Tigers announce Fielder signing, 2pm press conference

Prince Fielder is officially back in town. The Tigers officially announced the nine-year contract Thursday morning and scheduled a press conference for 2 p.m. at Comerica Park, where Fielder will be introduced and don the Old English D for the first time since he was better known as Cecil Fielder’s son two decades ago.

“Prince Fielder is one of the premier offensive players in the game of baseball, and we are extremely excited to add an all-star caliber player like him to our lineup,” team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski said in a press release. “The addition of Prince is a testament to the organization’s continued commitment to fielding a championship club.”

Both Fielder and Dombrowski are expected to speak at the press conference, which should provide a little more insight about how the Tigers will fit Fielder and Cabrera into the lineup together. Fielder is expected to become Detroit’s primary first baseman this year, with Cabrera getting time at third base, designated hitter and third.

The press conference will be broadcast live on MLB.com and MLB Network.


Jason has a very good article on the site about Scott Boras and the Tigers. I’ve been wanting to bring this up so this is a good time.
Boras was a very good prospect in the Cubs and Cardinals organizations at one time, but a knee injury shelved his career. Just like that, he was out of baseball and unemployed. I have heard him say that his major motivation in becoming an agent was to make sure that what happened to him would not happen to other players. This would explain his dogged approach to getting every drop of compensation that he can squeeze out for one of his clients. He is sometimes irritating, sometimes entertaining, but there’s no doubting that he’s very good at what he does. I’d hire him as my agent.

Well, it’s official. Now we’ll see how this works. Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy to have that bat added to the line-up. However, it once again overloads the Tigers with DH types (Fielder, Cabrera, Martinez, Young) who are slow on the bases. I hope Miguel can handle 3rd base without too many errors or injuries. I guess we should just take one year at a time but it will be another interesting event when Victor returns. Also interesting is where this leaves Inge, Kelly, and Raburn. I suppose this puts Kelly, Raburn and Dirks as potential outfield back-ups. If Santiago does become the 2nd basemen, will that make Inge a utility infielder? How often are you going to want Inge subbing for Cabrera in the late innings? Maybe there will be a trade to clear things up.

Leyland said Inge is not a happy camper and that very few lineups have his name in them. OUCH!

Interesting presser for sure. Really shocked that they aren’t going to ease Miggy into that 3rd base position and are going to put him in there full tilt. I do feel for Brandon, while his bat is very steaky, he’s a good guy.

Inge has had his career here where he might not have had one elsewhere. He’s certainly had an opportunity. It’s a business and that’s the meat of the situation. I hope he settles into the new situation and remains his old goofy self. Nothing lasts forever. If it did, I’d still be a rock hard 25-year old.

If nothing else, the writing has been on the wall for Inge for sometime now. I like the guy, he bleeds the Tigers and Detroit, but his abilities just aren’t good enough anymore to keep his bat in the lineup if we want a team to go all the way. I watch this game wtih an emotional heart so any Tiger that I know loves being here I feel for. I am still crying about the loss of Guillen…

I found it interesting that JL included Thomas in his list of possible lineups. The thing with the lineups, of course, is that we rarely have the same one two days running. I’ve always thought DH should be a flexible position anyway.

Any player transitioning to a full time DH is diminishing both his market value & contribution to the team. I have the gut feeling both Fielder and Cabby want to be out on the field 145+ games

The real INGE question, is (assuming the tigers buy some of his contract) do we get something (read: pitcher) for INGE?

He went unclaimed on waivers last August.

this is true. …hmmmm…..well he DID have a good postseason (.318/.423/.500/.923 with 22abs)…..

I think Inge will remain in Detroit the whole year UNLESS Danny Worth pushes him out as the backup. HIs trade value is low (in fact, I think he is a 10-5 player so he has veto rights) and his contract only has one more year. He could get some starts against left handers.

I was surprised to see Clete during the caravan. Probably giving him another shot during ST or showcasing him. It was iinteresting to hear Mr D talk about how the deal came about and the phone calls from Mr. I. That means on January 20th, the day the caravan stopped at WMU, Mr. D was already aware of the move to get Prince. Miggy’s gonna have to work real hard to get himself in shape for 3rd base. You know the pitchers are probably talking about it amongst themselves. I think Prince and Miguel will get along just fine.

Here’s a possible scenario for next season. Picture this: Miguel is on second and Prince is on first when Victor lines one into the gap. The earth seems to shake as the big men thunder around the bases. Miguel, having read the play perfectly, scores easily and Prince wheels around third as Lamont waves him home. Miguel throws himself to the ground, thus signaling Prince to slide. Prince instead knocks the catcher into next week and scores. Victor, meanwhile, has made the turn at first and retreats to the bag for a single.

Sounds about right!

I think they should play inge a bit at 3rd and a bit of of. He can play just about anything.besides you know somebody will get hurt during the season and his versatility will get him play time. he shouldnt worry worst case he gets a better seat than i can to watch this great game and he gets paid for it.

Read the headlines.

It’s contract year for Brandon Inge, and he won’t be able to enhance his value for
a possible major league contract for next season. I can understand his frustration at not being able to to redeem himself for his mononucleosis dominated year in 2011.

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