Verlander plays big role in MLB ad campaign

If you’ve been watching MLB Network or ESPN tonight — or maybe this weekend, if you’re watching Michigan State tonight — you might have noticed MLB’s new commercials looking ahead to Opening Day. If you have, you saw Justin Verlander saying he’ll throw 107.

We’re thinking he’s kidding, unless he meant 107 pitches rather than 107 mph. Hey, he threw 114 pitches on Opening Day last year.

If you go to, you’ll find a few bonus clips on Verlander, including …


Those JV clips are great, but his BEST video is “MLB’s biggest stars act out their dream performance” which also includes a cameo appearance by the Tigers’ best defensive player . . . .

Jason, I have a question (apologies if I missed this somewhere else): I just got back from Florida and saw several Tigers’ games over the last few days. I was hoping to see Benoit pitch in person. He didn’t pitch and (reviewing recent box scores) doesn’t seem to have pitched in a game in a week. Is there anything going on there?


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