Friday: Tigers vs. Florida Southern

Here’s the lineup again, this time including the players who replace the starters beginning in the second inning:


  1. Austin Jackson, CF -> Quintin Berry
  2. Brennan Boesch, RF -> Avisail Garcia
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B -> Nick Castellanos
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B -> Don Kelly
  5. Delmon Young, LF -> Matt Young
  6. Alex Avila, C -> Omir Santos
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS -> Audy Ciriaco
  8. Andy Dirks, DH -> Jerad Head
  9. Ryan Raburn, 2B -> Eric Patterson

Pitchers (not necessarily in order): Andy Oliver (starting), Casey Crosby, Brayan Villarreal, Drew Smyly, Jose Ortega, Matt Hoffman, Tyler Stohr


  1. J.J. Downum, CF
  2. T.J. Kuban, LF
  3. Mike Snyder, 3B
  4. Austin Chubb, C
  5. Cory Jensen, 2B
  6. Kyle Jackson, 1B
  7. Colin Kish, RF
  8. Brad Carlton, DH
  9. Kyle Gibbs, SS

Pitchers: Jake Guengerich, Mike Czenszak, Jack Sterritt, Branden Weber, Anthony Dovale, Nick Krolczyk, Austin Jackson, Nate Carter



Enjoy the game Jason! I supect there is no radio coverage anywhere?

Kaline’s grandson used to play for the Mocs…Tigers drafted him…anyone know if he’s still in the organization?

is eric patterson #74? Oliver looked good today.

Yes..Patterson plays CF and 2B

kinda rough day for smyly there – hope next time he’s sharper

With the realignment of the AL and NL into 15 teams each next year, how will the odd team that is left in each league after the others match up in series fill its schedule? I must have missed the explanation of how that works somewhere along the way. I’m guessing that inter-league play will be reworked, a la the NFL and the NHL, but it will be good to get details from someone who is more up to speed than I am.
AA Mark

More inter-league

What I’ve never understood about the entire wild card business is, Bud Selig and crew created it then spent the next 15 years complaining whenever the wild card team played in the WS. I thought the original idea meant a deserving team from a tough division would get into the playoffs, which I agreed with. Now we add wild cards and try to punish them. What’s the point of that?
And yes, I know it’s only about money, but still………

I dont think it is more inter-league games, just that that they will be all season.
Unreal how last year ended up with the Tigs having a poor 7-11 record against a pretty ordinary group of NL teams. The last two months sure seemed an unbelievable run though this season shapes up to continue the ride.

Robertson signed by the Cubs. I want to be a LHP in my next life

Funny. Good Point V.
As to the schedule–I believe there are more inter-league, but regardless, it is still imbalanced and that to me, is wrong. Every team in a division should have an equal number of games against the SAME opponents as the others in its division.

The schedule setup for 2013 doesn’t appear to be set yet and here’s a link to an article from November.
I don’t mind spreading interleague play over the full season as it’s better than sacrificing (my word) nearly the entire month of June to non-divisional play. I would like to see equity in scheduling, as Dan says above.
While I’m at it, let’s return the AS game to the exhibition it’s supposed to be and go back to alternating WS homefield. That may be the dumbest thing Selig has ever done.

Thanks for the link Rich.
Totally agree that the all star exhibition game should not carry any weight. Alternating annually or say the overall result of AL vs NL games in a season would be far better than the current arrangement.

That’s an excellent idea, Dave. Rather than the AS game, it’s the interleague games that have always felt like exhibitions to me. Having interleague determine WS homefield would give them more weight. You could even have a scenario where two last place teams are fighting it out on the final day of the season to determine homefield for their league. This has possibilities.

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