Inge out with sore groin

As recently as Friday morning, Brandon Inge was on the travel roster for Friday’s trip to Sarasota to face the Orioles. But when the Tigers were taking batting practice before the game, Inge wasn’t out there. This time of year, an absence like that — especially a player with as much speculation surrounding him as Inge — creates suspicion.

In this case, manager Jim Leyland said it’s an injury situation. Inge supposedly had a sore groin that he tweaked trying to run out Thursday night’s game-ending double play.

“He had a little groin [injury] last night. That’s why he didn’t come,” Leyland said. “He was getting treated all day. That last ball of the game, running to first, coming out of the box, he felt it a little bit. But I don’t think it’s anything serious. It didn’t appear to be, but it was a little sore, so I scratched him from the trip.”

The Tigers have another road trip Saturday, this time to Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex for a game against the Braves. Every position player except Delmon Young is on the travel roster for that one, but we’ll see Saturday morning if Inge makes the trip.


hmmmm sounds like a convenient injury for him

There’s a flip side to that, of course: If there’s any risk of a minor injury becoming a worse one that requires a DL stint and prevents a roster move, why risk it?

Supposedly…From his game ending double play thursday night, to about 5PM friday nothing was mentioned in any Tigers media news. Are DD/Leyland/Tigers being more stealth than usual? Hide Inge for awhile, fake injury? or a plan to end his tenure?

I’ll take the responsibility on that one. I didn’t get to the clubhouse in Lakeland until after the bus loaded up for Sarasota, so I didn’t notice he wasn’t on it. I spent batting practice in the press box writing so I didn’t notice he wasn’t down there. By the time I noticed he wasn’t in the dugout, the game was well underway.

Apology accepted🙂

He Goan!!

What Inge has done for this community on a personal level has been great. However, I think it’s time for him to go.
I think the Tigers are going to give us fans one heck of a show this season. Miggy & Prince are going to rock this city.

“but we’ll see Saturday morning if Inge makes the trip.” Even Jason is skeptical. The only thing I can figure is that Inge was po’d he didn’t play in the game and hurt himself jogging to first to end the game. He didn’t look happy. I hope all this drama is over soon.

Brandon definitely has. But management needs to not give in to the Ingerhetoric and keep him on simply because of loyalty. All things must pass. I truly hope he latches onto a job with some other team.

“Ingerhetoric” sounds like a body organ. Brandon had a disgusted look on his face after the DP Thursday night. I wondered about that but I suppose he was realizing that’d he’d injured something.

Apparently a bruised ego starts in the groin…

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