Leyland: “I know what my team is … pending.”

Jim Leyland was rubbing his temples as he talked with reporters before Saturday’s game. For someone who says he has a good idea about his final roster decisions, he looks like somebody stressing.

“I know what my team is, pending,” Leyland said. Then he emphasized again, “Pending.”

From his other comments, it doesn’t sound like there’s much disagreement on any of the likely choices.

“We’re all on the same page,” he said. “We’re got some things pending, obviously.”

That pending part is not a trade. To the best of his knowledge, he said, there are no trades in the works. So unless the Tigers are signing a free agent (and that’s highly unikely), the pending part would seem to be the waiver process, which they have to go through for guys who are out of minor-league options or guys who have the right to decline a minor-league assignment. Clete Thomas, for an example, would fit the first category, while Brandon Inge would fit both.

“We’re close,” he said at another point. “I just learned you have to be careful you don’t set things too early. … I mean, we pretty much know what our team is, but we could not say for sure.”

For what it’s worth, Drew Smyly is now officially listed as the probable starter for Monday’s home spring finale against the Blue Jays at Joker Marchant Stadium. That’s his turn in the spring rotation to pitch, having last pitched Wednesday against the Cardinals.


I don’t envy Jim Leyland. He is either going to have to tell two players that he really likes that they are no longer on the team and will be placed on waivers, or he has to keep them instead of players who clearly deserve far more to be on the team. I would bet on Clete clearing waivers, although maybe a club like the Indians would pick him up. Inge is just done.

Nobody wanted Inge last time they DFA’d him.This groin issue he refused to show up for treatment for shows his real personality. He may be great in the community but he has always come off to me as a fella with delusions of grandeur accompanied with a false sense of entitlement(see also clubhouse cancer). Inge says he wants to play wherever now his defensive skills have declined toward his dormant bat level. Lets move forward with the best team we can field out of ST and leave the past and emotions out of the equation.

Where did you hear that Inge refused to show up for treatment? I can’t find anything on that.

A suspicious mind could think it after reading this:
Brandon Inge was not in the clubhouse at the time, but apparently did come in for treatment for the sore groin he suffered while breaking out of the box on his game-ending double play grounder Thursday night

Allowing him to play 2b is to end his career. Manny Trillo said that 2b was a dangerous position. I mentioned it before the Storm Trooper went for Guillen.With bad knees putting yourself in front of a runner is not wise

Smyly will damn near have to throw a no-hitter against the troublesome Jays in order to keep from being sent down. IMO, they have their mind made up to give Inge a spot at least for a few weeks. If that is the case I can almost understand it. The club has always treated their players well and especially the popular ones.
Worth’s time is almost here. The obstacles for him are of course Brandon but also the extreme versatility of guys like Kelly, Ramon and Raburn. Everyone thinks a trade for Inge might happen but in reality it is almost impossible to give him away, literally. I would not be surprised to see a trade for Ramon actually. He would bring immediate value to a team.
I think Inge will be rewarded for his tenure for the beginning of the season and then let go as gracefully as can be.

The toughest decision for management will probably be what to do with Clete.

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