Dombrowski rules out Oswalt, rules in Smyly

You might have read on the blog yesterday the quote from Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski saying they’re only likely to go for a non-roster invite if they do add a pitcher to compete for the open rotation. He pretty much repeated that Friday to MLB Network Radio, ruling themselves out of the Roy Oswalt hunt.

“I don’t think we’ll get Roy Oswalt, no,” Dombrowski told host Jim Bowden. “I don’t think that’s a potential. But I do think that we have other guys internally, guys that don’t get much attention at this point, but guys that could fill a fifth starter spot.”

That wasn’t really a surprise, since reportedly Oswalt spurned any interest from the Tigers earlier.’s Jon Heyman reported late Friday night that the Tigers offered Oswalt a one-year, $10 million contract well before they moved aggressively to sign Prince Fielder. Oswalt rejected the offer, even though it supposedly met the agent’s asking price.

Dombrowski again sounded like someone leaning towards letting his organizational products compete for the fifth spot. He gave an extra plug, however, to left-hander Drew Smyly, who won Tigers minor league pitcher of the year honors in his first pro season.

“He was a second-round pick for us a couple years ago,” Dombrowski said, “and a lot of people think that he’s ready to pitch here right now. We’ll see. He pitched very well last year, and also pitched well internationally this wintertime [at the Pan Am Games]. He was the top pitcher on the team there.”

Dombrowski also mentioned Adam Wilk and Duane Below as options if Jacob Turner doesn’t get the job, which was the question Bowden asked.

“Those are the possibilities,” Dombrowski said, “and I also wouldn’t discount signing someone that is a non-roster invitee and bringing him to camp and seeing if they can challenge for it.


Oswald?? Who cares, if he doesn’t want to be here than who cares. That’s a lot of money for a guy that really is riddled with back problems and hasn’t lived up to his end of the bargin.

Oswalt, not Oswald. (my last name is Oswald)

Sorry iPad auto spell correct ges me every time when I’m not paying attention. But thans I do know it’s Oswalt.

10 million dollars and said ‘no’ to Justin Verlander. Oswalt is a real piece of work. Like I said before: I wish him the best of my backaches. Rebuffed Detroit.

Memorable moment from Fielder’s days with Brewers. The “Mayor” even chimes in with his take on Prince breaking one of the unwritten rules of baseball…with comedic effect.

Aybar on the Angels is a marked man this season, but for different reasons. Those Angel-Tiger games will have some added intrigue after last season’s Guillen, Weaver, Verlander, Aybar dramatics and with Fielder/Pujols now in the mix.

Ya gotta love this game. Thanks for that, Woody. I wonder who the chief choreographer was, since Tony Plush wasn’t there yet. Obviously over the top and just as obviously won’t happen here. I do like that little “boxing match” thing Prince does with team mates after a homer.
Hey, who’s going to be the first poor schmuck to hit a walkoff and get beat up at home by both Miguel AND Prince? I saw one once where Cabrera was throwing body shots like Rocky Balboa. Only thing missing was Mickey yelling “go tah da body, go tah da body!”

oh shoot, that is funny, never saw that before. sometimes you just gotta have some fun for the home crowd and that makes me giggle. I do agree that sometimes in sports the celebration gets a little out of hand but I can always appreciate something really creative.

All the talk has been about the bad defense of the Tigers but at the evil empire they have the SS with less range in MLB plus the bionic man´s future in interrogations signs. Bad knees and hip.
The Angels also has a 3b learning the position.Miguel can not be worst than Beltre
So the main rivals of Detroit are worst at 3B

Beltre is the reining gold glove winner.

That is true. My mistake

Even if Beltre fielding average is 957 career. Against 951 by Cabrera( in only three years).

I believe, (and I have been singing this tune for a long, long time now), that Miggy is perfectly capable of playing 3rd. That it will and would have strengthened this team by eliminating it’s weakest offensive link (other than Adam Everett). Miggy’s move from 3rd was one that was deeply influenced by Carlo’s inability to handle the bag at 1st. I have never forgotten the reason that Illitch wanted Cabby and that was as his 3rd baseman.
Cabby is a good basebal player, with pride and a love of the game. He’ll be better than adequate given a little time.

Agree. If nothing else, the season just got a lot more interesting.

He’ll be happier too! Look what a happy Peralta did.

Last year over twenty five guys pitched for the Detroit Tigers. At the start of the season we had our #1 JV , considered 12-11 Max Scherzer our #2, hoped RP would bounce back from a 10-12 season, signed Brad Penny who had an injury the previous season, and tried to move Phil Coke from the bullpen to the rotation.

This year barring injury we have the first four starters set with JV, Doug Fister, Max, and RP with four or five quality candidates to compete for the fifth spot. Yes, the starting rotation looks strong for 2012. It’s possible that two of these candidates could go north with the club and the reality is that perhaps all of them will have a chance to pitch some for us this year.

JV,DF,MS,RP. One post: Turner, Below, Smily, Oliver.Crosby?
JV,JB,OD, PC.Balester (out of options,so one spot is for him or they lose Perry for nothing).With Al on DL. 2 spots for one not able to do the starting rotation, or Schelreth, Pauley,Wilks, Villareal, Downs , Bootcheck,Marte.
is Luis Ayala still available?

guys who are still looking for a spot:
Edwin Jackson, Harden, Garland (coming off injury), Kazmir (perpetually injured), Owings, Penny, Vazquez (may retire), Wakefield, Chris Young (coming off injury), Brandon Webb (perpetually injured)
won’t be surprised if one if these guys ends up in the Tigers’ camp (excluding Penny). Young and Kazmir are lefties.

I wouldnt mind seeing big ed in our rotation again.

I would like to see a lefty! I do like Edwin though.

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