Monday: Tigers vs. Mets

The pitching lineup today has been tweaked a bit due to Sunday’s rainout against the Astros. Drew Smyly, who was scheduled to start Sunday, will start today. Duane Below, who had been moved into the start for today a few days ago, is now scheduled to pitch tomorrow night against the Nationals. Jacob Turner and Andy Oliver, who have been scheduled to pitch this game all along, are still scheduled to pitch today in relief. That’s the pitching list today, in its entirety. Got it?

A lot of the Tigers lineup consists of what was supposed to be Sunday’s lineup.

Among the Mets they’ll be facing is former Tiger Andres Torres.

Interestingly, this is the first of two games the Mets will be playing here in a three-day span. Wednesday’s matchup is scheduled for an ESPN broadcast, which might feature a much different lineup.

Also, to make up the innings lost Sunday, the Tigers have scheduled a B-game for Tuesday morning at 11am at Joker Marchant Stadium. Doug Fister, who was scheduled to pitch Tuesday night, will pitch in the B-game instead. So will Phil Coke, Darin Downs and Tyler Stohr, all of whom were scheduled to pitch Sunday against the Astros.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Brandon Inge, 2B
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, LF
  6. Alex Avila, C
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Gerald Laird, DH (a line I never thought I’d type, even in Spring Training)
  9. Brennan Boesch, RF

P: Drew Smyly, Jacob Turner, Andy Oliver


  1. Andres Torres, CF
  2. Justin Turner, 3B
  3. Ike Davis, 1B
  4. Lucas Duda, RF
  5. Vinny Rottino, LF
  6. Josh Thole, DH
  7. Ronny Cedeno, SS
  8. Mike Nickeas, C
  9. Jordany Valdespin, 2B

P: Jonathon Niese, Jeremy Hefner, Daniel Herrera, Armando Rodriguez, Josh Stinson


Why does Leyland keep batting Inge 2nd instead of Boesch? I know he wants to give him an extra at bat, but Boesch is not a seasoned vet who’s hit second for years. He should be getting used to hitting in the 2 hole and occasionally dropping down a bunt to move a guy to 2nd. If he wants Inge to get an extra at bat just leave him in the game an inning longer. I think Leyland is sacrificing Boesch for no reason.

Agreed, there are some things for Boesch to learn, but the conventional thought is that batting order doesn’t matter in camp except for getting guys extra at-bats. I’m surprised he has done it as often as he has, but I think it says something about Leyland wanting to get as much of a look as he can at Inge at the plate.

lol, Every time Inge goes to the plate he have 2 strikes already in his count.

Simply to give him extra at bats..not because he is going to hit second..Boesch doesn’t need the game swings..he hits 9th.

Inge still can’t hit..its early and pitchers are not throwing breaking stuff..once they do, he will astruggle.

It’s also possible that where a guy hits in the lineup is an indication of how many innngs JL plans to play him on that day. Let’s see how long Boesch stays in.

More thoughts. The Tigers have arguably the best 3-8 in the league. We need our 1-2 to produce and get on. Hitting 2nd is by far the toughest spot to hit. I know Boesch won’t be called upon to be a typical #2 in the lineup but he’s still going to have to do some things he’s not used to. I think he needs the most work out of anyone just because of where he’ll be hitting. I also understand lineups generally mean nothing in spring training but if that’s the case why isn’t Cabby occasionally hitting behind Prince which may be a possibility at some point.
Sidenote: I think Inge being on the final roster is 50/50

I’ts usually the GM’s final decision re who will remain on the roster and Mr. D has publicly praised what is known as “the four letter word.” I’ll be so glad when the drama is over and we have our 25 man roster.

Leyland has said, and this is a paraphrase, if you can’t find a protypical 2 hitter, fill the spot with a power bat. So I think some of this talk is off base, Boesch will not be expected to become a #2 hitter like Polanco, but rather will be a power hitter, from the left side seeing ALL KINDS of fastballs hitting in front of Miggy and Prince. Although he has worked on bunting this spring, I do not expect Boesch to bunt much. I think Boesch is primed for a huge season.

yep that’s true. Cabby and Prince both are very difficult on right handed pitching. Delmon and Boesch are the best at hitting those righties…..and only 1 of those boys can run the bases “fast-ish”.

scratch that post. ^ not true. lol

if you look at 2011 stats = not true. if you look at past 3 years worth = true. Either way, Boesch is the only one out of Alex, Delmon and Peralta that can run well.

ooof Jacob and Drew both had tough days!

Obviously Turner had a tough day, but was Smyly’s outing “tough?” The line score says 1 run in 2 innings…..

yea i guess it wasn’t too bad…..well he had 1 strikeout but gave up 2 hits, 1 earned run, a walk, and a wild pitch.

Andy Oliver goes 4 scoreless innings. He has the stuff, if he throws strikes he would fit in nicely as the 5th starter (Below and Wilk are more relievers in my opinion and Smyly, Crosby and Turner could use more seasoning in the minors). Of course pitching the last 4 innings of a ST game means lesser competition.

After today by just looking at the line Oliver is the leader by far in the 5 or so man 5th man race. Turner looks to have taken a step back as his prospect rating did as well ( top 10 last yeAr down to 15). Hopefully Oliver can bring this into the season and not wilt on the big stage as he has done in his previous starts.

remember, Turner is 20 years old. No need to rush him. The prospect ratings don’t concern me much.

I for one agree that Turner should not get the rush treatment Porcello and Perry got the past few years. Turner was stellar in camp the last 2 yrs and for whatever reason this yeAr is not( probably trying too hard to cement a starting gig).

