Quiet reporting day at Tigers camp

Part of the lore about Spring Training around the baseball is the ceremony about reporting day. That’s basically about all it is nowadays. In Tigers camp, it’s not even ceremony.

There’s an image in Spring Training that everybody reports to camp the day before their first workout is scheduled. Realistically, that hasn’t been the way things operate with the Tigers for some time.Truthfully, most pitchers have been in Lakeland for a while now, getting their gear together, going out on the field and working out on their own or with teammates. The pitchers who haven’t stopped by camp by now are more the exception than the norm, and they’re usually guys who live in warm-weather towns and can get their workout program done at home. Even a lot of those guys have made their way here by now.

As for physicals, the team usually gets those of the way in Detroit in January, when almost everybody on the 40-man roster is in town for the Winter Caravan and (in other years) TigerFest.

Bottom line: Reporting day is more of an outdated part of the schedule. In fact, the Tigers didn’t even list reporting days this year, only the dates of their first workouts. If a pitcher or a catcher isn’t on the field for stretching at 9:30 Monday morning, they’re late.

Being that the traditional day for reporting day fell on a Sunday this year, it was even quieter than usual around Tigers camp. Duane Below, Doug Fister, Adam Wilk, James McCann, Rob Brantly and Patrick Leyland were among those at the ballpark Sunday morning, as was Austin Jackson among early position players, but a lot of pitchers who had been around all week took Sunday off as a last day of freedom before their workouts are more formal.

So Joker Marchant Stadium was quiet this morning. It’ll pick up quite a bit on Monday.


I seem to recall a 1950-ish tradition of having a film crew shoot the entire team as they charged out of the dugout en masse, wearing full uniforms and big smiles, as if they couldn’t wait to get to those calisthenics.

Well I am a bit surprised Below is not in better shape than the photo indicates. BTW, all the talk about the shape Miggy is in, from the photo I looked at, JP looks like he is in great shape himself. That is a plus. Jhonny played so well at short last year but took a lot of guff for his lack of range. Perhaps a slimmer JP will gt to few more balls this year. Everything he got to last year he handled and his throws were as picture perfect as I remember with Alan. Granted, Alan got to a lot more ground balls than JP can even imagine but the guy was rock solid and reliable last year,
If he comes anywhere close to repeating his performance offensively and defensively then he will become one (if not already) of the smartest acquistions that DD has made.

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