Inge leaving DL decision up to Tigers (updated)

UPDATE @5pm: Leyland said after Monday’s win that Inge will not play in Tuesday’s Grapefruit League finale, and he isn’t sure about Wednesday’s exhibition in Toledo. Wednesday’s game might not matter, as Leyland indicated they’ll set the roster sometime Tuesday.

“I think we’ll have everything etched in stone by tomorrow,” Leyland said.

Leyland confirmed that the Inge issue, specifically his health, is the one question holding up the process.

“We have to figure out the health issue,” Leyland said. “We’re not holding off for any other reason.”

Brandon Inge sounded somewhat confident this morning that he could be healthy for Opening Day, but said he’ll leave the decision up to the Tigers on whether they want to take the chance, especially if he doesn’t get into another game this spring.

“It’s something I just need a couple days,” he said. “I’ve been getting treatment on it and feel good. I’m at the end stages on it, so I don’t want to go backwards. They’re going to have to make their decision whichever way they want. I don’t like going onto the DL, but it’s not my decision. I left it in their hands. They can make those decisions.”

Inge missed his fourth straight game Monday with a sore left groin.

The ultimate factor in the decision might come down to whether he plays Tuesday or Wednesday. Manager Jim Leyland has said he would ideally like to have Inge play in a game before the season starts if he’s going to be ready for the season. Inge doesn’t sound positive that he could do that.

“It’s just one of those things where I’m getting towards the end part of this thing, and I don’t want to go backwards,” Inge said. “I don’t anticipate it being a problem. I don’t know. They’re going to make their decision whatever way they want. I told them I thought I’d be ready by Opening Day, but I want to push it too much before, because I don’t think it’s a benefit to anyone to take a step backward.”


Inge “…because I don’t think it’s a benefit to anyone to take a step backward.”
WRONG!!! It’s a benefit to the whole team if Inge just chills out on the DL and the better players play!

he’s a team player that Inge!

“Depending on what goes on, you could be looking at my Opening Day lineup.”
With Santiago at 2B . Like it

it will be a crime if santiago starts less than 120 games at 2B this year

I agree with Santiago at 2B in as many games as possible. I believe that would require another utility infielder- Worth? Then the Tigers are faced with the possible loss of Raburn, Thomas, Dirks, Kelly or Inge. It’s not that I am singling out anyone specific. There are just not enough roster spots to carry everyone. Are they going with 12 pitchers? That leaves 13 spots open with 9 guaranteed- Fielder, Santiago, Peralta, Cabrera, Young, Jackson, Boesch, Avila, and Laird. Only 4 spots left for 6 players.

11 pitchers. 5 spots for 6 players…..but if crInge goes to DL then 5 spots 5 players.

12 pitchers. 13 position players.11 pitchers and one extra on field until April the 14 th.
Thomas , Dirks and Worth would go north if Inge is on DL.
Raburn has his spot sure. Last year of a 30 m contract ( palying for the beans) and one option left.

Kelly and Raburn will be in Detroit, unless they get traded. (highly unlikely) I also believe you will see Raburn start more than Santiago at 2B.

So that means 2 spots for 4 players (Inge, Worth, Dirks, Thomas). If Inge goes to the DL I think you see Worth make the team with an OF. He has beat out Inge in my opinion but we have talked about that enough…..

you think Raburn (who should not be playing 2B) will play more than Santiago (a gifted infielder) at 2B!?! I agree – if Peralta gets hurts – but Raburn should truly be playing LF most of the time (when delmon hurt or DHing) and only as Santiago’s backup at 2B.
With that being said Raburn playing more at 2B than Santiago is entirely possible with this management.

I think Raburn will play 2B because of his bat, and because Leyland et al have said on numerous occasions that Santiago is not suited for the everyday grind. No one is arguing that Raburn is a better defensive player than Santiago. Delmon Young, much like MCab and Prince, does not want to DH, so I think they will keep him happy in LF which forces Raburn (if he is hitting) to 2B.

that is correct, 12 once the 5th starter rejoins the team. Raburn still has an option left?

