January 16th, 2012

Tigers avoid arbitration with Porcello, Coke

Expect most of the Tigers’ arbitration cases to get settled this week, and Rick Porcello and Phil Coke are the first, agreeing to terms on one-year deals.

Porcello will be paid $3.1 million. Coke gets $1.1 million, with another $50,000 possible in bonuses — $25,000 each for 65 or 70 games pitched, or $25,000 each for 15 or 25 games started. Don’t read anything into the starting bonuses.

Porcello was eligible for arbitration for the first time as a super-2 player, not getting the three full seasons to be eligible under traditional rules but having enough time short of three seasons to qualify. He has four more seasons before he’s eligible for free agency, so the motivation to sign him to a long-term deal was minimal. Recent history shows those deals usually get done when a pitcher is two years away from free agency, though Gio Gonzalez’s recent deal with the Nationals makes you wonder if the Tigers would’ve done the same thing with him had they pulled off a trade for him.

The Tigers have four arbitration cases left with Phil Coke, Max Scherzer, Delmon Young and Don Kelly. Young’s case figures to be the most intriguing, being eligible for a third time and coming off a season that had a rough start but a strong finish, with a trade in between.