and it is a long season, good team effort and unity, even comraderie, are a good sign for a good-to-great year. Not to forget last year: thank you JV, Papa Grande, everybody (manager included). And Boston’s game is not to be overlooked (easier to give credit when one is a fanatic of the team that won),- it is a long and winding road for all. ¡Pues, que venceremos todos! tigre34

Venceremos todos!! (:

The problem with that ball that hit Miguel in the face was that his footwork was not the way it should be….he was at an angle of 45% and on such hard hit ball he should practice turning 90% moving back with the ball and coming up with thew glove from down. Take a pitching machine and work indoors on such one hoppers from the back hand side and forehand side until that play becomes second nature….!

Is that you Brandon?

The micro-managing of Miggy’s third-base play is really humorous. Let’s simplify the issue and before moving on to a more significant topic: Miggy will make several errors. However, he will make the large majority of the plays he is supposed to make. In short, he has a mediocre glove and ranks as the best-hitting 3B in MLB. Almost exactly the same can be said of Prince Fielder. Just substitute the phrase “one of the best-hitting 1B in the game.” In sum, an overall upgrade for the Tigers from previous seasons.

Wont be so carefree when the yankees blast balls by cabrera in al pennent games. Those that remember cabbys previous 3b playing described him as the range of an oak tree.

@Za Pastiche-Yankees won’t even make the playoffs. Go back to NY

Just so we’re clear, Shark made the comment about “the yankees.” He also is the one who cannot construct a readable sentence. I’m neither from New York nor a Yankees fan.

still beats that bum a roid and what do the yankees have to say about the last to meetings with the tigers in the playoffs

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