Verlander called it: Giants win Super Bowl, 21-17

You probably heard by now, but even with Spring Training two weeks away, Justin Verlander is still winning. He was celebrating on Twitter last night over his prognostication that the Giants would post a 21-17 win over the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

His pick was part of the Scripps Howard Celebrity Super Bowl Poll. The news service asks a selection of pro athletes, entertainers, politicians and other celebrities for their predictions. The one who picks the winning team and comes closest to the final score apparently is honored with the Super Sage Award.

Plenty of people picked the Giants, but Verlander was the only one with a 21-17 final. NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson and actor Adam West had 21-17 finals, but with the Patriots winning. Nobody had the Giants with a 23-17 win, so even if New York had pulled off the two-point conversion when they scored the go-ahead touchdown, Verlander would’ve come closest.

Past winners include Penn and Teller, Arnold Palmer, Pat Robertson, Dennis Farina, Joe Mantegna, and the defending champion, the San Diego Chicken.

No idea if that will sit alongside the MVP and Cy Young awards, or even the GIBBY award he won, but he’s pretty proud of it.


Can Justin e-mail us all lottery numbers? Stock tips? The Derby winner? March Madness brackets?

Now can Justin predict the 2012 World Series Champs?

He certianly has the Midas touch right now, he can do nothing wrong,

Is there anything that Verlander CAN’T do???

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