Tigers trade Perry to Nats for Collin Balester

Hours after the Tigers’ signing of Octavio Dotel left Ryan Perry as a man without a role, he became a former Tiger. Detroit sent the former first-round pick to the Nationals Friday night in exchange for Collin Balester.

“Acquiring Collin Balester from the Nationals today adds another good arm to our organization,” team president/general manager Dombrowski said in a statement. “He has shown the ability to pitch multiple innings out of the bullpen in the past, a role we are looking for him to fill for our club in 2012.”

Perry was the centerpiece of a reliever-heavy Tigers draft in 2008, a hard-throwing right-hander who was the setup man of the future, if not a potential closer. But after he made the team out of camp the next spring, he never really found the consistency to hold down a role.

Dotel’s signing took away any chance Perry had for the seventh-inning role. He has down the long relief role before, but if the Tigers were going to sign a swing starter anyway, Perry was a man without a job.

Perry went 2-0 with a 5.35 ERA for Detroit this past season, allowing 39 hits over 37 innings with 21 walks and 24 strikeouts. His career stats in three seasons as a Tiger included a 5-6 record, 4.07 ERA, 82 walks and 129 strikeouts over 161 1/3 innings.

Balester went 1-4 with a 4.54 ERA for the Nationals this past season, striking out 34 batters over 35 2/3 innings. He went 2-1 with a 4.35 ERA at Triple-A Syracuse, with 46 strikeouts over 39 1/3 innings.

Perry was one minor league option remaining, so the Nationals don’t necessarily have to keep him on the big league roster out of camp. Balester is out of options.


Well, I would have hoped for more in a Perry deal. Reminds me somewhat of the Sizemore trade. Purcey, btw, has signed a minor league contract with the Phillies.

There have been the offsetting clunkers in DD’s history of transactions. He generally seems pretty sharp though. Sometimes you have to recognize that keeping a guy in the organization is not necessarily going to work out in time.
DD really needs to work on the platoon type infield he is proposing to go into next season with.

That make us wonder again, why the short leash for Sizemore, Perry, Monroe and many more but Raburn is still there…

Monroe!?! That guy had a OBP of .264, had no speed and played worse LF than Delmon Young! shoooooot, after we traded him to the cubs he batted .204 (BA), then in 2008 he batted .202 with the twins and then .215 with the pirates before he left the league.

He batted 29 hrs in 2006. A little fail and gone from the Tigers and baseball. My point was he did not received the chances that Raburn who has never batted 29 hrs has received

fair enough => again, his OBP was freaking terrible – awful – and he couldn’t play LF. It is true that ryan raburn has gotten more chances then him tho – good point.

Well, I wish Ryan all the best. The Nationals are an up and coming team and I hope he finds success there. Can’t seem to recall Collin Balester. His stats are a little better than Ryan’s and I hope he has 3 pitches. Purcey was just awful so I hope we get better performance from this guy. Go to work, and come home to find we already had a trade. What about a lefty?

Paul Maholm , Kuroda and Jeff Francis are the remaining LHP in the FA market.Barring a trade it s looks like the fith post will go for Below, Turner or Drew S.

I wouldn’t count out Oliver. They seem to like him a alot. I have always felt tht he is not aggressive enough. A little more intensity dialed up would look good on him.

Both he and Casey Crosby have enviable left arms but both have trouble finding the plate. Smyly might be the guy. Below is an admirable young pitcher who is a bit crafty to go along with his determination.

Turner simply must have great skills. There has to be a reason the brass are so high on him. I guess you can survive without a LHP in your rotation but it is a commodity that can be very helpful in the AL Central.

Seems to me Perry could have been used as a sweetener in a larger trade. David Pauley is perfectly capable of long work. Oh well, guess I’ll just file it under “things going on in the front office that I have no knowledge of.”
I have a feeling there would have been better clubs for Agent P to improve. The Nats won’t have any more patience than the Tigers did.

Dave probably listened to some trade talks, but Perry may not have been included (by other teams). He still might turn things around in Washington.
On another note, I can’t bear hearing another word about Pujols. Reading a direct quote from him around 2009 or so, he just completely contradicted himself.

One of my co workers sent me a text about the Perry trade. We knew it was going to happen but did not think for another pitcher. Rich, you had to bring up the Sizemore trade🙂. Oh well, glad the stove is getting hotter as it is 25 degrees and sunny here in GR.. Good luck Ryan. Go Tigers 2012!

