Leyland: Boesch “tweaked something,” probably lower back

The Tigers have put on their share of power displays during batting practice this spring, ever since camp started. Brennan Boesch became the first casualty of one.

Boesch was scratched from Wednesday’s Tigers starting lineup against the Mets with what was characterized as general soreness. But manager Jim Leyland’s explanation of it was simple enough.

“He hit one over the scoreboard [in batting practice] and tweaked something,” Leyland said Wednesday after the Tigers’ 7-6 win over the Mets. “He’ll probably play tomorrow.”

Trying to keep up with Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder in BP might do that.

Leyland’s explanation did enough to calm some nerves that grew out of the general soreness terminology, not to mention Boesch’s early exit a couple days ago. Boesch said Monday afternoon that he was fine, and that he was a healthy exit early on that game.

Boesch left the ballpark Wednesday before the clubhouse reopened.


Damon is looking for a job as DH with Detroit.
Is Miguel supposed to play more than 1/3 of the games at 3B?
Is Fielder a lock for the 162 games at first? no DH for him even on a fraction of the games?

None of those 3 want to play DH and I think Leyland is right to not mess with their hitting by taking them off the field. For a team that seems to have an abundance of DHs, we really do not have one. Being a DH is not as easy as it sounds and Fielder, cabrera and Young are not interested. I think you may see Raburn DHing a lot.

Don’t exactly need Johnny Damon. I liked him but we don’t need him.

Agree, but the question is : there is really a need for a DH for more than 60 games?

Anyone else having problems logging in?

After it took three and a half hours to play the first nine innings (possibly due to ESPN and several mid-inning pitching changes),
we had to leave before they played the tenth. Some observations:
Classic Leyland. Because Scherzer hit his last batter to reach his pitch count, Casey Crosby had a rough go closing out the inning. When it ended, JL called Casey over to sit in the chair next to him outside the dugout. A moment later, the kid was laughing and JL sent him off with about five hard pats on the back. Between that and the clean start to the next inning, Casey was fine after that.
Lefty reliever Matt Hoffman looks and moves so much like a smaller version of Phil Coke, it’s scarey. He even walks like him or, as my wife observed, “he walks left-handed.”
Miguel Cabrera looked like a little kid trotting around the bases after Fielder’s homer. He seems really happy to have Prince there.
Brandon Inge plays a good secondbase.
Brayan Villarreal isn’t quite as spastic as he was on the mound last year. Looked very confident too.
In honor of Verlander’s start tomorrow, we’ll be wearing our Fastball Flakes t-shirts. It’s just some silly fun and the money is going to a good cause.

“He walks left-handed” is a GREAT line!

Second base is nowhere near as difficult to play as 3B, so I had no doubts that Inge would field the position well. However, the 2 at bats I saw of Inge yesterday are the reason he won’t be playing, had some awful swings.

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