Raburn wont be free agent until 2014. 2013 will be his last year as arbitration elegible .So he is under 5 year of efective time in MLB
and is not listed as out of options in the rumors website.
He was not sent to AAA when he was struggling to keep his option and his trade value.
His contract was for 3.4 millions not 30.

Avila was bitten by the dog. As someone said yesterday time to go back home before there is another injury

The thing that keeps Ramon from being a regular starter at a position is his outstanding ability as a utility player. He’s one of the best in the game at that. I’ve campaigned for him to start for years, but he does have that utility value. When it comes down to crunch time, JL always has him in the lineup daily.
The Raburn/Young DH thing will be one of JL’s challenges. Can’t let either one of them DH too much. That’s why Jim gets some $6mm per year.

and the ever present rumor of “fatigue”

i’m mad pumped for Fu Ti Ne vs. Porcello!

Ni pitched well in a starting role at the end of last year.

I am going to argue against myself (not the first time). The more I think about it, Dirks needs to be on this club. There is something about him…. He is a player. Soo… keep Dirks and if needed, try sending Thomas back to AAA. I think it would be 50-50 that he would get claimed.

The King Andy!

The issue with Dirks is playing time. If he is not going to get at least 10 at bats a week, send him down until mid May when there are less off days. He did enough to win a job, but will he get enough action the first month?

The thing that has bother me in regards to Leyland’s assertion of Santiago being “fragile”. Who has been more fragile than Inge that is on the roster. Nobody.

That is an excellent point.

fragile does not equal fatigue. Fatigue is a feeling of tiredness or exhaustion or a need to rest because of lack of energy or strength. Fatigue may result from overwork, poor sleep, worry, boredom, or lack of exercise.
So while Inge is oft. injured (well documented) Santiago may very well suffer from fatigue if he plays too much for a period of time (could be a 4 months worth) and you would not know it because fatigue doesn’t make the papers or the dL.

if the 2006 Sporting News Manager of the Year Award winner says satiago gets fatigued if he plays everyday for to long, heck, imma go with it.

I might go with it too……..if it had ever been tried. Last season was the longest period that Ramon ever started regularly. Two months. I don’t buy it. I think it has more to do with his value as a utility man which, as I said above, has some validity. Of course, if I was held back from being manager of the shop because I was so good at repairing brakes, I wouldn’t like it. At any rate, Razor will get plenty of PT.

Votto: 10 years/225 millions. 12 years /251 millions.So Fielder was a bargain….

Tomorrow can’t come soon enough. BI reminds me of a couple guys, in my youth, that I loved. Made promises they never kept, led me on and on with one lie after another. Those kind don’t turn my head anymore. Don’t disappoint me, Tigers.


Regarding Santiago and fatigue. The thing about coming to a scientific conclusion is that you have to actually test the hypothesis. Until Santiago gets tested for the long run, all the assumptions about fragile’ et fatigue’ are just that; assumptions. But at this juncture I’m just happy he’s on the team, gets to play semi-regularly, and is making some decent money this season. Ramon will always be on my short list of favorites. He plays the game like I wish I could play the game.
Regarding this blog, many thanks again Jason. We appreciate your insights and your providing this place to share thoughts. In the 8 years or so since I’ve been following the conversation, I’ve seen the level of insight into the game, grow by leaps. And I continue to learn. Just the other day someone made the suggestion of slotting Smyly into the rotation right after Justin, because the bullpen would more than likely be rested assuming he won’t pitch deep. I don’t always think at that level of detail but I appreciate it.
I still won’t shy away from making the wacky comment. Like the little gecko says…..”Did you ever say something you wish you’d never said?” Yeah. We do it all the time here.

He played only to 2″ full ” seasons : 2003( he was traded in the off seson) and 2008. In both years his avg declined with the passing of the months. At the Tigers website there is the month by month information.
Disclaimer:I am for Santiago as regular

That is true, Marty, but this blog is an oasis where one can avoid the mean-spiritedness that perveades comment boards on the internet. Make sme proud to be from Michigan!

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