Yoenis Cespedes lays out his market

Dionisio Soldevila, a reporter in the Dominican Republic, set the Twitterverse aflutter this morning (OK, just the baseball corner) with a quote from Cuban outfielder Yoenis Cespedes. The teams with more interest in him, Cespedes said, are the Marlins, Cubs, White Sox, Orioles, Detroit and the Indians.

That surely isn’t the extent of the market for him. Expect at least another team or two to emerge from the quiet that has come over the Cespedes market while everybody waits for his Dominican residency to be granted and for Major League Baseball to declare him eligible for free agency after that. It could be Jan. 15, as MLB.com Marlins reporter Joe Frisaro suggested last week. It could be later.

Marlins president David Samson told a Miami radio station that his team would be “aggressive right to the point of stupidity, but not quite there.” Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski, meanwhile, has kept his comments limited almost to the point of silence on Cespedes. Essentially, they mean the same thing.

Here’s a story on the site about the Tigers and the waiting game they’re playing on Cespedes. It also gets into the debate over what happens next if the Tigers do sign him.


Well, they can wait without me.
Former Tiger news: Adam Everett has taken a non-playing job with Cleveland. I always liked Adam. Unfortunately, his most famous moment in Detroit may have been when JL used him as a pinch hitter with the game on the line in Boston a few years ago. That may have been Jim’s single most silly in-game move since he got here.
Boras is trying to get Edwin Jackson multiple years at a healthy salary. Can’t say as I blame Boras/Jackson for this. Seems that Edwin might want to stay with the same team for more than five minutes? Good luck, Edwin.

If there’s any free agent this offseason who truly needs a no-trade clause, it’s E-Jax.

From what I’ve seen and read the Marlins are already over the line of stupid without Cespedes even being in the conversation. They better hope their stadium fill up which neither Florida team has shown they’ve been able to do. Fire sale coming in 2 years.

Did you see what the Yankees have done? I mean…what is Seattle thinking? Giving up a pitcher for a catcher…no matter how great he is I would never give the Yankees that much ammo..they’re gonna be tough for the Tigers to get through this year.

Yes, I read what the Yankees did. Loaded up on pitchers. We got ourselves a nice pitcher from Seattle last year…Mister Fister. If you can’t get an upgrade at 2nd or 3rd, then restock the BP. The Yankees and Rangers are gonna be tough to beat; lthough I’m not as high on Darvish as some other folks.

Edwin jackson still only able to put together a half of a good season, or has he fixed his ‘second half’ woes?

The Yankees deals demonstrate how quickly a “quiet” offseason can change. They put together a formidable rotation in one day.
For those who wanted Martin Prado, my guess is he’ll be available during the season, especially if one of our infield platoons becomes problematic. Atlanta, as always, will want pitching.

The deal makes an ex Marlin available. They have enough pitching for two teams

MLBTradeRumors says Tigers interest in Garza is overstated. Now we’ve got headlines refuting the headlines. Fun stuff. We’ve become a playoff caliber team and are required to provide headlines. Nothing will beat the time a few years ago when it was reported as fact that Jack Wilson had been acquired by Detroit. I’m still waiting for Jack to pass his team physical on that one.

Well playoff calibre we are. Championship calibre is another step to make. Will DD have the temerity to make that step? Will Illitch?
This team as is should, and I emphasize “should” win the Central but as we saw against the Rangers (and almost against the Yankees), the team is not quite strong enough for the Big Carrot.
We had some unexpected and fantastic years fro some our players. You can’t count on that happening. We still have shortcomings with team speed and defensively and with the pitching. Though I do feel we are close with the bullpen we have and with the rotation.
Platooning 2 arrangements in the infield is a recipe for disaster. A strong team can compensate for one platoon arrangement—no way can it handle two.
I hope DD is sandbagging. He is a clever baseball man and my fingers are crossed he has something up his sleeves under his striped shirt.

Cespedes is not getting any results at the plate so far in the Dominican League. Evidently been awhile since he’s faced competition. Dirks has put up some good stats in the same league…and is a bit younger than Cespedes. Which guy will be more valuable in the next 3 seasons?

At the official Dominican Republic League web, we can watch him during the game. I agree with you about Dirks

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