Cabrera: “I’ll be ready. Don’t worry.”

Miguel Cabrera won’t be re-examined by doctors until Tuesday morning, which will determine whether he’s cleared to play in time for the season. The way he’s feeling, though, leaves very little doubt in his mind.

“I’ll be ready. Don’t worry,” Cabrera said.

Cabrera said he has no pain in his right eye. The swelling is down, and he said his vision is fine. The only signs of lingering damage from the high-hopper he took a week ago are the stitches and the scar under his right eye.

Cabrera basically came to the ballpark Monday because he’s bored. He can’t do any physical activity until doctors. He also wanted to see some of his old friends on the Miami Marlins.

“I want to see Hanley,” he said. “I want to see Ozzie. I want to say hi to all my friends on the other side. I say hi to my friends here. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be here for practice.”

With all the free time on his hands, Cabrera said he has watched the replay of his fateful play several times. He wanted to see if there was anything he did incorrectly. He can’t find it.

“I was in good position. I was right there,” Cabrers said. “At the last second, I see the ball in my eyes.”


Oh, I miss Miguel so much. You have to be very carefu with an injury like that because of the muscle by the bone (according to the medical journals and reports about this type of injury), I hope he can return very soon because the team just is not the same without him.

Last week at Joker Marchant, I was standing beneath the stands waiting for my wife. A guy standing next to me, wearing all Cubs gear, started up the following conversation:
Him: So besides Verlander, who are the Tigers’ starters?
Me: Well, there’s Fister, Porcello, Scherzer, and we’re still…….
Him: In other words, nobody.
Me: ……….uh………..
Him: So Cabrera got hit in the eye with a groundball? Pitiful. He can’t play that position. It’s a joke.
Me: Did you SEE that play? One of the wickedest bad hops I’ve ever seen.
Him: Ah, he’s like a 10-year old over there.
At this point I turned my back and walked about ten feet away from him and resumed my waiting. The thing is, I’ve heard Cubs fans were smart fans, but obviously not this guy. Conversely, all the Yankee fans I talked to (there were a lot) were very polite and knew their baseball. Go figure.

I will feel better when the dr.’s say so, but sounds encouraging for him

Who needs him when we have INGE???

What Vinny is trying to say is that Brandon “.171 avg” Inge can do for the team is…im sorry no i dont get it either lol

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