Could Tigers still be in on Cespedes?

Might not want to eliminate the Tigers from the Yoenis Cespedes bidding just yet. Jim Bowden of MLB Network Radio writes on Twitter that the Tigers are one of “six clubs that have been the most serious in negotiations with Cespedes’ agents.”

The Marlins, Cubs, White Sox and Orioles are also in the group, Bowden says.

Cespedes officially became a free agent last week around the same time the Tigers came to agreement with Prince Fielder on a nine-year, $214 million contract. The Tigers have been watching and waiting on Cespedes since last fall, but owner Mike Ilitch’s huge commitment to Fielder as a replacement for injured DH Victor Martinez seemingly put their pursuit into serious question.

Team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski kept his comments guarded on the matter when the question came up after the Fielder press conference last Thursday at Comerica Park.

“I don’t want to say on that,” Dombrowski said. “Most likely [they’re out], but you never can tell.”

The Tigers have been extremely guarded in their comments about Cespedes, which have almost entirely come from up top with Dombrowski. How seriously the Tigers pursue him likely depends on the guy above him, owner Mike Ilitch. After all, it’s his money the Tigers have been spending.

Cespedes is free to talk with teams now that he has established residency in the Dominican Republic. He has still to clear one more hurdle here in the United States, though, before he can sign.

Can the Tigers still fit him into their lineup? Well, if he were to sign with Detroit, they could start him out in the minors while the Tigers lineup gets sorted out, depending on Cabrera at third and Delmon Young in left field or DH. At some point, the Tigers would have some decisions to make, but not necessarily right away.


I just don’t see it, but I also didn’t see Fielder coming either.

Probably not a good fit. lol.

There has been so much speculation on this that it’s nearly impossible to sort it out. I’d assume every club has a dollar/years amount that they won’t go past, but which club and how much? Then there’s Cespedes himself. Maybe he wants to go to Miami, maybe he doesn’t. One can make a convincing argument either way. It will be interesting to see how the signing plays out and even more interesting to see if he was worth all the hoopla.

Box of the game with Andy Dirks giving Leones del Escogido the tittle:
The won game was for roller coaster after a BS.

I’ll say it again, the Tigers need his defense and speed badly. He would be a huge addition. Even if he doesn’t hit like gangbusters out of the gate, his defense and speed will be welcome additions to a team currently barren in both respects.

Love the above box score. Fernando Rodney blows the save and gets the win. Seems familiar somehow

I think Dirks in LF, with Jackson in CF and Boesch in RF makes the outfield D pretty good. For all the talk of Cabrera at 3B and its negative affect on the defense, I think moving Delmon Young to DH and letting Dirks play in the OF makes our D stronger. Also, Dirks could lead off versus RHP and let Jackson slide down in the order.

Against LHP you could start Young or Raburn in LF (I would prefer Raburn).

one of their stated goals this offseason was to improve the athleticism of the roster. it has not occurred. for that reason, doubt the Fielder signing diminishes their interest in Cespedes. of course, all depends on whether the owner’s wallet is still opened and how Young’s future with the club is viewed.
imagine whichever team signs Cespedes will have him start in minors. what will be interesting to see is whether the athlete with upside (Cespedes) will have a better career than a more polished ballplayer like Dirks. it’s a tossup in my opinion at this point.

I disagree, I think Dirks has nice upside and a (small) sample size of major league experience. And I thought he played well in the regular season and post season. Cespedes would have been a no brainer 8 years ago for the Tigers, but now I do not see the benefit, since the Tigers are in win-now mode.

please DD and Mr. -> I don’t do it

I’m entirely ambivalent on this Cespedes business.
I see that Bud Selig is pushing hard to add that additional wild card for this season. This is a really bad idea. I could cite reasons all day but the big one is that you run the risk of making a 98-win team play a single elimination game against an 83-win team. That’s just not right. Not in baseball, anyway.

As long as I know, the two wild card would play against each other .
98 against 85. Detroit – Twins ,1987. Jays with 97 were out of the playoff. That is why there is one wild card.
Said that, I agree with you , one game playoff even among two wild cards is like a coin toss.

