Cabrera cleared for physical activity

Tigers All-Star Miguel Cabrera was cleared by doctors to resume physical activity Tuesday, eight days after an odd bounce on a ground ball cause a fracture below his right eye.

Cabrera was examined by a specialist in Lakeland, close to the Tigers’ Spring Training facility. Once he was cleared, he returned to Joker Marchant Stadium for conditioning drills Tuesday. He’ll resume baseball activities there on Wednesday, the team announced.

No timetable was given for his return to game action, but it’s expected Cabrera should be ready for game action later in the week.The clearance all but ensures Cabrera should be ready for Opening Day April 5 against the Red Sox, a timetable that seemed in question when the play happened.

Cabrera predicted on Monday that he would be ready for the season when talking with reporters.

“I don’t feel any pain, nothing,” Cabrera said. “The next day, I was feeling good. I was a little sore, and swelling, but I was like normal. I was [feeling] like I was going to be OK very soon.”

Cabrera had spent the past week resting at the place he’s staying, watching some television. The only baseball he watched was the replay of the incident, trying to figure out what he could’ve possibly done differently to prevent what happened.

“I [tried to] see if I did something wrong or if something helps me to get better or help me [make sure that] this doesn’t happen again,” he said. “But I don’t have anything [else] do to with the ball. I was in good position. I was right there. And at the last second, I see the ball in my eyes.”



he did do something wrong, he didn’t get the bleep out of the way – the Skip

Good news for sure!

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