Leyland: “A lot of pins and needles right now”

With Andy Oliver’s option to Toledo Thursday, the Tigers are one step closer to finalizing their roster, with two guys left competing for the starting job, four or five for the bullpen job by manager Jim Leyland’s count, and a few guys left for the final roster spot.

Leyland didn’t say those decisions are imminent — in fact, it’s possible that at least one could go down to the final day of camp — but he didn’t rule out the possibility of a roster move over the couple days while the Tigers are on the road. That in itself says a lot; the team normally prefers to make roster moves while the team’s at home and it’s easier to meet with players in the clubhouse.

“Things could happen,” Leyland said. “We’re close. We’ve still got some things to work out. … The wait’s almost over.”

He later hinted that something could happen after Friday’s game against the Orioles. For what it’s worth, Duane Below — competing for the starting spot along with Drew Smyly — is starting that game.

“It’s a lot of pins and needles right now, to be honest with you,” Leyland said. “Hopefully we’ll be a little closer after tomorrow.”


It feels like there’s a trade in the works.

Boesch’s HR today? That is the kind of swing and result that just might define this kid. An aura of confidence and pitch recognition is a lethal combination. Great kid to have on our side.

It got cold here, again, today. Last week the neighbors had the kids playing in wading pools (90 degrees that day right here in ‘ol Michigan). My furnace hadn’t turned on for almost 2 weeks. It’s back on today but the weather is expected back in the 70’s in a few days, Unbelievable!!!! The farmers are crying, however.
Can’t wait for baseball in the D and Opening Day!!!! Go Tigers!!!

Still missing Victor. Sure wish he could be around. It’s gotta be a sticky situation in that clubhouse,

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