Boesch: “Getting to Detroit as fast as I can”

Brennan Boesch came to Spring Training ready to pick up the work on his swing that he began back home in California.

When he got that down a couple weeks ago, he started working on his approach.

After three homers in four days, including a rather mammoth shot to right-center Thursday night off Nationals right-hander Mitch Atkins, Boesch sounded like somebody ready to go north.

“I like to think that I build as Spring Training goes to a point where you feel like you have the swing where you want to be,” he said after the game. “And from then on, you’re playing and competing, and the swing’s no longer something you’re concerned about. It’s about getting good pitches and having a good approach in game situations. That’s when it starts to get fun, when you can trust your swing and start competing out there.”

Safe to say, he’s there.

“Yeah, I think most of us are at this point,” Boesch said. “Maybe some more than others, but for me, it’s just about getting to Detroit as quick as I can.”

Boesch said he hit a curveball — not a bad pitch by his view, but one that stayed up long enough for him to drive it.

He’s obviously going to keep getting at-bats down the stretch, but it’s about putting the finishing touches and stay fresh.

“If you’re not ready, there’s probably something physically wrong with you or you’ve been held back with an injury or tightness,” he said. “These last at-bats are really just fine-tuning, getting your legs under you, playing seven, eight, nine innings. But hittingwise, I think most guys are probably pretty prepared to start the season at this point.”

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