An OK trade….Perry is/was kind of a late innings pitcher that didn’t have the nerves to be successful in that role – with DOC OC being signed….we don’t need him anymore…..so they went out and got a possible long (relief) man. NOW I’m not saying he’s going to be that for us this year, but think of it this way: I’d give him a 20% of being a decent long man, and i’d give Pauley a 70% of being a decent long man…..thus you have a 90% of having a decent long man (between the two of them). The only worry i have now, is that Al^2 and DOC OC won’t be able to handle the # of innings…..i mean, DOC OC shouldn’t be overused and we already know that Al^2 has health issues.

the more i think about it this makes sense. This allows Below to compete for the 5th spot in the rotation now. Along with Turner and Oliver (Smyly and Crosby need more experience, I think) of course. On another note, Fu Ti Ne and Adam Wilk might be possibilities for another lefty out of the pen (if daniel or phil go down at somepoint).

I’ve always liked Ni. He has overcome a difficult language barrier and kept his head into learning at any level he has played. Was disappointed they didn’t give him a go last year.
There is no shortage of LHP pitchers in the system.
The guy I am disppointed with is Oliver.
His demeanor on the mound is like a 9th grader sitting through a Latin class.

Latin is a deadly language, it’s plain enough to see.
It killed off all the Romans and now it’s killing me.

Inscribed on the inside cover of my first year Latin book.

That’s good! I must admit there is not much that made a lasting impact on me. For some bizarre reason when I think of Ltin I remember the word “agricola”. What’s up with that?
Latin aside, Oliver is missing that main ingredient—–intensity. The best attribut I can ascribe to JV is just that. It changes an ordinary player into something extra special.

Uh……a deep seated desire to be a Roman farmer?
You’re right about Oliver.
We were at the Army-Navy game today. Talk about a running game, both teams combined threw one pass in the 1st half. When did West Point and Annapolis start admitting 10-year olds?

Or the desire of conquering Brittania

Say it ain’t so (Ryan Braun).

Ah yes. 9th grade Latin. Ms Cross. “Veni, vidi, vici”……….or something like that.
In the words of Cosmo Kramer…….”Oh, it be so”.

Vini, vidi , vinci…
Oliver is the best trade chip to get the third base player. Once Turner or Castelllanos are mentioned any trade conversation ends. So, Oliver is the next name

I was going to ask how people can be talking about smyly at the MLB level, because of his lack of experience…..but WOW this boys stats are good. I still think Below and Turner are the best shots….with Oliver and Smyly being outside chances.
oh- and SSSHHHHHAAAAAMMMMMMMEEEEE on you Ryan Braun – they had better find you innocent or you have truly hurt yourself, your team and the entire game.

El Tigre, was “vini, vidi, vinci” a correction? I have to stick with “Veni, vidi, vici”. Ms Cross who reminded me a bit of Bette Davis, circa, “Whatever happened to Baby Jane”, was as intelligent and tough as she was eccentric. The kind of personality a 9th grader, like myself, could not begin to appreciate. She taught us well. I was just thinking, there must be some baseball words or terms that have Latin roots. I bet more than a few.
I was very happy with Ramon Santiago’s signing. He’s quietly earned at least some recognition and appreciation, a smart player who understands how to play the game and at multiple positions. Always been one of my favorites.
Not real excited about the Ryan Perry trade. I don’t understand a trade that seemingly changes nothing. I wasn’t a huge Perry fan but I always feel a little sadness when a guy leaves who’s been around for a while. Was hoping he’d show some of that promised potential.
Octavio Dotel looks like a very good sign and at a reasonable price.
One quarter billion for Albert Puhols. Now there’s a wise investment. (And I like Albert) That’s about 8 years worth of seconds. So his contract being for 10 years, that’s about 80 cents a second. Denny McClain couldn’t chug cokes that fast…..
El Tigre, any idea where Magglio or Carlos might end up in mlb? I’m going to miss Magglio a lot. He has been a favorite of mine. I loved to watch him hit.

We were tught that was vini , vidi, vinci. I studied at a catholic school and we were supposed to learn latin in the restituta version ( the classic Rome´s latin, the used officialy in education in the USA since the beginning of the XX century until the 60s). But I has seen it written like you did elsewhere.
Carlos Guillen said that he would play for his team in Venezuela. But since they are second to last , I highly doubt it. The season is nearing the end for his team. Magglio is in Miami as long as I know. I will cheeck before adding more information.
I was just thinking, there must be some baseball words or terms that have Latin roots. There is a dictionary made by priest that translate modern term into latin including baseball´s terms.

