Victor Martinez has microfracture surgery

As expected, the second opinion on Victor Martinez confirmed a torn anterior cruciate ligament, which will require reconstruction surgery. He also apparently had damage to his medial and lateral meniscus. Martinez underwent microfracture surgery Friday, as performed by Dr. Richard Steadman.

According to a statement from the Tigers, Dr. Steadman is optimistic that Martinez will be ready for ACL surgery in 6-8 weeks. That timetable should pretty well rule him out for this coming season.


regular (season) or post (god willing) as well?

Toast for this season. Oh, man, that makes me sad.

oh man, 2 surgeries? Too bad VMart.

They could hold the postseason in January of 2013 and he wouldn’t be ready. Don’t even think about this season. I just hope he comes back next year. Bad news when a hitter has an injury to his base. And those menisci would have acted up this year, so it’s just as well it worked out this way. I just wonder why no one spotted the meniscus damage, especially since it’s medial AND lateral.
Good luck, Victor my main man.

ok just check’n

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