Opening Day tickets sell out in 45 minutes

Apparently the weather around Michigan had little impact on the unofficial holiday that the first day of Tigers single-season ticket sales has become on the first Saturday in March. The available tickets for Opening Day on April 5 against the Red Sox sold out in about 45 minutes once they went on sale at 10 a.m. ET.

The Tigers were ready for a crush of fans at the Comerica Park box office ahead of time, making 1,000 numbered wristbands available — twice the number given out in previous years — for fans to pick up Friday afternoon and evening and then line up Saturday morning, rather than staying overnight in harsh conditions. More than a thousand fans were lined up around the ballpark by the time tickets went on sale.

Between online sales at, phone sales at 866-66-TIGER and in-person sales at the box office as well as at Hockeytown Authentics in Troy, the Tigers sold 66,334 tickets by 5:45 p.m., shortly before the close of business at the Comerica Park box office.

The Tigers still have a limited number for Opening Day tickets set aside for fans who wish to buy season-ticket packages, available with the purchase of an 81-, 41-, 28- or 27-game ticket plan. Visit or call 313-471-BALL (2255) for more details.


Braclets were a joke we waited for 3 hours in the rain to get ours,yet my wife shows up at 6:45 before wings game and gets same thing

This was such a lucky day for our family, and I would like to thank Comerica for putting the biggest smile on my kids face. My son is the one that was able to pick out the starting number for how the line was going to start. Thanks for all of the stuff that he received too. He is REALLY a big time “TIGERS FAN” too. He has also played baseball since he was 5yrs old. He is a pitcher for the team he is on also. Thanks again, Renee’ Spencer

Thanks a lot to all the vultures scooping up tickets just to list them on stubhub. Standing room only going for $100 minimum is a travesty. Luckily, I have a 28 game package so I have my tickets but I was trying to help some friends get a few. The greed and selfishness of people is unimaginable. I can understand wanting to make a few bucks if you have tickets you can’t use but buying up loads of them just to turn around and sell them makes me sick.

You weren’t the only one that noticed that. Some guy on stubhub yesterday had 27 SRO tickets for sale. I couldn’t buy Opening Day tickets after waiting in some ‘virtual waiting room’ since 945, but I can buy over 5000 seats over on stubhub, which the Tigers site conveniently directs you to? Ridiculous. I had a very rude Tigers employee try telling me that they were season ticket holders, so they were able to get that many and then try and tell me about supply and demand like I was incompetent. Since when do they offer season tickets for SRO?

We waited in the rain for wristbands and then stood in line for almost 4 hours Saturday only to have 150 people be able to buy tickets. Good thing the Tigers take good care of the ticket brokers. It was a bad look Saturday.

There were 5 people in front of me when they sold out. we were about 170 in line. It was heart breaking.

Actually, right now if you purchase a 27 game plan for the Tigers, I was told for Opening Day you’d be getting SRO’s, unless you were buying OF Box seats or better. So it’s entirely possible a broker bought a lot of the 27 game plans, and that’s how they got their Standing room’s.

yea considering all the people who bought the tickets dont care about baseball like true lifetime fans have. ok there are fans at the game who hae been lifers, but how many got tickets just to be seen at the game..

Where are all of you people back in 2000 to 2005 …..i have had season tickets since 1990 and i ate tickets all the time back in the day ….and now the tickets that i have been paying for since 1990 are worth something and you cheap people have a problem paying a premium price …who is the greedy one??? the person who sits for years and spends nothing and waits until they are a great team and then wants tickets at face?? or the loyal fan who has been buying tickets for over 20 years and now wants to sell some for fair market price …..or even better the idiot who wants a premium seat at face in June or July ….dont forget i also pay for the tickets in April, May, and Sept …..why dont u want to buy any of those? You all want the best of the best but dont forget those games and seats come with other costs besides the listed price on the ticket ….Just some info for you misinformed people

I certainly don’t expect to go to a game cheaply and will gladly pay a little extra than face for my tickets. However not wanting to pay 4 and 5x face value does not make me cheap, nor does it make me a fair weather fan and is absolutely ridiculous. That still makes a ticket broker the greedy one in my book. I have the same opinion regarding the people who do that with concert tickets too, but even those aren’t that large of a markup.

Oh, and I’ve been going to games at all different times throughout the season since I could drive down there. Oh, wait. NOBODY CARES. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been buying tickets, it’s still garbage to not be able to go to the game you want to. Buying tickets for 20years doesn’t make you better than anyone upset over ticket BROKERS (read: not fans planning on going to the game anytime soon).

Just some information for you as well sir.

I was a lucky one and got in through the virtual waiting room, at 10:05 The only thing left with best available was sro but I was fine with that, I did not have an account and had to fill out information, by the time I hit pay the 3 minutes expired and then my seats were no longer reserved and someone else was able to buy them. I filled out everything quickly, picking the shipping method is what screwed me.

So at the end it hurt more that I had them in reach and lost them. Now I get to pay $400 for the same thing I was going to pay about $125 for.

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