Magglio confirms he’s close to retiring

For those wondering if that twitter account from Magglio Ordonez is legit — the one where he tweeted in Spanish that he’s very close to retiring — it is. Ordonez confirmed via email tonight that the tweet came from.

So, indeed, Ordonez is close to retirement, which is sad to hear given what he meant to the Tigers over the years and the fact that ankle fractures ended his season early in back-to-back years. He said in an email that he’s “100 percent healthy” — this was around the time he was expected to be ready for baseball activities and to play in games — but as of now he’s a free agent without a team.

Ordonez turned 38 at the end of January. If he retires, he’ll finish with a .309 batting average over his 15-year Major League career to go with 294 home runs and 1236 RBIs. That won’t get him into the Hall of Fame here, but he ranks among the best hitters ever to come out of Venezuela. His .871 career OPS is better than Andres Galarraga, widely regarded as Venezuela’s greatest hitter. Miguel Cabrera and Carlos Gonzalez could change the group as the years continue.


I love Magglio, and don’t have anything but good memories from him. Too many highlight to mention and he seemed like a genuine and kind man. I hope u find a team, but if not enjoy your retirement and thanks Maggs! ” its deep its way back, the Tigers are going to the world series. 3 runwalk off homerun, oh man!”

He was great in Chicago, but he had his glory years in Detroit and we loved him more. I hope Magglio is honored at Comerica at an appropriate time so he can be honored for his accomplishments and for one of the most famous homeruns in Tiger history. I will always remember him.

Here’s hoping he can help a club out and get to 300 lifetime HRs.

I was in southwest detroit helping a friend wire his handicapped brothers house and listening to that game. when he hit that blast the neighborhood came to life and horns could be heard for miles. We stopped working and went out to celebrate. Oh what a night.

It would be entirely appropriate to have a Night this season to honor both Ordonez and Guillen. How do we get something like that started?

I’m sure it is already planned

I’d be all for that!

many players with notable careers retiring voluntarily or involuntarily by lack of team interest: carlos, magglio, johnny damon, vlad guerrero, jd drew, derrek lee, hideki matsui, jorge posada, pudge, jason varitek, javier vazquez, edgar renteria. alot of former allstar clout.

pudge and posada would seem to have the best shot at the hall among this group.

Totally agree Rich – can the Beck Blog get that started somehow? I hate to see guys who contributed so much not get a curtain call so the fans can show them what they meant to them. Glad to hear he is healthy, he is just a risk I guess for teams anymore given his track record. Yep, one of the most famous homeruns, which then spurred one of the most famous re-enactments by Todd Jones during a rain out – almost as terrific as the original.

Best of luck Maggs – hard to believe him and Carlos are done.

Maggs is 100% healthy? That line is already exposed. Him and Carlos were HUGE parts of this team – but holy moly did we keep them around for a while. We gave both those boys crazy huge contracts….

they should have retired about a year ago honestly.

Those contracts were earned. Ordonez and Guillen were the core of the team and you don’t want to lose them to free agency. Carlos was healthy until 2008 when they started playing him all over the diamond. Maggs hit .365 over the stretch drive last year, the part where we went from a tight race to a 15 game lead.

Yeah i agree we NEEDED to lock those guys up when we did. “Earning” a contract that outlasts your value at that level is something i do not really “like” in sports today. But Carlos had a great 2006, and he did way more for the organization than what he did that year….so we gave him a contract with about 2 or 3 extra years on it. Maggs helped out last year like you said, however, for 10M$….the 92 games he played, IMO subpar defense and .255 BA…..sheesh I think we could have parted ways and just went with johnny damon (150 games played, .261 BA and some good baserunning) for HALF the money.
I like both of them – and thank god for what Maggs did for us from 2005-2009 and Carlos did for us from 2004-2008. I just think they should have bowed out before 2011.

I hope my friends at work didn’t say those type of things about me, Evan, when I decided to retire.

Good article on Mlive today about the positional player ST battle:

that IS GREAT news

WHaddya say Mr. Dombrowski…Magglio in, Inge out. Give the fans what we want.

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