I will check

Yes, the baseball term “gopher ball” stems from the Latin “gofir bal” which was the name of the catapults the Romans used to shoot balls of flame over the walls of besieged cities. And yes, I just made that up entirely.
My 9th grade Latin teacher was more similar to Dame Judi Dench or old Rose in Titanic. I’m pretty sure she was born in the 19th century. Guess which one word I can remember. Agricola, believe it or not.
It won’t be the same without Maggs. Carlos too, but he missed so much action in recent years it was like he was already gone. The two of them had a nice swan song in that Weaver game last July.

We are admiratores studiosíssimi


That’s hilarious Rich!!🙂 I think our teachers must have been related.

Tigers have apparently inquired about Chase Headley. I’m thinking why as we have a fellow by the name of Don Kelly that could put up those kinds of numbers if need be.
I still think DD is going to surprise everyone with a middle infielder/leadoff hitter somehow.

albeit, don has a ~.270-.310 OBP with very little 3rd playing time (41starts in ’11 and 12 starts in ’10)…..and Headley is a .327-.374 OBP hitter with lots (ten fold) playing time at 3rd.
with that said, the padres are going to want some goods in return. Turner and/or Boesch will be needed as well as maybe castenellos (sic) and Crosby or Smyly. Thus, I would stick with the Inge/Kelly platoon for 2012 – and wait for castenellos (sic) to replace Inge in 2013.

i believe someone (MLB.com’s Corey Brock) even said the padres want “the moon” for headley. lol.

At the end of the day surrounding the current Ped issue I hope it does not become a Ryan All Braun – No Brains conclusion.

That deserves comment. Good one, Dan!

Headley and the Padres would never get that kind of return from Dombrowski.
They might be able to snag Oliver and a role player but that’s about it. And rightly so.
Meanwhile down in Miami there an available shortstop that might even come with some salary relief!
Another guy they have there with a lot of speed and versatility is Emilio Bonifacio. He played a lot of short last year for them but I can’t say how well he played. I’m assuming he would have been ordinary, at best, defensively. He also struck out a whole lot though he did hit almost .300 with 40 steals.
I think a Hanley Ramirez would make a good lineup a devastating one.
Now that would take Turner AND Delmon to swing that deal. The Marlins could use a power hitting outfielder.

I agree with you slowbryne – except i think hanley is injury prone and has a bad attittude. I wouldn’t want him on my team.

Leyland and the Tiger players do well in eliminating bad attitudes. That’s a strong point of this organization. I don’t know much about Hanley, but most athletes have large egos. He probably doesn’t see Reyes as being better than him. But again, I don’t know much about his history. I don’t think I’d be happy playing in Miami either.
My guess is that nothing much happens until the Cespedes thing is settled.

those are two very valid points

The other Ramirez, Aramis, is off the board, going to the Brewers and their suddenly emptied lineup. In non-Detroit news, Michael Cuddyer is asking for 3 yrs and $30m, which seems like a fair price.
You have to hope Prince Fielder doesn’t go to the Rangers.

Yeah–but the kid they were grooming there looked pretty darn fine to me.

Adios William Rhymes! Glad we got nothing for ya :p

If we got Purcey for Sizemore what on earth could we expect to get for Rhymes?
I think Sizemore will make an impact at least.. Rhymes was likable but almost a novelty.

an interesting take. I was of the opinion we got robbed in that deal.

albeit purcey had a sub 1 WHIP and 2.13 ERA in oakland…..

Really? Didn’t realize that. I guess it looked like a screaming deal to DD at that point in time then. Understandable with those numbers. Sometimes things just don’t work out.

If you trade young to Miami you dramatically increase your need your chances (and need) to get Cespedes. Miami is after Cespedes and appear to have a blank cheque policy in signing free agents.
I REALLY like Delmon Young but we need defense terribly in LF. A Raburn or a Raburn or a Guillen can’t fulfill that need. Cespedes can and also provide us with a dynamic offense and perhaps a leadoff hitter.

I really dont think 12IP counts for much re Purceys Oakland stats, more his 4 years 5.38 ERA / 1.55 WHIP prior at Toronto.

You beat me to it, Dave. I remember thinking at the time that Purcey’s Oakland numbers were an anomaly, and I wasn’t surprised at what he turned out to be.
Funny that we’ve given away two secondbasemen and nearly let Santiago walk too. I’m in the group that thinks Rhymes punched his ticket out of town with his tweet a couple months ago, the one that was critical of pinch running Worth for Ramon. The thing about that is, if you watch Game 163 you’ll see Everett pinch running for Ramon in that game.
Now, I assume Will isn’t completely gone just because he was non-tendered?

