Turner to throw Friday, “very unlikely” to make roster

Jacob Turner, sidelined for the past week with tendinitis in his right shoulder, played catch for the second straight day Wednesday, this time from 150 feet. He’ll have Thursday off before throwing a side session in the bullpen on Friday.

Turner will be re-evaluated from there and get another timetable, which should get him back on the mound soon barring setbacks.

“I’m happy that my arm’s feeling good right now,” Turner said. “That’s what I’m happy about.”

At this point, his health is the main thing to be happy about. With Andy Oliver, Drew Smyly, Duane Below and Adam Wilk now further along with their buildup towards the start of the season, manager Jim Leyland said Turner is “very unlikely” to make the Opening Day roster.


Well I think you can’t count Wilk out for sure now, even though I think he was out of it already. Oliver didn’t do himself any favors today. Not the runs, but the 5 walks. Totally regressed today!

Still not ready for prime time. You can’t give up all those walks.
I’d cut Clete loose and go with Andy. Just my opinion, though.

Neither Wilk nor Oliver impress me. Oliver has more upside with arm strength, but his brain and arm just don’t consistently connect. He’ll be given the job out of spring training because they need a power arm left hander in the rotation, and he’s it for the moment. Wilk is a AAA pitcher at best, not even sneaky fast, so they’ll just sit on and hammer his off speed stuff at the major league level.

Good comments. Oliver has always impressed me as a guy who has the arm the talent but not the heart yet. Also pitches scared.
Don’t count him out just yet—eventually it clicks.
Also this opens the door a crack for Smyly. This guy is coming on fast and has been successful every time they have stepped him up. Minor league outing today I think but he has a shot.
Wilk is out-Below probably gets a spot in the pen.
With Garcia getting closer and maybe fields too, Thomas may be simply cut loose. He is an interesting player but I think Dirks has the edge and a bit more ability offensively. He’s out of options but you have to field your best team.
Best wishes to Miggy today on his first day off.

Oliver’s first start. So right about his mind games.
DD would never bring to account an underperforming contract until reaching the final year. He broke his own shackles last year so will be real interesting how he handles the Dirks/Thomas and Worth/Inge choices. The conservative, safe choices or the riskier, likely more upside.
It is commendable that Brandon has stayed positive and strived to being an everyday player. At some point though, an aging 230 hitter needs to reconcile with reality and this issue and his past angst about being on the bench could actually lead to his premature ending with the Tigs.
I would be real surprised if both Dirks and Worth start at Toledo.

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