Could the Cespedes wait finally be over?

Our Marlins reporter, Joe Frisaro, cites an industry source saying Cuban outfielder Yoenis Cespedes will have his residency established in the Dominican Republic on Jan. 15, which will allow him to officially become a free agent and allow teams to talk to his agent, Adam Katz. That said, previous expected dates have come and gone, so it’s more of a hope than anything right now.

The Marlins are expected to take part in the bidding, as are the Tigers. The process, however, is a little different than standard free agency. According to another blog post on the Sun-Sentinel web site out of Fort Lauderdale, interested teams will submit sealed bids to Major League Baseball, which will then forward them to the agent. From there, teams can raise their bids. Cespedes is still free to accept whichever offer he wants, but with MLB as a middle man, the process is a little different.

How long that process will take is anyone’s guess, but it’s going to make for an interesting process, culminating with a team winning his rights and then having to adjust the roster on the fly as spring training nears.


And he may be well worth waiting for.
I remember Illitch saying something about ” can you imagine this team with another big bat in the lineup?”. Well let’s see if he is gonna back that talk up.
Cespedes could well be a bargain if you compare his salary to guys like Inge, Guillen, Ordonez. Now I am not talking experience or production here, only a salary comparison.
Now speaking of Carlos and Magglio–not a whole lot on the rumour front with those guys. I’m a little surprised.

Damon doesn’t have a job yet, either. Another Boras client.

How can you be surprised about Carlos and Maggs? Neither one can pass a “team physical”. The best either can hope for is a spring training invite. It took Grant Hill 7 years to heal from a broken ankle, Maggs doesn’t have 7 years.

They probably haven’t been able to pass a real physical since 2009. While I have love for them, it’s the kinda love i have for a family pet which has gotten too old and now requires lots of extra care.

I have Cespedes going to the Marlins. They have more motivation to sign him for big money, despite their payroll. Survival is a strong motivator.
I doubt Scott Boras is the reason Damon doesn’t have a job yet. The timing of the CBA has altered the way this winter is going, IMO. And it’s only January 7, by the way.

The trend in recent years for veterans has been going out by the backdoor, without any kind of official homage. Bernie Williams, that Chisox that used to destroy Detroit and whose name I don’t want to remember , Pedro Martínez , Barry Bonds..
The CBA make veterans cheaper with the new compensation rules avoiding cases like Varitek´s two years ago. Nobody wanted to sign him because he was a Type A FA but nobody wanted to lose a draft pick for him . Of course, compensation also enhanced the worth of rental players and veterans if they were able to perform .
Also the new rules will mean less American players available. For Latin-Americans players the situation won’t change , less money won’t deter then from signing when they really need the money and have no other way out. So veterans will be have more chances in years to come.

Your last paragraph is so true, El Tigre. Baseball is the US is mostly played by upper middle class type families. There is a slight chance we may see less affluent high school players being drafted in the US.

When it comes to filling out yur team needs names are bandied about with abandon, injuries or not. So yes, I am surprised still. They seemed good enough to cause roster consternation for our club.

Just read Jorge Posada is retiring. Nice career. Solid individual.
Kicked our ass more than anyone in the playoffs.

So the refs are not only against Tigers, also against Lions and Pistons(2006, after destroying LeBron in the first game of the playoff)

I’ve seen all the referees and umpires mistakes until it literally makes me sick. Just so many endless and obvious bad calls. It’s ruining the game and and the outcomes of games in some instances.

The quick whistle and the bad spot changed the game entirely. Could have come down to a final possession otherwise.
TBS in their excellent ALDS coverage zoomed in on Posada as the Tigers celebrated the series win. No comment made by the announcers, none needed. Jorge goes back to those Yankee teams I actually liked.

mlb is serving as the “middle man” between the player’s agent and the teams? seems a bit peculiar, not sure if this is standard operating procedure for negotiations with Cuban refugees.

anyway one of the links includes this interesting bit:

“The latest speculation has Cespedes seeking up to a six- to-eight-year deal for as much as $6 million to $8 million per year. That could push the total package to nearly $65 million, which likely would eliminate the Marlins from the process.”

can’t imagine any team willing to go 8 years (through age 34), for a player who has never played organized baseball in the US. even Ichiro’s initial contract with Seattle was a 3 year deal. Red Sox did go to 6 years for Matsuzaka, but that has proven to be a poor decision. tough call for the GM. might be better off with shorter term and higher signing bonus.

If i were a betting man, i would bet Cespedes is going to be one of the largest mistakes since Dice K

Whatever value you place on the Cuban or whatever he now is as a player, you would have to apply a significant discount to factor in not being exposed to the grind of an 8 month season, the constant travel away from family and getting established in a new country.
Unless the contract is heavily incentive laden, definitely not worth the risk.

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