Inge: “I just want to play, any spot I can get”

Look for some video clips of Brandon Inge’s talk with reporters on the site later. Story is also coming. For now, here are some quotes from the six-minute session:

  • On  the move: “I just want to play, any spot I can get as far as trying to play on the field. I’m happy for the opportunity, basically, to be able to earn some playing time. Nothing’s given. I had a rough year last year, so I don’t blame anyone for it. It’s pretty good. it gives me an opportunity to kind of step back up and earn from the beginning. I don’t think last year takes away from anything I’ve done in the past eight or nine years. Obviously I had a bad year, and that’s fine. I accept it. I take responsibility for it. But I’m excited to be able to start fresh right now.”
  • On the Tigers’ decision: “It’s pretty simple for me, actually, if you think about it. Put yourself in a general manager’s position and not think as a player. I put myself in Mr. Dombrowski’s position and tried to figure out what I would do if I was in his shoes, and I respect that he’s going to go with Miggy. Miggy thinks he can do it at third. He’s going to go with him, and I respect that, because he’s sticking with his guys. Miggy’s done a lot to help the team. He’s a big part of the team, so he’s sticking behind him, showing faith in him that he can play third. And I appreciate that.”
  • Was his decision hard: “My decision, I’m not going to play third. Miggy’s there for right now. I’m not going to beat him out. So the only potential spot for me to try to win a position, I thought, was second base. I want playing time. I want to stay in Detroit. I love Detroit. So that was a pretty simple decision for me. That was my only option.”
  • Tough transition? “It’s not a big deal. Not at all. I played there in high school. I know that was a long time ago, but infield is infield. That’s kind of second nature for me. Learning the outfield cuts and the instinctive things, that’s why Spring Training’s going to be perfect for me, because you can get away with stuff in Spring Training and learn from your mistakes, so when you go into the season it’ll be second nature. It’s not like I’m learning a whole new sport, you know?”
  • Can he play it: “I know I can play it. I’m not thinking. I know I can play it. It’s just a matter of going out and working at it and working hard and getting there.”
  • Why not report to camp sooner: “I didn’t want to take anything away from Prince Fielder, welcoming him. Obviously I would welcome him in but … this right here, I didn’t want it to be anything against him. I knew he was coming in. I was just kind of laying low so I could talk to you guys on my own, get it out separately, not be a distraction to everyone in there, move on.”


Initially, he should be able to run down popups behind Prince. That’s always been one of his strong points. He has a good arm to make throws after diving stops up the middle. The rest of it will be thinking his way through the game, thinking his way through the hitters, and turning the DP with his back to the oncoming runner. He should be able to play the position but again, it all comes down to if he can contribute more total offense (not just an occasional homer) than Santiago and Raburn. If he can’t do that, he shouldn’t get much playing time. I think he makes the club, with Worth and his option as a backup plan. And then there are the injury possibilities.

Inge doesn’t have to out bat raburn because raburn belongs in the OF. There will be more than enough starts in the OF for extremely streaky raburn.

It cant hurt Brandon’s cause to make himself usuable at a bunch of positions. And regarding him not reporting till the 11th hour, I say who cares. That is (according to Jason) what he has always done. He has young boys and a wife and already has to spend a lot of time away from his family for the next several months. If I were him I would want to be with them as long as I could too. Its one thing if you are a bachelor why wouldn’t you, but a married guy why would you. Go Brandon.

Some guys probably want to get away from the wife & kids. Brandon has come early to camp in the past so I’ll just take him at his word that he didn’t want to be a distraction. Well, good luck with this, Brandon.

That seemed like a totally overblown media creation. Was Inge late? I am pretty nuetral on Inge’s playing (I believe prior to the knee injuries that his D justified a starting spot, I do not think that is the case any more. And his hitting, especially when he gets pull happy is maddening). HOWEVER, I do not think he is a distraction. I doubt he will be at 2B this year, but he could find himself back at 3B in case of a Miggy or Fielder injury. He isn’t going anywhere, too big a salary.

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I heard the mid-morning guys on the 97.1FM talking about how someone reported that Brandon’s arms were massive….and in general he looked very big and in excellent shape. That makes sense, since Inge’s power numbers seem to come every 3 years (2006, 2009….2012?). If he CAN contribute power against righties, then he could bat 8th, behind Alex and Jhonny (they are better against lefties i believe).

I don’t believe in miracles in sports. Even the USA win over the Russians in 1980 at Lake Placid wasn’t a miracle. Sorry, Al Michaels. That was a fired up team that had come together playing at home and beating a squad that just didn’t much care anymore. If Inge out-hits anyone but Laird, it would be a miracle.

Inge has had more chances than a cat has lives, I am rooting for Santiago to play Second Base. He has proved himself over and over, but still gets pushed aside and doesn’t complain. Leyland says Santi isn’t big enough to stay strong the whole season as a starter, how big is Brandon? Has he stayed healthy? Different strokes for different folks I guess, or double-standards in this case.

“Obviously I had a bad year, and that’s fine”.I t was not a bad year. He is 35 and had surgery on his knees.The sun is on his back.
His approach is wrong. He gained weight to try to hit for power. That is the recipe to became Dunn ( 2011 version)
The worst part , he is not blocking Santiago but Worth. The spot for Inge will be lost by him or Dirks.

I would argue it would be Worth or C. Thomas are losing the spot to Inge – but the point is valid. Worth (26 y.o.) has posted above average Inge batting averages both seasons.

this is likely inge’s final season with the tigers…hopefully he is able to contribute at whatever position he plays. having some position versatility at this stage of his career would be beneficial to him in trying to prolong it. it could also help the team.
it’s possible that he has little left to contribute, as with adam everett a couple of seasons ago. in that case, the organization will just need to say “thanks for the memories” and let him go. it’s an uncomfortable situation when a long standing member of an organization needs to be replaced.

the way i look at inge is he loves the game he loves detroit and he loves his family. If he can play any position and be an asset than let him play. Granted he is near the end of his career and hope he retires in the detroit area after hes finished playing baseball. Maybe he will buy a car dealership or find something he can do successfully post baseball.

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