Tigers set Opening Day lineup

With Brandon Inge placed on the 15-day DL, Jim Leyland confirmed what he had suggested on Monday: The lineup he used Monday against the Jays is the lineup he’ll use on Opening Day Thursday against Red Sox starter Jon Lester.

That includes switch-hitter Ramon Santiago at second base.

Here’s the lineup from Monday again:

  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Brennan Boesch, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, LF
  6. Ryan Raburn, DH
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Ramon Santiago, 2B

P: Justin Verlander

As for the lineup after that, Leyland said this morning that Andy Dirks will be the DH on Saturday against the right-handed starter. Raburn could still be in the lineup; Leyland indicated Raburn will play second base on many days against right-handed starters.


Like 1+

Raburn will start most days against RHP and Inge will start most days against LHP. Great, so our best 2B man doesn’t what, again?


Santiago at least will be at the Majors. Worth will have his road blocked for one more year

In 1984, Detroit won with a committee , only the current 1B coach was above average in defense.But it was a less critical position.
Having 3 or 4 different 2b players could mean problems.
Santiago could , or not, play 2b on sleep but coordination with the SS is something that must be worked during ST. And was not done.
Most games were played by Inge who wont be there
It won be easy for Peralta if he will work with a committee

1st of all; I like Max Scherzer. But he has now had two abysmal games in a row. Not sure why a guy like Max, with his stuff, is flirting with a 3.0 WHIP lately.
I’, anot officially worried but I must say my antennae are fully deployed.

yeah definetly – well put. Also, did Marte just go in a walk a guy – then get pulled by the Skip (I can only “see” the game via mlbgameday)??

He’s going on the DL. Pulled hammy. It’s on the right hand side of the page under BeckJason twitter. Well, we sure didn’t need another injury. I suppose they’ll call Zorro up.

right right i c its on there now. Zorro=Villarreal?

Brayan definitely reminds me of a young Antonio Banderas, Zorro, especially when he had the long hair last year.

Scherzer is not dependable. Said that all along. In a big game (like game 6 of the ALCS), you don’t know what you’ll get. He sure owns the Yankees though.

and now this samuels kid is being drilled out there. So glad ST is over!

Does anyone follow Phil Coke on Twitter? He is pretty amusing.

Bring on the season – so psyched!

You mean the real Phil Coke or “Phil Coke’s Brain”?

Phil Coke’s Brain…

Thanks for setting me straight Rich, I don’t read much on Twitter and never clicked to see that it wasn’t really him

Pretty terrible outing by Scnerzer!

He struggled against the Jays. East teams will make look bad anyone.The Jays offense gives them a chance for the Wild Card.

Below is up for Marte

Very surprised with that choice.

I’m not surprised. I think this is a good choice for our essentially RHP rotation to have a long guy who throws with his left arm. Teams will certainly load up from the left side against Max and if he has problems in regular season like he (or any one else for that matter) has had recently Below could be very valuable

Agreed, Marte was selected because he “threw strikes” and could be used in “multiple scenarios” Below can be used in long relief, and can also be used to bridge an inning to Coke if needed. Below, in my opinion, has a good chance to be an effective long reliever in the majors. The bullpen still seems solid, Balester and Below available for long relief and Coke, Dotel, and Schlereth getting us to benoit and valverde. Good stuff!

I had Below picked as the 5th starter all along, so I obviously have a high opinion of him. If he keeps the ball down, he’s good for an inning ending DP but, like Dan says, turning around the opposing hitters can keep us in a game long enough to get our offense rolling. This team has been good at not getting down when falling behind early, and we should be able to pull off some inspiring comebacks this season. A long reliever is essential to accomplish that.
The fun part of a good offense is not scoring 5 in the first inning, but 5 in the 8th inning.

The Tigs will have plenty offense, but will be weak defensively, which will surely hurt them against NL teams and in post season play.

One more day and the fun begins. Can’t wait to see who is hitting hot out of the gate and looking forward to Jackson’s amazing catches. Hoping what we see from Miggy & Prince would make most baseball fans say “Big Papi & Manny who?”

You know I have a sneaky suspicion the Tiger infield is going to turn out better than expected.
Cabby and Peralta are pretty sure handed with accurate arms. Raburn is returning to a position where he is at least familar with. He is as capable of making a dazzling play as he is a bizarre one. He’s tough, will stand in there on the DP and take it.
Prince may be the weakest link. But I think camraderie, PRIDE and good offense, has a way of making ballplayers better all-around. How often have I seen people (young and old, male and female, pro and am) play their best defense when they are having good days at the bat?

True the range of this infield will not win many ball games but the sure-handedness will turn those DPs and give their pitcher a reason to keep that ball down.

the main thing i’m going to remember from this spring training is that the Tigers dodged a potentially career changing problem with Cabrera’s injury. everything else from Inge to the 5th starter to the last reserve outfielder on the bench pales in comparison. the regular season will sort out all those controversies.

Great the Tigers return up north and the weather is quite nice. 70 degrees yesterday and gorgeous today. Now, if only it holds up for tomorrow. Remember a few years ago Cleveland had a foot of snow in their stadium and games had to be postponed.

Very happy to see Alex hitting the southpaw at Toledo today. I was getting concerned with his Ks. I don’t think he can duplicate his offense from last year but he is indeed a very important weapon in the offense.

Sounds like Fu Te Ni had a rough outing, was just in the car listening to the exhibition game and they lit him up a bit, tough to do that in front of the head honchos. They have a glorious day for this, sun is shining and warm enough to not need a coat if you are in the sun – can’t ask for much more, except to have gone today instead of sitting in my office!

This team looks solid but is not the lack of speed troubling?

I like the lineup. At least with Santiago at second, the infield looks a little better defensively. Should be an exciting series to open up the season.

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