Look for pitching prospects in Fla. Southern game

Jim Leyland traditionally starts off the spring training schedule by pitching eight or nine guys for an inning each in the annual exhibition with Florida Southern College. This year, he’s going to do that with some of his younger pitchers in camp.

Leyland mentioned Andy Oliver, Casey Crosby and Drew Smyly among the guys who will pitch in Friday’s exhibition.

The starting lineup will include most of the regulars, who will get one at-bat before giving way to some of the younger position players.

The starting pitching schedule, Leyland said, is mapped out through spring training and beyond. He sat down with pitching coach Jeff Jones to work that out.

“We’ve got all the pitching mapped out through May, June, with one void there,” Leyland said.

The void, obviously, is for the fifth starter spot, which is open for competition here.


Who’s playing on Saturday or do we not really know yet?

Garret Craig from Motor City Bengals here, by the way, just wanted to thank you for taking the time to chat for a few minutes Friday at Tiger Town!

The SOC has a soft spot in his heart for young players “don’t he”?

What about Schlereth (stuff not right?) and Benoit (neck)- How they doin?

answer: benoit next bullpen session is Wednesday

Benoit threw this morning and said afterwards that he felt fine. Should be back on track. Schlereth also threw today. I was watching Benoit and another pitcher at the time.

good news about benoit facing hitters earlier. so how about schlereth?

what happens to a player (i.e Brennan Boesch) who doesn’t sign but is arb ineligible?
Do they take a predescribed cut in salary and then become eligible for arb or FA?
Not suggesting in ANY way that this would happen but just curious a sthe Tigers still have a few unsigned guys like Brennan and AJ among others.

Basically, if they don’t reach an agreement, the team can renew his contract on their own for a set salary. There’s a belief among some agents that if you can’t agree on a salary, having the team do that helps the player’s case whenever they do reach arbitration eligibility down the road. That said, Boesch’s agent is Brodie Van Wagenen, who was working on Ryan Zimmerman’s long-term extension with the Nats. So I wouldn’t be surprised if that gets tackled coming up.

Jason’s blog piece about JL’s and Tony LaRussa’s “team first” philosophy certainly reads like the guys were talking about team chemistry. No matter what you call it, all players on good teams need to get along in order to be succesful over the long haul. Of course, it’s much easier to get along with a deep talent pool and a successful 2011 under your belt.
AA Mark

Actually, I didn’t write that. I had an off-day from the beat yesterday and caught up with emails and some advance stuff from the hotel. Marty Noble wrote the piece you’re talking about.

I’ve always suspected that JL just doesn’t like the word “chemistry” even though he’s all about everything the word implies. At any rate, it’s quite remarkable the difference in this organization from some ten years ago. We’ve gone from the Weaver/Fick/Encanarcion band of brawling flight attendant abuser types to the current group of gentlemen, and it’s easy to see why this team is so wildly popular. A lot of credit goes to Mr. Dave, who has proven that a talented individual, given enough time, can work wonders. And a great deal of credit goes to Leyland also. So there’s a big compliment for our Ol’ Coot.

I think it starts with the top and trickles down (e.g. the red wings), too. Mr. I is a godsend for Detroit for sure.

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