Victor Martinez suffers knee injury, likely out for 2012

So much for that quiet Tigers offseason. The team announced today that Victor Martinez suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee during offseason workouts. If surgery is required, it’ll likely sideline him for the entire 2012 season.

Dave Dombrowski and head athletic trainer Kevin Rand are scheduled to talk about the injury later this afternoon, so we’ll know more about what the Tigers do from here after that. It paints the Yoenis Cespedes sweepstakes in an entirely different light, and it could put the Tigers in the market for another bat, though likely not on a long-term deal.


Must go after Fielder now. Must.

I wish it were Gino gone instead of Victor.
That’s a big blow.

CRAP………DD better get off his chair and find a replacement. Tigers are in a heap of trouble.

What kind of bat could be gotten for just a year? What a huge blow this is.

god dammit. at least we didn’t lose anyone who can play a defensive position.

oh no, oh no, oh no
I have been enjoying no major drama and now we lose a clutch hitter that protected Miggy.
Not good at all…..

That……….changes everything. Not to mention my favorite guy to watch. There are three players we can’t do without, and Victor is one of them.

Now we will see DD amping things up a bit.
Somebody mentioned Fielder-well, There is a missing DH and Cabby could play some 3rd too. Just saying—in reality we need to get faster and we need someone who is not gonna sucuumb to the pressure of hitting behind Cabby. Not a place for Boesch, AJ or Cespedes. I think it has to be Delmon and you have to bat him cleanup or if JL insists at least bat Boesch 3rd. I think Boesch’s numbers hitting in front of Cabby must be pretty decent.
Changes a lot.
Somebody give the Tigers sliding practice this spring! Please!

What must happen is another acquisition. Imperative and also gives us the chance to get some speed. Athleticism and speed. You keep after the big boys with the big thighs and you are always gonna be suffering injury wise. We should be able to save a little salary and presumably this will attract the moths that are hovering over Illitch’s wallet.

all we need to do is replace a bat. for example carlos pena might do.

i won’t support the tigers if they get manny. i’d rather watch the padres at that point.

I’m crushed!

How is Maggs recovery coming?

yea! seriously!

get. Bobby Abreu.

Carlos Pena was moved once for a reason, he hits homers but his BA is subpar. Vlad G. would be an excellent addition to the Tigers. VG is a free swinging beast that still instills fear into pitchers hearts. If the Tigs choose not to sign another big bat I think Avila could cover Cabrera protection duty just fine, he hit for nearly 300 with power along with an insanely high OBP. I was floored by the news but we are still in a better position than ALL of the other teams in our division.

Better now than a month from now.

Since Young has a great arm but does not cover enough field. Him as DH and look for a LF ? It is more costly but there were talks about a better option for LF

Good idea. LF defense and speed are 2 imperatives. Wouldn’t it be nice to see Andy D turn into a 20/20 guy?
You never know what results from these opportunities. I do know that Mighuel and Tiger fans will benefit from a professional scary hitter behind Cab. Vlad could still do that and probably a lot cheaper than he has been.
Now may be the time to reconsider Hanley Ramirez too.

When I got the text message at work and read it, I almost started crying. OMG, Victor is so vital to our team and his presence in the clubhouse. I’m just sick about it. No one can replace Victor and now we won’t see Little Victor either. Yea, we need a clutch bat for sure, but I don’t think there is anyone out there with the kind of bat and presence that Victor brings. Terrible loss to the team and fans.

Talking of Dirks ,last night he scored three times . The first with a good running ended in a close call that got the pitcher mad.He is at 347 with his team already in the Final. He plays at 7.35 pm( ET ,as long as I know, DR has the same time of the east).

Well AD has some tools. He has some heart and he has some energy. I think he was a little subdued last year. Give me a guy with the enthusiasm of a Brent Lawrie anyday. We need that injuction of life into this team. You can’t all be seasoned veterans composed, cool and collected all the time.
Let a guy like Andy loose. Last chance for Strieby. Be of secondary interest to see how he performs this spring.
This team needs a genuine ball player to be brought in to offset (to what degree possible) the loss of VMart. And I am not sure where VMart was more important–in the clubhouse or on the field.

Well. A major signing is absolutely neccessary now. We have already seen what happens when cabby isnt protected. He gets walked and our team doesnt drive him in. So 2 options are presented. 1st sign prince fielder as a dh. 2nd move delmon young to dh and go after a fast outfielder that hits at least .300. Cespedes may fit that bill and would be a game changer for us but at great cost. Which option makes more sense. Well cespedes does for the club as a whole. But i dont see the club making that kind of investment. So we may end up a struggling ball club for all of 2012. Glad i havent bought my tickets yet.

Realistically speaking, our team as it now stands can finish over .500. That’s as far as I’ll go. Victor is irrreplaceable when you consider all that he brought to this team, and not just on the field.
We’ll need a major bat to make up for his offense. Prince is not coming here. Cespedes doesn’t even figure into this conversation. Bad Vlad is intriguing but I don’t see it working out. They’d have to make a trade that would cost prospects, and you know which ones. They could sign Ordonez back, but JL would have to keep him out of RF and they’d probably have to replace Lamont at third (that’s not a joke).
I don’t see us as favorites to win the Central. Not saying we won’t, but it’s up in the air now. We just couldn’t be rewarded with a second season of prosperity, could we?
Mr. Dave is going to have to pull one out of his hat. The “quiet” offseason is a thing of the past.

agreed on all fronts rich!

Vladimir Guerrero – Type B, no arbitration offer…..does that still mean we need to trade anything tho…..or just a draft pick.
what about derek lee – his bat is still legit and he’s in the same situation as Vlad, right?

agree that Fielder is not an option due to expense and length of contract. i believe they’ll sign an OF. some mention earlier in the offseason of getting a new leadoff hitter, unfortunately, the only leadoff type OF available (that I know of) on the FA market is Pierre. replacing Martinez’ offense with Pierre would be a huge dropoff. a lefty hitter would help give the lineup some balance. lefties out there are Pierre, Damon, Matsui, Ibanez. it’s possible they could go after an overpaid vet in trade, a salary dump move for another team.

Can Alfonso Soriano still hit?

Not one of those guys mentioned do much for me! None of them compare to V-Mart! That being said is there anyone out there that can compare?

abreu rub you the right way (.353 OBP)?

.390 career. he could solve your leadoff problem.

Obviously they don’t need to bring in a DH to replace a DH but Abreu is the type of player that might work. Lefthanded, too. And, since Johnny Damon’s name has been brought up, let’s take a serious look. He’s a leadoff hitter, lefthanded. I thought JL made a mistake using Jackson at leadoff over Damon in 2010.
Kind of crazy, I know, but it’s a kind of crazy situation. We need a guy for one year.

Thankfully JL doesn’t believe in “chemistry”. If he did it would signal real trouble.
DD already needed to find a big impact player before this happened. He needs to get very creative now.

I think Delmon will likely become the DH used by JL the most. Provided there are no acquisitions. Realistically, there has to be an acquisition though.
I have often wondered why not switch Boesch and Young in the field. Boesch covers more territory and Young should be able to cover RF better than LF. His arm for the position is certainly adequate.

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