I take your point about inequities between teams but it has always been difficult to solve whilst you have 3 divisions in each league.
I like the intent though of making it imperative that you win your Division. I also like making it harder for wild card teams to set their rotation for the playoffs.
Previously, the second east coast team typically had it easy knowing it was playoff bound and also not having to meet its Division winner in the first round which I understand will be able to happen in the new format.
2011 was unusual and amazing for the Rays being able to knock off Bosox in the final night. The theatre that occurred that night as we switched between games was amazing and should be recreated in the sudden death one game format. We all know though the heartbreak that can go with these games ala game 163.

That final night last season was one of those times when you knew you were witnessing a historically amazing moment as you watched. It’s the only time I’ve ever tuned into the game mix channel to watch several games at once.
I think the single wild card game will be fun to watch even if it may be unfair. I’m just afraid that they will add even more playoff teams in the future. Even as it is now, with three divisions in each league, the odds of teams tying for the division are increased and you don’t want to make it confusing like the final couple of weeks of the NFL season becomes (at least no more confusing than that sentence I just wrote). Don’t even know which teams to root for in the NFL playoff picture.

The Cespedes signing makes great sense for the tigers. Just the other day Leyland stated that Young would be playing LF and not so much at DH. By signing Cespedes the Tigers can move Boesch to LF and have Cespedes play in right, upgrading two positions defensively. As the team is currently constructed the tigers will be the worst defensive team in the Majors.

They should also take a long look at moving Peralta to 2nd base and inserting Worth as the SS. Peralta with limited range will not help make up for Cabrera’s defensive liabilities. Or they could trade some of those hot shot prospects for Hanley Ramirez.

The Owner wants to win now and there is little that they can do to help the defense at the corners but they can upgrade up the middle of the infield and at the OF corner spots..
editor at BB America says that Cespedes’ overall rates a 70 on scout’s scale of 80, with moderate risk at not reaching that ceiling. goes on to say that he would be #1 prospect for all teams rumored at pursuing him…including Tigers. views him as prospect in range of #7-15 in all of MLB, higher than Turner who he rates as #23 overall.

Saw that Carlos signed a minor league contract with the mariners?? I’m glad he found a job, but sorry that he only got a minor league contract.

1 million if he makes the team out of STing and he probably will barring injuries. Still a good hitter from both sides. Goes back to the team that drafted him. I hope he has success there.

He was a great player in Detroit for several years. Wish him only the best. And, he gave us some great memories.

Best of luck to Carlos. I still say the guy had such smooth hands at short in his heyday. I used to watch him take fielding practice in Seattle and he was a treat to watch. As a shortstop myself, I really appreciated his talent.
That being said, the Tigers are so good to their players. Players who they overpay when no one else will even consider doing much with them unless they get a bargain signing. Sheffield, Robertson, Ordonez, Inge, and now Carlos are examples of overpaying and over-evaluation. Dontrelle Willis to a lesser extent. Management stuck with these guys, signed them to great contracts, and trumpeted their potential even in the face of diminishing return. Nobody else really wants these guys very badly yet they were always baseball propraganda when justifying their place on the roster. Every Tiger fan really knew in their hearts that their much ballyhooed contributions were amplified. I would not be terribly surprised tos see Inge cut. We have heard how unhappy he is with the MCab situation but the truth is he should be ecstatic. The only reason to keep him on the team is for the odd defensive substitution and as insurance if Cabby bombs.
Personally, I feel Kelly is far more valuable (his 3B defense notwithstancing) and truth be told Worth would likely be more of an overall asset than Brandon.
Dirks should be on this team. I would however be very interested to see what Clete Thomas is able to bring to the table too.
The pretense is gone. Carlos, Ordonez and Inge can no longer be carried. DD (and Illitch) have shown guts and committment in building a good team and not give in to the status quo which deflates enthusiasm in the clubhouse and in the stands.

If Brett Gardner doesn’t go so hard into secondbase or if Carlos hadn’t so bravely stood his ground on the play, the last 1.5 years may have played out better. Not to say Carlos would have been injury-free, but that was a bad one.

