Tigers sign Eric Patterson to minor-league deal

Add another bit of speed infusion to the Tigers’ training camp. Detroit has signed second baseman/outfielder Eric Patterson to a minor-league contract with an invite to spring training. Matt Eddy of Baseball America first reported the deal on Twitter.

The Tigers will be the fifth organization in as many years for Patterson, who has bounced between the Padres, Red Sox, A’s and Cubs since 2008. But he has seen playing time in the big leagues at each stop, including 47 games and 103 plate appearances with the Padres last year.

At no point, however, has he been a big offensive option. Only once in that stretch has he hit better than .214 in the big leagues, and he batted .180 (16-for-89) for the Padres last year with two doubles, a triple, two homers and eight RBIs. He does, however, draw a good number of walks.

Patterson, who turns 29 in April, has been a stronger option at Triple-A, though he struggled there in limited time last year. He hit .307 with 29 doubles, 11 triples, 12 homers, 56 RBIs and 52 walks in 2009 for Triple-A Sacramento, good for an .870 OPS. He batted .253 for Triple-A Tucson last year in 51 games with 12 doubles, four triples, three homers and 14 RBIs.

The depth signing is an indication the Tigers are just about set at second base with Ramon Santiago and Ryan Raburn. They could still change course if something comes up, but right now that would be a surprise.


another big whooptie do for the tigers and dave dombrowski this off season. I have seen no improvement to this team.

i see nothing but improvement. Where did we get worse?

What no improvement? Brad Penny is gone, as is Carlos Guillen and Magglio.
Their replacements are an automatic improvement. VMart is no longer beating himself up catching. Dotel gives you an extremely reliable 7th inning RHP.
I agree we have not improved a couple of areas of deep concern. Another everyday infielder who can lead off (and run) and relieve the pressure that AJ has wilted under.
3B is a scary scenario right now. I see Kelly as the favorite there to eventually get the job. I’m not wild about that either. Raburn and Ramon at 2B is less scary but not a premium solution either. I still see a huge move for a guy like Hanley which moves Peralta to 3rd. JP had a phenomenal year. I don’t see it repeating. Especially defensively.

I agree. Hey i don’t see either of the 3B or 2B situations being WORSE than last year..

Dotel does nothing for me, just a ho hum signing! Sorry, the only signing I like is laird as a back up catcher!

what – lmao – come on GK, he is now our BEST middle innings reliever against righties. how can that possibly be irrelevant? -> unless you assume he has a bad season this year, then, touche sir.

Brad Penny is gone and they still have to replace him and from what Mr D. says it is not going to be Turner. They have to get another pitcher.

I don’t think Turner has been ruled out. I think some have speculated that. The Tigers’ stance has been to have a competition there so that it’s not simply Turner’s spot to lose. It’s kind of like re-creating a bit of the Porcello scenario from 2009 camp.

At this point in time, it sounds like a platoon situation for the #5 spot. And, it just may end up being that way. I sure hope not, though.

adam everett changed his name to eric patterson?

217/.294/.637 Eric Patterson
Guess who owns the first line


235/.305/.692 Brndon Inge
217/.294/.637 Eric Patterson

IMO it isn’t death to have one .240 hitter with some power batting in the 8th spot – as long as his defense is good.

OT. I’ve really been enjoying watching MLB network and reliving the top plays of the 2011 season and post season. We got quite a few Tigers in those highlights. Clubhouse Confidential is turning out to be one of my favorite shows on the network and I’m really not a saber type of person, but they present the numbers so that even a simpleton can pretty much understand.
You know what really bothers me most? Joe Torre leaving MLB. There have been rumors that Mr. D would be a great person for David Stern’s job. Mr. I is getting up there and Mr. D possibly leaving? I would hope Mr. Avila would step in as GM and the Ilitch family remain owners. Mr. Ilitch and Mr. Dombrowski are some of the best. Guess I’m putting the cart in front of the horse. Spring Training can’t get here soon enough for me. Go Tigers!!!!!!!

Make that Bud Selig. Sorry about that. I’ve been watching the Pistons lately.

How about a veteran long reliever that can spot start? Or, we have 3 young guns going after the 5th spot. I will keep saying, I like our team! Go Tigers! Oh, El Tigre, Adam Everett, i liked him too.

No,it was Brandon Inge career line

It may be hard to accept, but this is already a good team that will arrive in Lakeland in a few weeks. They could sign Joe Saunders to a one-year deal, but Joe will want more than that. I’ve lobbied for Santiago to get more starting time for years, so I’d be quite a hippocrit if I complained about the secondbase situation. Besides, Ramon and Raburn are role players and all good teams have those types. Thirdbase is more interesting. I think Kelly’s major value lies in his absolute versatility and I wouldn’t be surprised if Inge ends up with the majority of starts. One-liners aside, that’s not the worst thing that could happen. If I had to guess, I’d say we may pick up a thirdbaseman somewhere, either before ST or during the season.
We’re dealing from a position of strength. The clubs making all the headlines this winter are not.
Let’s just say I’m not planning any overseas trips in October, as I did in 2008.

the 2nd and 3rd to last sentences hit the nail on the head

Joe can get a multi-year deal…..and GOOD because i want to see these young men compete for the 5th spot.

I think Below has a better chance at 5th spot. LHP , and did well as starter.

Below has a great chance – in fact, I think that is why we traded perry for that long reliever (can’t remember his name)….so we didn’t have to feel like we needed Below to be the long man in the pen.

I like Below. He just needs things to go his way a little. Wasn’t it that game in KC when he was peppering the strike zone and the umpire wouldn’t call anything a strike? That night it was like a million degrees?

Well, Rick looked pretty good on “hot stove”. I love when they showed him throwiing Youk to the ground.
Look where this ‘ol girl is going to be January 20th:
The last time the Tigers made it to the west side of the state was in ’07 at WMU and my camera didn’t work. C-Mo and Brandon were there along with Dan Dickerson and about 5 other guys. 30′ feet away and I didn’t get one picture. Not this time, though. Oh, man, Rugburn, up and personal. Mr. D will be there, too. They asked me if I was a graduate of WMU (I’m not) but my brother is. The grads probably get a table closer to the front. I’m just so excited even though I’m scheduled to work that day and just begged my boss for the day off. Go Tigers!!!!!!

And, happy to see Miggy get that business out of the way. Pled no contest. Took my advice ……ha, ha ha.

That’s good. What’s bad is the stining Detroit FreePress has seen fit to post the 30 minute police footage on their site.
Let’s all be decent and not watch it. I mean really, what is the point of that now?
We can all presume that Miguel is a better person now than he was 11 months ago and just hope for the best for him and his fans.

What, did they run out of Lindsay Lohan footage? I’m sure they could dig up some Charlie Sheen to run also. Man, let it go, Freep.

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