Up next on Conan: MLB superstar Justin Verlander

Justin Verlander’s offseason has included award presentations, an MLB Network stint or two and his face on a video game. The late-night talk show circuit was the next logical spot.

As you might have heard over the weekend, Verlander will be a guest on Conan Wednesday night, part of a trip to Los Angeles that includes some promotional stuff for 2K Sports MLB 2K12. The show starts at 11pm ET on TBS, which had a couple hours’ worth of Verlander back in October for Game 3 of the AL Division Series. Not sure when Verlander will be on; Jack McBrayer of 30 Rock is the other guest that night. Should be interesting to see Verlander chat it up in a non-baseball format.

In case you’re wondering, Verlander will NOT be the first Tiger to be a late-night talk show guest. According to this list on epiguides.com, Alan Trammell was a guest on Late Night with David Letterman on Oct. 29, 1984, two weeks after the Tigers won the World Series. I can’t find an episode guide for The Tonight Show back when Johnny Carson hosted, so I don’t have an answer that far back. Jack Morris was also a guest on Letterman after the 1991 World Series, but he was a Twin by then.


I’m sure justin will impress anyone who has not gotten to know him yet. On another note, what is the deal with the arbitration tigers (Delmon, Porcello, Max, Coke, Kelly, etc.)? When shall we hear what the progress is…

Players and teams exchange numbers Jan. 18. That triggers a lot of deals to get done, since both sides can find a midway point.

perfect – thanks.

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