I think the Guillen signing makes sense for Seattle. The guy can still hit and Seattle needs a veteran presence. Being a switch hitter makes him even more valuable. As a DH I think Carlos could have a very good year. And Seattle has some young good talent (Smoak, Caspar Wells, Montero).

yea certainly the best of luck to Carlos – he is/was a great hitter. Sometimes I loved his attitude, other times I hated it. I hope he has a healthy season in Seattle!

I probably shouldn’t, but for old times sake, here’s to you, Carlos:

All Night Long!

You were at that game, Kathy? What a night. And morning.

Oh, how I wish I had been at that game. I gave up on that game about 3:00am or so. Just could not believe what happened.

oh you just made me cry a little bit – thanks for sharing that. I will miss him like crazy and will keep an eye on his progress out west.

So the Nats have signed Edwin Jackson. I’ll have to drive up and see one of his starts this summer. Always liked Edwin.

yea good attitude and work ethic. real athlete.

I’ll be honest with you, I’m feeling nervous about this team. This year will be like starting with a new team and guys in new positions and Leyland already saying how much he’s depending on Jackson’s success at lead off. Maybe, I’m still thinking of the past and all the success we’ve had since ’06. How will we do without Victor? idk.

I was at that game. Roger Clemens started against Andrew Miller. Magglio had the night off, Raburn was in right field, Riveria walked two batters so he could strike out Inge, and Chuck bombed one at 3:32am. Easily one of the best nights of my life.

Carlos is great and always one of my favorites, team player good attitude.
Rich I was at a game in which we played the A’s at Comerica and Edwin was the starting pitcher that night. There was nearly a two hour rain delay and wouldn’t you know he cam back out to pitch? Not sure at the time I thought it was smart, but he was very effective and won the game handily.

I was at Baltimore on May 31 of 2009 when Edwin pitched what I thought was his best game of the year. It may have been the best game pitched by any Tiger that year. 3-0 shutout with the usual near-blown save by Rodney. It was won on a Larish double in the 8th. That weekend was also the time we Tiger fans sang out the line “born and raised in South Detroit” so loudly that I’ve never heard the song played during a Detroit at Baltimore game since.
Speaking of Larish and Baltimore, he just signed a minor league deal with them. That was a career that never happened. I thought Jeff’s hitting approach was all wrong and, as I understand it, he wouldn’t take coaching from anyone but his father. Including Al Kaline. Well, good luck to Jeff.

Dirks defeted our team but here is the box:
He showed good speed. He grounded to SS for a fielder choice , but was able to reach 1b.
The second at bat, he singled , stole second and finally scored the first run of the game.
And as already tweeted by Beck had the hit for the winning RBI in the top of the 13 inn.

The game is 6-1 in the top of the six. So here is the report on Dirks:
He is batting in the third spot. 333 in 3 games of the Caribbean Series.
First inn: single.
4th: walk. went to 3b on a single( hit and run) scored the first run of the game.
5th: fielder choice 5-6 ( yes , five- six), the SS got the ball near 2b. Went to 3b on a single . scored a run.
6th: SF ,RBI.
He looks like he is driving the ball to the opposite field, that is odd for a LHB but it will open the huge CoPa´s LF to him. He did it on each AB so it is not that he going with the ball outside and pulling the inside pitches. And the fastball of the pitcher was 92 MPH so he is not late on the swing

Made it 6-5. Spoke too soon. In his last at bat , he pulled the ball for a flyout to second.
1 for 3 . 2 runs scored . 1 RBI

Rumors have it that Penny has signed a one-year deal in Japan. Good for him.

Leones del Escogido assured a tiebreaker game for the champinship. Their magic number is 1
Dirks took home the winning run in the first inning ( groundout to SS). 0 for 3 , 1 RBI. HBP. Picked off.
In the 8th tracked down a fly to the very deep RF ( No one has been able to hit a HR in the series) with the tying run in second
Neftali Pérez ( Detroit 2006, was inducted into the HoF of the Caribbean Series ( He was twice the MVP , last century)

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