Cabrera takes ground balls Wednesday

While most of the Tigers position players were on their way to Jupiter to face the Cardinals on Wednesday, Miguel Cabrera took ground balls Wednesday morning at Joker Marchant Stadium as he grew closer to game-ready status.

At this point, it sounds iffy whether he’ll be back in the lineup for Thursday night’s game against the Nationals that will be broadcast back to Detroit on FSN. Cabrera hit in the cage along with Prince Fielder and Delmon Young, but he did not take a full batting practice on the field.

Cabrera shrugged off the question for Thursday, deferring to manager Jim Leyland and the team medical staff.

“If [Leyland] says tomorrow, I’ll be ready,” Cabrera said.

Infield coach Rafael Belliard, for his part, said Cabrera could use one more day of ground balls. The big picture, though, is that Cabrera should be ready soon enough to get back into games down the stretch before the Tigers break camp next Tuesday.



Slow and steady wins the race!
FYI: I couldn’t do it. Thanks for the info!

Saw the game at McKechnie last Friday, can’t wait for the real thing next week. From Leylands latest comments regarding Inge’s hitting, it leads me to believe we are stuck with him for now. Heard a good one on local Detroit radio, “I’ll have the Brandon Inge fish sandwich, no batter”.

Well at least that’s one I hadn’t heard.
No rush for Cabrera, there’s another full week to get ready for the opener. Does he still have the stitches?

Just can’t see Thomas beating out Dirks.
I think it’s time to cut ties with Binge and give Worth a shot.
Santiago has had another good spring.
Any other decisions here seem to be inappropriate.
Smyly has been OK today but has to be wondering how on earth he walked the pitcher to lead off the 3rd.

Looks like Kenny Rodgers working with Smyly on his pick off move worked out.

If it’s only as a late inning replacement outfielder, Thomas makes sense. If it’s for occasional starts then Dirks. In either case, JL has to somehow avoid plugging that day’s starter into the slot vacated by the usual hitter.
I go with Below now and Smyly later.

Coke failing apart

Hard to argue that. Below is more MLB ready but I have a feeling that Smyly is a surprise package.
Coke does that. I’ve always preferred Pepsi.
“Q”, I sure hope he can be half as good (literally) as he was last year. He was actually phenomenal if you simply read his stats. His hits and K’s per innings pitched were remarkable. Baby his arm, teach him another pitch and pray his mechanics aren’t the undoing of him like they were for Zumaya.

I was thinking Below could go to the pen until April 15 or whenever that #5 spot rolls around but, now that I think more on it, it might not be a bad idea to give Smyly a couple of relief situations to get his feet wet before that first start. If they go that way, that is. Everybody likes Smyly a lot, but I’d be surprised if he’s the first guy chosen. It’s going to be a lefty, that much is sure.

Mr. D might have to start making phone calls

Kicked in the bujtt 2 days in a row eh?

What set last year apart was the roster and playing time was determined by on field performance. Hopefully DD doesn’t fall back into bad habits of holding and playing his losses into the dirt.
They surely wont attempt to play Inge anymore than once a week or attempt to stick Raburn as DH for 80% of the time where he has shown he wont hit anywhere close to average.
I would though get some perverse pleasure watching Inge annoy the hell out of the SOC waiting his time in the dugout. For this reason I think (hope) Jim’s mind is already made up and is just playing a political game after Inge went straight to DD over losing 3B.

Well, like I’ve said before, you can teach a dog to sit.

I’ve nothing against Inge but his hardest his liners were to LF that is not an improvement at all. Last season Rhymes was the guy that blazed liners everywhere but all of them found leather. Rhymes is in the Tampa system now and Inge is still siphoning money from illitch for sub-Mendoza batting. We need to field the strongest team out of ST not play a sympathetic good ol days(06). Inge’s bat hurts this team more than helps, I hope the management sees this before it’s too late.

I was probably a terrible teacher but my old jack russell only ever sat for one purpose and sure whimpered a treat when it took too long to be served.🙂

Smyly was the preferred option for DD before ST:
Plus the way Below was handled last year made him an unlikely choice.
Still, he deserves to be in that 5th spot
I have never been a fan of Raburn but at least he gave the right answer

I do remember Dombrowski saying in the days before camp that he was curious to get a look at Smyly and how he handles everything. I think he might have been the most intriguing option, and might still be, the way he has pitched. Not sure whether he was preferred that far back.

About Smyly , he was very Sparky like:
But as he’s come to spring training here, it’s apparent he’s not far away by any means. He’s a very mature youngster. He’s gained a lot of experience. Last year he just grasped all the knowledge. He went and pitched for the U.S. team in international competition after the season. He’s come to camp here as an extremely cool individual just trying to make this staff

That train already left the station but Cespedes was lost again breaking pitches.
Broadcaster here compared his swing to Vlad, extremely fast but he swing at eveything.He has no chance against a curve or a slider even if he already has his first hit off the King , no less. The only thing missing in the paint was a checking swing

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