V-Mart visits team: “It’s really tough”

The Tigers welcomed a much-awaited visitor in Victor Martinez, who stopped by for the first time since camp opened. After saying hello to his teammates, he sat down and talked with the media in what he admitted was a day of mixed emotions.

“It’s tough just to come here,” he said. “I definitely want to see everybody, but it takes it tough when you see your teammates on the field and, believe me, you want to be there. You want to take these crutches off and start running.”

Martinez recounted what happened in the injury, saying he was doing side-to-side agility drills when his right foot slipped, putting everything on his left leg and causing it to buckle. A day later, he said, the swelling had ballooned, and he knew it was serious.

“I heard all that sound, cracking,” Martinez said. “I just fell down. So it was very bad.”

When he heard he required two surgeries, Martinez said, “It was bad. I never thought – I mean never – never thought that I was going to need two surgeries. That really got me down. I was hoping if it was the ACL and only that, I was hoping at that time that I was going to be able to come back at the end of the year. When they told me two surgeries, it crushed me. I don’t really have any words to describe how bad it felt.”

Martinez, who had microfracture surgery about a month ago, will have his ACL surgery on or around April 4, so he won’t be able to make it to Opening Day. For now, he’s spending his days in therapy for the knee and moving around on crutches.


Bueno Suerte Amigo. You lifted this team on your shoulders last year.

I miss Victor.

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