Laird leaves with left knee sprain

Tigers backup catcher Gerald Laird left Friday’s game against the Orioles with what the team called a left knee sprain after colliding with first baseman Don Kelly on a pop-up.

Laird will be re-evaluated on Saturday, according to the team. He’ll be evaluated on a day-to-day basis from there, but Laird said he should be ready to go again in a couple days.

“It’s all right, right now,” he said. “It feels fine. My biggest goal is to be healthy for the season. I’m just glad I can make the season. Being a catcher, I don’t want to mess with the knees.”

The injury happened in the second inning with the Tigers holding a 3-0 lead. Starting pitcher Duane Below had walked the bases loaded before inducing a high pop-up from Jai Miller.

The ball went almost straight up, leaving Laird just a few steps to camp under it. With a sunny sky over Ed Smith Stadium, however, Don Kelly kept tracking it. Laird said he called for the ball, but that Kelly didn’t hear him.

Kelly continued to chase it until the last second. When he tried to duck away, he ran into Laird’s left knee as Laird made the catch.

Laird held onto the ball as he tumbled to the ground, but he immediately clutched at his knee right afterward. Head athletic trainer Kevin Rand came out of the dugout to attend to him, and helped him off along with non-roster infielder Brandon Douglas. Laird was seemingly unable to put weight on his left leg.

“When I first felt it, it was something I didn’t feel before,” Laird said, “so I was kind of a little nervous more than anything. I’ve never had a knee injury. I was more nervous than anything. And then after a while I started getting the feeling back in my knee, and it felt better.”

The move came hours after the Tigers sent insurance catcher Omir Santos to minor-league camp for an expected starting role at Triple-A Toledo. Detroit can recall him in case of injury, but he would have to be placed on the 40-man roster to do so.

That no longer appears necessary.

“I’m fine,” Laird said. “It’s just a little sore, but that’s about it.”


Makes you want to cancel the rest of spring training, doesn’t it? Let’s just go north with no further injuries. That roster issue with Santos might complicate things?

Roster problem or not , they need a backup catcher. One big reason for last year shortened run was the overworking of Avila

Cabrera playing like always.
Raburn going back to earth.
Boesch hitting better against RHP than against LHP , that is unusual,and finding his rhythm.

How many openings on the 40-man? Smyly would have to be added if he’s chosen. Complicates things.

Currently, 1 but soon to be 2 when Clete get the ax.

Thomas is batting 212. He must be DFA and would clear a spot. Dirks looks like a lock by now
They dont need Smyly until april the 15th.So they have a window till then . Or am i wrong?
Below still can be the 5th starter.
Babe Robinson could clear a spot or be the backup catcher ( with playing time not only in name like Santos last year)
One way or another they cant use Avila like last year.

I was never a huge Laird fan but agree he was a good pickup this year. Hopefully this is not a serious injury.

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Okay, I’ll be the first to say it: Pudge is still out there.
I hope Laird isn’t too badly injured, but getting an MRI doesn’t sound like he’s ready soon.
There must be a Molina somewhere.

Villareal made his case too.

Okay, I invoked the P-word for nothing. Good, another injury bullet dodged. Sounds like he played it up pretty good. G-Money!

Speaking of P- words. Anyone else notice that Ryan Perry got sent to AAA by the Nats. I hope he gets is together, I liked him… when he threw strikes (which was obviously not enough). And Balester looks like a solid pick up so far.

Would love to have Pudge back, come full circle and finish the job he and Illitch started. Don’t wish an injury for Laird though. Spring Training needs to be over, and final decisions on the roster, well, final. Opening Day can’t come soon enough.

JL must be shaking his head again. Nothing hit to Cabby again today!
Nice to see him jump right back in at the plate eh?
There are going to be some happy and some PO’d Tiger fans really soon when the final roster is announced.

I missed the whole darn thing. Went into work at 11 and supposed to leave at 1. Didn’t get home til 4. Disgusted with my boss. So happy Miguel had a good game. Don Kelly has been used as an emergency catcher, I believe, once. I hope we don’t have to revert to that and Gerald is good to go!
Stay Healthy, my friends!

Laird sounds upbeat today which is good, but whether he misses much time will be determined by how he feels next day or two. Remember a quote attributed to Sparky : “Pain don’t hurt.” From the context of Laird’s comments, it would seem he agrees. I suppose catchers have to be in constant denial that the pain they feel indicates something’s really wrong.

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