3 straight ties, very old school NHL!

David Pauley got the short straw. He was forgotten after the trade and now released. He did not get the chances that 2b candidates have get once and again

Pauly did not get a short straw. He was ineffective last year and was shelved down the stretch. His chance at redemption this spring was met only with mediocrity. Pitchers lose confidence in their “stuff” all the time and much like Seattle’s Washburn he crashed and burned in the D. Everything we relinquished in the big trade has yet to pan out for SeAttle and we got a real gem in Fister.

One terrible outing in 3 and he is gone, though apart from his 11 IP at Seattle last year, he hasn’t shown much anywhere.
Creates a space on the roster for Smyly to be added to the 40 at some point sooner rather than later.

Pauley said it best, “I haven’t really done well since I came over here. It’s nobody’s fault but my own.”
There was little else they could do with Pauley considering they are just about finished defining their bullpen. I would argue he had 2 bad outings this spring and honestly the last outing seemed like it might never end. You can only go so far with a guy before you start trying to either deceive the fans or yourself. This is a club that can’t afford mistakes like that any more.
Still a ways to go and they will want to be pretty sure of picking the right guy for the 5th starter. Turner has never really impressed me that much and I honestly fail to see the huge upside they have heaped upon him. Yes, he’s young and has time but young guys break in all the time. The lack of a southpaw is not going to help him out much either. Oliver has surprised me (so far). Good control. I have always been worried with his confidence and body language so any reports on that would be welcome Rich!! I hope you and your lady have a very good time down there this spring.

Now that pauly is gone, turner’s whip is leading the team (and he is tied for 8th for most innings pitched (at 4IP))

3.49 era 1.367 whip 1.42 so/bb
3.16 1.162 2.0 so/bb
Who kept his job?
I agree sometimes someone must go. Well, someone is blocking Worth and taking time from Santiago. Still he will make the team

Amigo, while I think Brandon will get more chances than most other guys will get I do think Raburn will make his mark this year. While he is not a great 2nd baseman he was trained there. Also, offensive success can sometimes translate to a guy’s defensive game too. As a ballplayer often my best defensive games occurred when I was going well at the plate. I have my fingers crossed for Raburn and IMHO, Ramon is more valuabler backup than Inge. I don’t have a lot of faith in Inge but I do believe I would take him over Worth considering we have guys like Kelly, and Ramon that can fill in quite adequately in the infield. It’s starting to get interesting!

*shakes head* I still think Raburn is a better corner OF backup than a 2B backup…..

One thing that I never seen mentioned is option to have Inge as backup Catcher (if he can still do that) and cut Laird instead. I understand that Laird will be better defensively, which is important, but if Inge is at least adequate there, his versatility would be a huge plus for the team, plus he is, gulp, a better hitter (than Laird). JL can put him on defense (second base to replace Raburn) and if there is need to replace Avila, he can swap positions and someone (Santiago, Worth…) would come in from the bench to play 2B. Sounds like interesting option, would be interested to hear why nobody brought that up.

I do not think there is any chance for Inge to play C. He is not interested in the position and his knees are no longer strong enough to catch. Laird is the backup catcher this year. Now, the Tigers have invested heavily in young catchers and have 3 solid prospects coming up.
Inge is competiting against Worth, you guys hit the nail on the head. We have very strong backups in Santiago, Kelly and Dirks/Thomas in the OF. Even if Inge “beats out Worth” i don’t see him getting many ABs this year.

Thanks for answer. I understand it is a stretch to ask Inge to catch, but Avila will handle most of the duties. Laird is not going to play much, thus my idea is why there is a reserved spot for him, while he’ll sit on the bench 70% of the time, as he is one-dimensional player (C-defense) now. Inge is definitely downgrade defensively from Laird, and it might not be possible for him to catch at all (never heard about this topic recently) but if the options are : a, release Inge b, keep him as utility/catcher he might be inclined to give it a go. Just think Laird is more dead weight than Inge, who is still quite useful and might be OK to catch.

Pauly wasn’t cutting it and Clete’s next- I think.

Beautiful day today, the start of a nice long stretch of those.
My opinion was that Smyly spotted his fastball well but needed to get his secondary pitches in for strikes. He did get a K with a nice changeup. Not an outstanding outing, but not bad. Turner absolutely must throw more strikes. Oliver was very effective pitching in what was basically a minor league game by that point. That being the case, Dan, he looked very comfortable. I know his composure is something we’re monitoring. Jury still out.
Best name of the day: Vinny Ruttino.
Question to be answered: with the Mets making the long drive to Lakeland again on Wednesday, how many of the same players have to make the trip? I’ll be checking that out.
Most noteworthy observation of the day: you guys won’t believe it when you see Cabrera. The dude is practically svelte. No reason why he can’t play thirdbase with that type of body.

thanks for the first hand report, rich!

I’ll believe it. He looks great. I mean, come on, you got A-Rod playing 3rd in NY. Miggy had to get it together.

Let me say one thing: Thank goodness we have a fellow on our team that has the ability and the talent and the athleticism and the willingness to change his position so nobly (is that even a word?), and (I have always subscribed to this) After all, wasn’t that the idea to begin with?

have y’all noticed Laird with the patience to take walks his last few times out. Gerald with a high OBP turns the lineup over for the big cats maybe playing with the world champs put his blind hacking into perspective.

One thing about Jim, there is always a method to is madness. His lineup sometimes doesn’t make sense, however there is always some magic in it! GO TIGERS!

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