Non-displaced fracture for Cabrera

Miguel Cabrera has been diagnosed with a non-displaced fracture of the orbital floor in his right eye, Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski told reporters Tuesday morning at Joker Marchant Stadium. He has been ordered off all activity for a week and will be re-evaluated from there.

At this point, Cabrera is hopeful that he’ll be ready for Opening Day, and Dombrowski indicated they aren’t looking at this as a disabled list situation. It’s a much better scenario than what was feared when Cabrera took Hunter Pence’s high-hopper off his sunglasses in the first inning of Monday’s game against the Phillies.

“I don’t think there’s any question that his sunglasses helped him a great deal yesterday,” Dombrowski said. “Who knows what would’ve happened yesterday if he didn’t have the sunglasses on, because you could see the imprint of the baseball on his sunglasses, the seams on there.”

Cabrera, wearing sunglasses, said Tuesday morning that he isn’t in any pain. He said it was the first game he had played the infield with the sunglasses, which he received from Oakley a few days earlier and donned at the recommendation of teammate Ramon Santiago.

Cabrera underwent a battery of tests Monday at Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater after the play, and again Tuesday morning at Watson Clinic in Lakeland. X-ray exams revealed the fracture. He received eight stitches to close up a gash below his right eye.

Cabrera said he plans on resting for the next few days while the swelling goes down in his eye.


ooof the google results seem to indicate that this is serious… surgery?

The sport gods are killing. First Victor, decimated Red Wings, now Miggy! What the heck! Need a change of luck!

one of the main concerns with orbital fractures is that the muscles that move the eye can get trapped in the fracture fragments. that can restrict movement of the eye and cause vision change. when the fracture is well approximated, there shouldn’t be enough space for the muscle to get trapped. i imagine once the swelling has diminished enough to give him full visual fields, that he’ll return to play. certainly reasonable to expect that he’ll be ready for opening day.
A couple of former Tigers, Bryce Florie and Juan Encarnacion were not as fortunate with their facial injuries on batted balls.

Two weeks(DD said), plus the time he will need on extended spring training.
Once again , Phillies cost an important player for openning day.
For what was said the field was not in good condition. There is no obligation for teams to keep them in proper conditions?

If Dombrowski said two weeks, he didn’t say it to us. He said one week of no activity and then evaluation. That probably means two weeks, but two weeks was never spelled out as a timetable.

I apologize, it was hearsay. That what was broadcasters here in Venezuela said that DD said.

4-2 Tigers .
Good first inning for Verlander 7 pitches for 3 Outs but a long inning after.
AJax using his speed to profit on Brave´s miscues

Brandon Inge now at the mendoza line (200 batting average). Coke looked good.

I was fine until the post game interview.

I would have pulled Verlander earlier. That mound was a real threat,

So will inge be seeing any time at 3rd now with cabrera out for a bit.

I don’t think Inge will get a whole lot of time at third base, but I think it’s a telling sign either way. If the Tigers expect Cabrera to be ready for Opening Day, there’s no reason to take Inge off his workload at second base.

A game of……….millimetres. This could have gone the way of Juan Encarnacion or Tony Conigliaro or Herb Score. For that matter, anyone here remember the tragedy that befell former Red Wing Doug Barkley?
Count our lucky stars.
The funny thing about Miguel is I would not be surprised that this man is so grateful that the worst didn’t happen and if it doesn’t actually make him better!
Both he and Verlander seem to have this peculiar sense of greatness in their baseball aura.

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