February 8th, 2012

Tigers statues getting cosmetic work

If you noticed a strange sight on Interstate 275 that nearly had you swerving off the road this week, then no, it wasn’t your imagination. Those really were the ceramic Tigers from the Comerica Park scoreboard resting on flatbed trailers at the I-275 south rest stop.

The statues, best known for their eyes that glow at night, were sent out for maintenance and upkeep this week. They had to come down from their perch while the scoreboard undergoes renovations, so this was as good of a time as any to check on them after 12 years of wear and tear.

Here are a couple photos sent in from a reader who saw them at the rest stop today. As someone mentioned, it’s amazing how huge those Tigers are compared to how they look from up on the scoreboard.

As for the scoreboard renovations, the Tigers still haven’t released details on them. But considering every new or renovated scoreboard at other Major League parks over the last five years (at least) has included a high-definition screen, it should be safe to assume the Tigers are getting the same. The question now seems to be how big it will be.

Six TV games, 11 radio for Tigers this spring

The Tigers announced their spring training broadcast slate, which includes six games on TV between Fox Sports Detroit and ESPN, as well as 11 on radio locally through the Tigers radio network.

The first TV appearance comes March 14 against the Mets. The Tigers will have three straight afternoons on TV the following week, March 19 at the Phillies (ESPN), March 20 against the Braves (ESPN), and March 21 against the Twins (FSD). Add in two more FSD games March 29 and 31 to close out spring training.

MLB Network hasn’t yet released its schedule, so more games could be added. In addition, MLB.TV will likely have some out-of-town broadcasts.

As in past years, almost all the radio games are on weekends, including every Saturday and almost every Sunday.