Cabrera pleads no contest in Florida case

In case you missed it, here’s the story from the site on Miguel Cabrera’s no-contest plea in his case stemming from his arrest in St. Lucie County, Fla. last February. He’ll pay a fine and court costs amounting to about $1400 put together, plus serve a year of probation and 50 days hours community service.

The statement from Cabrera’s attorney, Michael Kessler, put the decision to settle squarely on Cabrera to avoid the trial dragging into spring training. The trial was supposed to start next Monday, but Kessler cited new material from the prosecution as reason for a delay. Once that became clear, Cabrera accepted a deal that was supposedly on the table since last fall.

“Miguel Cabrera is determined not to allow this to go on any further,” Kessler’s statement read. “He wants this behind him before the start of Spring Training. For that reason, and for that reason only, Miguel Cabrera asked me to settle this case today. The case was resolved this afternoon with a negotiated settlement, accepted by both sides and approved by the trial court judge.”

Here is the statement from the Tigers: “Miguel Cabrera has kept the organization informed on this personal matter, and we fully support his decision.”


That’s good. What’s bad is the stinking Detroit FreePress has seen fit to post the 30 minute police footage on their site.
Let’s all be decent and not watch it. I mean really, what is the point of that now?
We can all presume that Miguel is a better person now than he was 11 months ago and just hope for the best for him and his fans.


Hey everybody makes mistakes – especially when we are young; take care of the repercussions, learn from the experience and move on. 50 days community service isn’t going to be fun.

50 hours of community service. It was right in the story, but I had it wrong on the blog. Fixed.

big difference – lol. 50 hours isn’t so bad. I once did community service with MARLIN JACKSON (SS/CB for UM, caught interception to win SB a few years back for the Colts) via the washtenaw county system. It was like an organized thing where you went some where in a van with other people doing community service. We went to the firestation (dexter/chelsea) to wash firetrucks…..all the firemen just had him sign tons of gear – that’s all he did – just sign autographs for firemen. He was a nice guy tho – and for the record he said he punched that kid at a party, not hit him with a bottle.

Porcello is a Tiger because he had Boras as agent when drafted. He is no more his agent but the contract Boras devised will cost the Tigers 3 more millions ,more or less.

So far as I know, all draft contracts allow the player to opt for arbitration if he’s eligible. Turner’s contract has the same clause, as did Verlander’s deal out of the draft, as did Andrew Miller’s first contract. It’s standard, even for guys who aren’t Boras clients. If Porcello hadn’t gotten a Major League contract out of the draft, he would’ve been eligible anyway. The idea that Porcello got a special deal to “opt out” of his contract is a technicality at best.

for such a simple game – the business side of the sport sure is complicated

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