Dombrowski: Tigers aren’t shopping Turner, not talking starters

Though the Tigers have been linked in rumors with talks on Cubs right-hander Matt Garza, team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski said Detroit has no trade talks ongoing on any starting pitchers.

And while Dombrowski won’t call any of his top prospects untouchable, a term he rarely uses on anybody, he had it clear they aren’t looking to deal Jacob Turner. That doesn’t mean Turner isn’t available for the right deal, but it indicates they aren’t going out and shopping him for a veteran starter.

At this point, Dombrowski said, the Tigers haven’t reversed course on their plans to go after a fifth starter to compete with prospects such as Turner, Drew Smyly and Andy Oliver.

“Our plan hasn’t changed,” Dombrowski said. “We’re in a situation where we really have been consistent all along. We like our young guys. We feel that one of them will step up and be our fifth starter. Somehow [our approach] has been mistaken.”

Dombrowski said the Tigers have not called about any starting pitchers on the trade market. Any conversations on veterans starters, he said, have been initiated by other club.

“We are not looking,” he said. “There are some guys that are out there and are very good and clubs haved called us about them. But we have four veteran starters, and sometimes you have to break in young pitching.”

They’ll still listen, he said, but they’re not looking. And the inquiries that have been made, he said, haven’t gone far.

“Probably the only guy we had serious conversations on was Gio Gonzalez,” he said, “and we just weren’t prepared to pay the price. Other than that, we really haven’t talked about a starting pitcher.”

Dombrowski also said Al Alburquerque’s recent elbow surgery won’t put them in the market for another reliever. They signed Octavio Dotel knowing that Alburquerque was dealing with off and on injuries. Dombrowski didn’t rule out re-signing Joel Zumaya if he accepts a minor-league contract, but that nothing has changed on that front either.


I like our young pitchers also. Wow, calling Porcello a veteran. Yes! Other than watching the Lions in the Big Easy, when does Spring Training start!

Tigers haven’t announced the dates yet, but the teams that have are generally having pitchers and catchers report around President’s Day weekend in mid-February.

i hear zumaya is probably going to the padres.

Going with youngsters is fine with me. Just shows how highly regarded Turner is, that he drew all that interest.
Porcello has three seasons under his belt, has pitched in a tight pennant race, a game 163, and two postseason series. Yeah, he’s a veteran.
DD doesn’t make a lot of public statements, but he’s usually pretty straightforward when he does. Some people were frustrated when he’d reveal that they didn’t bid on this player or that player, but I was happy to have that information. Good to know what’s going on.

Thanks for the report and thenew heading Jason.
I too am happy enough with the “annunced” approach by DD. He is saying and doing the right thing.
Now, as far as a speed burner middle infielder who can lead off?

Eric Patterson? Just kidding. But at this point, word is they’re set at middle infield unless something totally falls in their lap.

I was on vacation for most of December once the winter meetings wrapped up, which is why the blog wasn’t updated for a while. I probably should’ve mentioned that in the blog, but that would’ve involved working while I was on vacation.

my guess is that they’ll make 2 further moves sometime before opening day…one for a 3B, as I don’t see them being content with a Kelly/Inge platoon…the other for a mediocre at best veteran starting pitcher in the twilight of his career who will accept a one year deal (Kevin Millwood? Jamie Moyer?)
in the FA pool, you’ve got guys like Eric Chavez, Casey Blake, Bill Hall, Omar Vizquel, Jeff Keppinger, Greg Dobbs…are any of those a better fit than Inge for his roster spot? i have no idea…this is where the organization’s major league scouts earn their pay.

Dobbs just re-signed with Marlins. Lot of questions with the other guys. If Blake was a few years younger, he’d be really appealing.

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