Tigers announce single-game ticket process

If you’ve bought (or tried to buy) Tigers home opener tickets before, that clock in your head was probably reminding you that single-game Tigers tickets go on sale the first Saturday morning in March. Right on time, tickets this year will go on sale this Saturday at 10am ET.

The process is similar to previous years with a few minor tweaks. Fans can buy tickets online at tigers.com, by phone at 866-66-TIGER, and in person at both the Comerica Park box office on Witherell Street and (new this year) at Hockeytown Authentics in Troy.

Once again, the Tigers are using a numbering system for early-bird fans at Comerica Park so that they don’t have to line up and wait overnight. This time, though, they’re doubling the number of numbered wristbands to 1,000. Fans can pick up a wristband at the box office on Friday as early as 3pm.

On Saturday, sometime between 8:15 and 8:30am, a fan will randomly draw a number that will determine where the line begins with the corresponding wristband. Fans who show up Saturday morning after the drawing will line up behind everybody with wristbands, who need to line up by 9:30. A wristband doesn’t guarantee tickets will be available for the games somebody wants, but it gives them a shot. Even for those fans waiting in line, the Tigers are encouraging fans to check the schedule online ahead of time to figure out which games they want to attend.

As for Opening Day tickets (April 5 against the Red Sox), the same rules apply as in past years, with up to four tickets available per fan.


Sounds like it has gotten even harder this year:

a) the Hockeytown Authentics in Troy option is only going to make it harder for people who go to the park to get tickets (e.g. the 100th person in line would be the last person at the park instead of like the 125th person in line),

and b) 1,000 wristbands instead of 500 means it is even less likely the # wristband you get will get you into the portion of the line that will be able to buy tickets before they are sold out.

but on a side note, how late do you think the box office will be open to give wristbands away on friday?

I realize Ken is writing a positive article here, but I’ll be glad when DUI’s are no longer part of the conversation.

it is a good article though.

My main concern for Miggy is not having as many guys to chat and goof around with at third base! I always loved how he would hold a tag on pick off attempts, give a lot of grief to whoever was there, or chat with them, just a part of his demeanor that keeps him loose in the game.

I am thinking of picking up opening day tix. I haven’t been to a game since probably the late 80’s, since I have been out of Michigan for many years. I want to plan a vacation to visit relatives around opening day, because I haven’t been this excited for a season to begin in a long time. I am wondering what the odds of getting tickets are. I mean, if I am online right when they go on sale, is there a chance I won’t get them? I have no idea how fast these things sell out. Also, are there recommendations on certain sections that may not sell as quickly. I’d like something under $50 per ticket (premium pricing), but I have not been to Comerica yet, so any recommendations are much appreciated. Thanks!

Scotty Sizemore has a torn ACL. Out for the season. The guy doesn’t get a lot breaks.

Hi Benny. I’m not an expert on this stuff, but I can draw on my limited experience buying postseason tickets. If you try to buy online, be in there at the designated time and if they put you in the “virtual waiting room,” hang in there and let the page refresh for awhile. I was able to purchase ALDS games 3 and 4 with only a ten minute wait. I think it may not be a time to get choosey about seat selection. If so, you might consider waiting for the April 7 game, unless you’re set on Opening Day. There are no really bad seat locations, some are just farther away from the field. You might try upper deck. I know this isn’t terribly helpful but maybe someone else has some thoughts. I live away from Michigan too.
As of right now, Stubhub has SRO for $113!!!

Sometimes you can buy then on ebay.

Wondering how early you had to get there last year to get one of the 500 wristbands they were offering?

Benny – I went to comerica last year and got opening day tix. Basically last year there was 500+ people in line (it was raining and cold too) and only ~125 people got opening day tickets before it was sold out. The reason why it was only 125 is because a) most opening day tix are given to season ticket holders (aka not available on saturday), b) tons of people other locations (e.g. hockeytown in troy, ticketmaster locations) and c) people getting the tickets online/phone. And so it is more of a “race against the clock” for people in line than a “set # of tickets available”.
I went with 3 friends to get bracelets (we all got different numbers) and I was the only of my friends to be allowed to purchase tickets (i was like 115th in line!)….and all my friends were steaming mad they didn’t get tickets.
otherwise i have heard that if you go to location with many computers….you can enter the “virtual waiting room” several times (as many computers as you have) and your chances are increased.

Wondering how early you had to get there last year to get one of the 500 wristbands they were offering?
….sorry for duplicate comment above

or pay out the nose on stubhub or ebay – but i’m just a guy working his way through college and can’t afford that route

Or just wait till game two. I haven’t been to an Opening Day since the 1960s, when it was still walkup sales for the 30k+ in Tiger Stadium.
Tickets will be a bear this season. For away games, the Tigers are a premium date so it costs more, and the resellers will have higher prices too. I’ve already ruled out Pittsburgh because of ridiculous pricing. I got my Baltimore tickets before the Fielder deal.

I just want the opening day tickets so i can sell them. That way the 4/4 game vs. the Mud Hens, and the 4/6 game I plan on attending are paid for me and my wife and kid.

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