Dombrowski: Fielder “probably not a good fit”

Credit Angela Wittrock of for getting Dave Dombrowski to mention Prince Fielder by name during the Tigers’ winter caravan stop Thursday afternoon at the Michigan state capitol in Lansing. He normally doesn’t do that with free agents.

Dombrowski’s answer on the subject went about as expected.

“Of course we’d consider Prince Fielder,” Dombrowski is quoted as saying. “But realistically, it’s probably not a good fit.”

Agent Scott Boras, Dombrowski reportedly said, probably wouldn’t agree to a one-year contract, and that’s the kind of deal the Tigers are seeking to replace Martinez.

“We anticipate Victor Martinez coming back in 2013 and playing at the level he was at last season,” Dombrowski said.

Now, as many of us learned from the Johnny Damon saga two years ago, Boras has a talent for negotiating directly with owners. Dombrowski, you may remember, denied interest in Damon shortly after that rumor popped up, only to have that situation develop after that. But given that experience, it’s hard to imagine Dombrowski making his remarks today without feeling highly confident that’s the universal opinion in the organization.

“I would just say the fit is really not there at this point,” Dombrowski said.

Realistically, if Fielder can get a long-term deal somewhere else, it’s hard to envision him passing it up. And if Boras can take the Tigers’ desire for a one-year fix and tie it to another of his many free-agent hitters, Boras could be in better shape.


If Prince can’t work it out with Texas, the Brewers, the Cubs or others, a one-year, big-money deal with Detroit and let’s try free agency again next year might start sounding appealing. If he’s in front of or behind Cabrera in the batting order he knows he’s going to get gigantic stats.

I think that when or if that became the case, we’ve probably already filled the position by that time. I look to the Nationals to take their big TV deal with MASN and sign Prince.

A trade of Oliver for Carlos Lee, as someone somewhere suggested, is one I’d jump at. However, and if I’m reading it correctly, Lee’s salary for 2012 is like $18.5 mil? I doubt we’d pay all of that.

It’s $19 million, from what I understand. The Astros supposedly could pick up half if they find the right deal somewhere.

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