Friday: Halladay vs. Scherzer


The guys who were on the trip to Port Charlotte yesterday are out of the starting lineup today. Miguel Cabrera was here early for extra ground balls this morning. Don Kelly will get the start at third today, then shift over to first base later in the game to get Nick Castellanos into the game.

Fun fact: Prince Fielder is 6-for-13 lifetime off Roy Halladay.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Eric Patterson, RF
  3. Brandon Inge, 2B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  6. Andy Dirks, LF
  7. Don Kelly, 3B
  8. Rob Brantly, DH
  9. Omir Santos, C

P: Max Scherzer, Adam Wilk, Collin Balester, David Pauley, Tyler Stohr, Daniel Schlereth


  1. Tyson Gillies, CF
  2. Scott Podsednik, LF
  3. Ty Wigginton, 1B
  4. Hunter Pence, RF
  5. Laynce Nix, DH
  6. Carlos Ruiz, C
  7. Hector Luna, 3B
  8. Pete Orr, 2B
  9. Freddy Galvis, SS

P: Roy Halladay, Joel Pineiro, David Herndon, Brian Sanches, Jeremy Horst, Raul Valdes



why bat Inge in the 3 hole though?

To give him extra incentive, so Prince can drive him in? Who knows? He’se in the lineup, so I’m sure he’s thrilled.
Jason wrote an interesting column about Delmon. It’s on the Tiger website.
Also, the Detroit News wrote an interesting column/interview with Boesch. I knew his family was relatively wealthy and he talks about his schooling and upbringing. He’s turned out pretty good and has a great attitude about life, living in Detroit, and his choice of autos.
Gotta work today, so won’t be able to “watch” on gameday. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!1

sometimes the manager will put a player high in the order so he can get his ABs early in the game against better quality pitching.
there’s a lot of “noise” among all that’s being reported in the spring. interesting stuff that really has no bearing on the upcoming season. sometimes the important things get buried…for instance: are minor injuries become lingering problems?, which pitchers are having command problems?, will a player’s new hitting approach make a difference?, which hitter’s bat looks a bit slower?, who has a new or improved pitch?. this info is mostly hidden…the trainer and scouts know but their voice doesn’t get into the media until a story bubbles to the surface due to a change in player performance or inability to play/pitch.

Finally i get to hear a Spring training game through online radio, im on the work so that makes me really happy

The game is tied : (

Pauly has been pretty bad since he came to the Tigers? I know this is just spring training but ths seems to e more of the same!

Pauly has been downright horrendous. He was just throwing batting practice from the sounds of it. I think he has a case of “not trusting his stuff” after being forgotten down the stretch last year. Maybe A.J. can straighten him out down here in T-town, but i don’t see him going north with the big club right now.

Wilks seems too hittable as well. Oliver has thrown pretty well. I’m very interested to see what Crosby and Smyly have.

No excuses, Rich. You got your wish and the Tigers lost today. No more losses while you’re down there in Florida:}

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