Cabrera hit in face by one-hopper

Just when Miguel Cabrera’s conversion to third base seemed to be going swimmingly, the reigning American League batting champion was injured by a one-hopper that hit him in the face and knocked him out of Monday’s Grapefruit League game against the Phillies.

Cabrera immediately left the game, a towel covering the bloodied right face of his face. He received stitches and was taken to a local hospital for precautionary x-rays.

Cabrera has been starting regularly this spring at third base, his new everyday position ever since the Tigers signed Prince Fielder and put him at first. Cabrera has handled most every play that has come his way, but Hunter Pence’s shot was hit hard enough that left him with virtually no time to react once the ball took a high hop.

Cabrera immediately recoiled once the ball bounced off his face, seemingly near his right eye. Head athletic trainer Kevin Rand immediately came running onto the field once play stopped as blood immediately began streaming from the wound.

No immediate medical report was available. The Tigers still have two and a half weeks before they open the season April 5 against the Red Sox at Comerica Park, which would leave Cabrera some time to recover if it’s just a bruise.


Now, that was scary. Sure hope he’s OK.

Let’s hope it is not the eye.

wow – get better soon Miggy!

The HOT corner!!

get cabby one of those Rip Hamilton masks

On my “untouchable” lineup list:
Yes, AJ not on that list.

And the Invisible Man? That is ,Jhonny?

Earlier, I wrote” They dont call it the Hot Corner for nothing”, but I stopped before clicking on the send button. I did not want to be seen as joking about a serious situation. Well, now it has been said.
The play reflect the real problem with moving Miguel to 3b , even if I think or want to that he will handle it well, the risk of an injury. I remenber Bob Horner with his 250 plus body failing into his wrist and breaking it. Not once but twice.An injury can happen to anyone for sure.But 3b is riskier than 1b.
Anyway, good luck to him. The Tigers need him healthy

I am home watching the game today on ESPN. All the commentators made sure to mention that Miguel was not hurt because of anything thing he did wrong, that every third baseman would of been hurt. They said unfortunately your going to pick up the paper tomorrow and it won’t read like that. It’s going to make him look bad, and the naysayers will use it to make their case.

No joke intended. Observational comment.
I happen to believe that you are actually more prone to injury at 1st than 3rd. That runner bearing down from home to first is a potential freight train.
The ball comes at you as hard at 1st as well–sometimes (when you are holding a runner on) even harder.
I hope Miggy has simply (and not understating) a cut and his eye or the orbital bone are unaffected.

Ii don mean you were joking. . Hot corner was the fisrt thing that came to my mind. But i was afraid of saying it because i did not want to be misunderstood

I dont mean

I would not consider JP untouchable. Doesn’t mean I don’t value him or Raburn or Delmon. Delmon may be on his own, we could use some hotshot guys with slick gloves and quick feet soon. JP is not a shortstop for too many more years.

Agee, But JP has been the unsun heroe

Inge is hitting about what you can expect.
Thomas is going to lose that battle with Dirks.
Oliver looks like he’ll get the first nod at #5. Smyly will show up at some point though.
Villareal looks probable.
It seems almost sacriligeous but Worth over Inge makes some sense. Gives us decent D with some base path speed. Probably a better bat than the veteran too.
If Cabby’s situation is even partially serious Inge will definitely stay.
Kind of a logjam with utility guys, Worth, Kelly, Ramon, Inge and, for that matter, Raburn. Raburn will definitely get more time in LF if he doesn’t win half the platoon at 2nd.

I’m reposting a Q I asked on the last thread. It got overshadowed by MCab’s injury.

I have a question for Jason and our blogging family: Over the last 2 years, I’ve noticed several pictures of different Tigers’ pitchers in mid-delivery gripping the ball with the thumb bent back in an almost unreal position. See the photo of Max on today’s game day inset. What pitch is he throwing? I’ve tried to throw that way to my son in the front yard. That grip is tough to replicate and the pitch is hard to control.
That grip has probably been around for years. I’ve only noticed it recently.
Incidentally, I’ve developed a new respect for pitchers as I’ve done more youth league coaching. IMO, being a consistently good pitcher is way harder than being a consistently good hitter. MLB GM’s and owners know that, or else they would not pay what they do for the very few Verlanders out there.
AA Mark

Hate to say it but inge would have made that play on the ball that blasted cabreras face. cabby was out of position on that ball. Inge would have stepped to the right and gloved that shot with the put out to 1st. Sad that inge doesnt shine on the offensive side or we wouldnt be having this conversation.

I agree with JL on this one. That was a bad hop and impossible to get a glove on.

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