Tigers to hold tryout camp March 5

That one chance at a big break in baseball might be coming up. The Tigers will hold their annual spring tryout camp on Monday, March 5 at the Tigertown minor league complex in Lakeland, Fla.

The camp annually draws undrafted college players as well as veteran players looking for one more shot. The Tigers have signed players out of the camp to minor-league contracts in past years.

All players ages 18-23 are invited to attend, as are players with previous pro experience. No pre-registration is required.

Registration for the camp begins at Tigertown at 8 a.m. ET, with the workout starting an hour later. Players need to bring their own glove and workout equipment, but the Tigers will provide wooden bats, helmets and baseballs.


Any examples of players, signed by the tigers out of camp, who saw any MLB time?

I want to tryout for bench coach. Im a good motivator and i am stern but fair. Plus i think those seats are way better than my season tiks.

Just testing

Yes, I can see the word “just” in your post so it’s a positive test.

Does anyone think Joe Maddon should get a lot more than $2MM per year? He’s like only the best manager in baseball.
From MLBTradeRumors:
Despite the Cespedes signing, Coco Crisp still feels he’s Oakland’s best center field option. Crisp told Slusser, “Unless he’s a demigod come down from the heavens, no one is going to outshine me in center field.” Crisp noted that a center field job was one of the reasons he chose the A’s over the Rays, but concluded, “I’m excited to play alongside Cespedes – no matter what side that may be.”
I guess that answers my question about how the Oakland players are going to take this. Just one more hurdle for the Cuban Wonder Boy.

I told you guys when the Tigers rumors heated up in November that Crisp would only sign somewhere he could play center. This kind of explains why.

Cespedes presents more like a right fielder in my opinion.. Especially with a guy like Coco already there. There are 3 really difficult positions in baseball. Catch, short and CF. Exceptional defensive talent at those positions can change games in a heartbeat.

Did anyone watch Clubhouse Confidential tonight? After the stat guy ran Miggy over the coals re his return to 3rd base, they interviewed Mr. D by telephone. He stated over and over how much Miguel wanted to play there and was 120% on board with it. Of course, they had to show just about every error the Migster ever committed play at 3rd base and Prince fumbling the ball all over the place.
I can’t wait. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!

Cespedes won’t be able to play top level CF – and for that matter if he can bat at the MLB level is yet to be determined.

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