Nothing going on with Tigers on Garza

Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski told the Detroit News “nothing has changed” in regards to his remarks from last week on the Tigers’ approach to starting pitching and their prospects, despite recent rumors. Another source told Tuesday that there’s nothing going on with the Tigers in regards to Cubs right-hander Matt Garza.

MLB Network and’s Peter Gammons had similar sentiments Tuesday night on Hot Stove.

“I’m told it’s not going to happen,” Gammons said of a potential Garza deal to Detroit. “I mean, the Cubs are interested in talking with the Tigers. I’m told the Tigers have said, ‘We’re not going to do it.'”

Former Reds and Nationals general manager Jim Bowden, now a host on MLB Network Radio, suggested on that the Tigers could get a deal done for Garza if they included top positional prospect Nick Castellanos with Turner, their top pitching prospect. The Tigers were not willing to include them both in a package to the A’s for Gio Gonzalez, on whom they had serious discussions and seemingly valued more.

“Now, they won’t even do Turner for Garza,” Gammons continued. “In fact, the Tigers staff is saying to the front office, you know what, we can open the season with Turner as the fifth starter and see what happens.”

Gonzalez, whom Oakland traded to Washington last month, is four years away from free agency, as well as left-handed. Garza, a right-hander, has just two years left before he can hit the open market. Detroit’s rotation currently has four right-handers: Justin Verlander, Doug Fister, Max Scherzer and Rick Porcello.


Don’t know what’s fueling those Garza rumors from the media, unless we’re in talks with the Cubs about entirely different players. At best, it has sparked discussion over our own pitching prospects and has kept the hot stove at least warm.

The “rumor” came from a guy named Dave Kaplan, out of Chicago. Not one other source reported on this rumor except to repeat this guys info. The same tweet, retweeted over and over all originating from Dave Kaplan’s tweet.
Turner doesn’t float my boat, either, unless he can pitch like Fister. Maybe he’ll surprise me this spring.

Turner is a kid. Give the guy a chance to get some experience and step up. Spot starts are not a great sample size. I wouldn’t give him up for Garza straight up at the moment, let alone Turner and some other guys. DD is a bright guy who doesn’t always get the credit he deserves from his fan base. We don’t need huge moves in winter, but I’d love to see something in the infield. Sure would have liked that Prado deal with ATL, or the Cuban stud outfielder.

It has taken us years to develop team leaders with talent and experience to match. Team chemistry is impossible to hold and far too easy to lose.
It has taken years for DD to get ahead of the curve and the few missing pieces must be acquired without upsetting the applecart. A 4th or 5th starter can be achieved in due time.

Leland has finally won me over with his winning games creates chemistry philosophy.

One thing I’d suggest is that the recent movement in the division affords the Tigers some patience with their young starters. They can win their division with Turner at the 5. They can swing a deal at the deadline for another starter if they want to ramp up for the postseason and if Turner isn’t cutting it.

Good call, Jason. Very rational and smart. Keep up the good work man!

We need a lefty starter not Matt Garza!

It would be nice, but not necessary. Teams have won without a lefty.
And, as far as team chemistry is concerned, Curtis Granderson was a team leader with talent andd experience. It still kills me that he’s gone. Someone like Curtis only comes along once in a blue moon. That’s taking into account his entire makeup, not just baseball skills. What a loss to Detroit. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!1

//We need a lefty starter not Matt Garza!//

Not as much now as in the past. Off the top of my head, I can think of three lefty hitters who have left the AL Central for the NL (Thome, Quentin, Kubel). The less left-handed hitters the Tigers have to face, the less of a need for a left-handed starting pitcher.

this brief comment from twitter by one of the editors of Baseball America:

jimcallisBA Jim Callis
Turner, without hesitation. @exposfan1998: Turner or Porcello? #Tigers

it’s early, but I think the 5th starter spot will go to Below with Smyly as the darkhorse. Smyly seems like he’s coming on quick…had a stellar performance for Team USA in the late fall.

Smyly does seem like a candidate.
I totally agree with DD on Turner. You have to trust your staff to give you the goods when they are as insistent as they have been with Turner’s talent. I think the key for this year will be if we can stand another guy on the mound every 5th day that is bettrer than Penny. That should not be too difficult.
Below, Smyly, Turner or a veteran in trade should fill the bill.

Penny’s contribution was in not using up the bullpen too much. These youngsters will have to slot in front of Verlander this year. That wasn’t necessary with Brad. And you always need a long man in reserve for Scherzer’s starts.
I still think one of the infield platoons needs to be addressed, but I’m not seeing how to accomplish that without a major transaction.
Just finished watching the end of “Major League” for about the millionth time. Man, that’s a fun movie.

Spring training usually brings out a player or two that raises some eyebrows about making the big league club. Brandon Douglas or Justin Henry making the team could be a nice suprise. I’d like to see what they do with Casey Crosby this season. If he doesn’t make the jump this year…well, not sure if he ever will. Think spring, Tiger fans.
^^^yeah, I end up watching ‘Major League’ about 100 times in the offseason, too, and many other baseball movies!!^^^
‘Minoring In Baseball’

Twitter: @MinorBaseball

Field of Dreams always makes me cry and I still watch it at least once a year and Major League.
But, come fall, I never miss North Dallas Forty. Still enjoy it to this day and the soundtrack.

The closest thing DD will get to a gift this year is perhaps Wandy Rodriguez. I believe Houston is offering him up and willing to pay some of his salary. He is a LHP who can throw you 190 to 200 innings. Been a .500 pitcher with a below average ball team. Decent strikeout and hits allowed to innings pitched ratios.
Houston needs power.

good point. that’s a lot of money to eat tho …..
Delmon and Strieby for Wandy?

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