Young leaves game with sore left knee

Just as the Tigers are hoping to have Miguel Cabrera back in the coming days, they might have a new injury to worry about. Delmon Young left Monday’s game against the Marlins after three innings with a sore left knee.

Young is listed as day-to-day, the team announced.

It’s the first known injury of the spring for Young, who got off to a fast start this spring and raised hopes that he could be in for a big season in his contract year before free agency. He entered the game leading the Grapefruit League with a .422 batting average, 39 total bases and 19 RBIs, while ranking third with five home runs.

Young has split his starts between left field and designated hitter in recent days, mainly so that the Tigers could get time for Andy Dirks and Clete Thomas in their competition for the final roster spot. He started in left field Monday but didn’t seem to strain his knee on any particular play.

Young’s fast start, plus the Tigers’ outfield depth, means Detroit shouldn’t be in a bind if he has to miss a few days down the stretch this spring.


On another note, Porcello threw a nice game today (so far) and is ready to advance to the next level as an MLB pitcher IMO.

It seems there are always a few “minor” injuries in ST. Hopefully all the guys will be ready. Rich, the north side of Chicago, well, they seem to be full of themselves and still waiting for a winner. Dan, I agree on Porcello. We had our fantasy baseball draft yesterday. More based on home runs and rbi, the only Tigers not taken were Jackson, the 2nd base postion, and Porcello. Hope to find a sports bar in Florida next week that will be showing the Tigers game! Go Tigers, 2012!

I’m benching myself, skipper,for the good of the team. Inge is batting 159. As McClain put it, he is unable to hit even if his life is on danger…
Money? Sheffield, Robertson and Willis were owed more money and were released
Boesch is getting better and Raburn is going to normal. Still, I think JL will put Raburn at the second spot against Lester.
Benoit reached 6 innings of work.
If the decition were mine I would release Inge . Santiago and Worth would share second and Raburn would be in the OF or DH

Fully agree with your later points about Santiago, Inge, Worth and Raburn. Inge’s defense isn’t worth his inabilities to hit, currently.

That’s what I’d to also. Worth and Dirks have earned roster spots this spring and Dirks last year as well. One technicality- Nate was traded for prospect Jay Voss, although the Tigers ate most of his contract. They were all owed a lot more than Inge.

You can just see management trying to use this situation to help Delmon get comfortable with taking his more than fair share of DH duties.
Sorry but I just can’t help it.
Inge the past 6 seasons has always had a better spring training than his regular season offense stats being at least 20 points higher.
Maybe he is trying to make sure he breaks his run currently sharing Dunns 2011 batting stats of .159.

I can see management doing that as well. However, I am coming to the realization that delmon’s might be injury prone.

Inge is a career pull hitter. He only finds the opposite field on accident. Does his “swing for the downs” embarrassing strikeouts lend anything to the team other than killing rallies and occupying space better filled by someone younger. He is clueless at the plate and has next to no business against righties. Is he a defensive upgrade to most of the infield? Possibly but his non-sensical at bats more than negate his defense.


This might sound NUTS – no probably. What if Inge retired? I mean, .159 in ST maybe he should just be a fielding coach or something.

I kind of think he wouldn’t be a good fielding coach. My impression is that he’s done everything with reflexes and a ton of natural athleticism. As those attributes fade with age, so does his baseball skills. Maybe I’m totally wrong about that, but I’ve thought that for a long time.

I think you’re right about that.

I’d like to see Delmon get a generous amount of PT in leftfield, because I think nearly everybody hits better when they play a position. DY is slowed by his short strides, much as Ordonez was post-knee injury. Maggs overcame that by using his experience to become a solid outfielder. I hope Delmon can do the same, wherever he ends up playing after this season.

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