JL was seroius about his distate for second guessing.Do it on Tweeter and you are gone…In the few games i was able to watch of him he showed a lack of fundamentals.
Talking about attitude, Gary Sheffield is announced to be here in Maracaibo as part of a fan fest beside Rentería. He will take part of a HR derby. I hope no one take offense but the Fan Fest will be full of attitude:Canseco, Ferguson Jekins,Roberto Alomar, …
At the same time, Miguel Cabrera and AndruwJones beside Oswaldo Guillen are hosting another HR derby previous to the game among a Vnezuelan League team against a Dominican Republic team (ASG)

The HR derby’s are taking place now? In Venezuela? Will you go and watch?

My computer is acting up since yesterday, so I don’t know where kathywithak came from but I’m still pup aka kathy or kathy aka pup. Go Tigers!!!!!
Hope Will catches on with another team. It was not smart to make those remarks on twitter, however.

Sorry for not answering before, i did not see it until today.
There were two. The first one, in Caracas included Carlos Zambrano, he went into the second round with Jones.I watched on TV. Caracas is 600 milles from here. And I have mentioned before, a war zone.
The second is here in Maracaibo but I wont go , the true but for Sheffield there are no player to cheer for. They all played for opposing teams: Rollie Fingers, Ferguson Jenkins, Juan Marichal( my father is a Dodgers die hard fan), Canseco, Rentería(Paying to watch him would be worst than paying to watch a Twins ´s player). Of course also Luis Aparicio, Victor Davalillo( Dodgers 77,78). How they will have a HR derby with almost only pitchers? I dont know.

Chase Hadley? 958 in 3B
269. 353.757 career. Keep trying with Prado .
Hanley ramirez misplayed a rolling in the SS. And did not go for the ball. The manager critiziced him ( he forgot that as Sparky said: the dog does not longer move the tail but the tail moves the dog) and the team owner sided with the player.

Headley may have potential but I honestly feel Kelly can do as much.
I have no expectations from Inge. I feel he will be very lucky to hit .230 with even 10 homers if he is given the playing time JL has previously given him.
I don’t know what DD is going to come up with but I sure hope he is able to pull off a major transaction. This team will be hard pressed to repeat last year’s record with a couple of platoons playing in the infield and career years that are unlikely to be repeated from guys like Peralta, Verlander and Avila.

good point about the career years not happening again. Don’t forget about Valverde!!
However, I do feel that we have some positive this year that we did NOT have last year:
a) Schlereth is more mature (last year was by far the most innings he’s played) as well as our bullpen (Doc OC added, Coke as a full time reliever, Benoit proved himself),
b) our rotation is much stronger (Porcello is older and Fister being added) this year,
c) some positional players have really matured both offensively and defensively (Alex, Boesch, Don Kelly),
d) Some youngsters got their first taste of the majors -did pretty well (Dirks, Turner, Marte, Al^2) and might be poised to contribute significantly this year,
d) having Delmon’s bat in there for the whole year,
e) having a backup catcher….which will allow more quality ABs for both Alex and VMart, and lastly,
f) Everyone got a lot more experience in the playoffs last year – and HOPEFULLY will be preparing mentally and physically for a return to the ALCS this year.

in my opinion, if you go out and start signing the sun, moon and stars (Beurhle, H.Ram and Cespedes) – then you will have lost that “we’ve got something to prove” thing that vibes so well with the team, organization and city. Remember 2007? I don’t want to go back there again. I don’t want the payroll – the expectations – I don’t wanna hear “well you guys should win the central because your payroll is 150M this year”. If i was DD, any FA signings from here and out would be minor and any trades would be for a leadoff hitter.

The Marlins will probably outbid everyone for Cespedes. They seem to have a ton of money. I thought we might have a chance to snag him, if the Tigers thought he was really legit, but now I’m not so sure.

The difficulty with Cespedes is being able to assess his hitting properly. Cuban pitching is not particularly good generally. So to project Cespedes as being able to handle MLB pitching is a bit risky. But whoa-what a talent this kid MIGHT be.
If I had to choose between going for a HanRam or Cespedes I would go for the known quantity.
I don’t know if the Tigers have the nerve to go for Hanley though. He would improve the ball club and I bet he feels he has something to prove as a shortstop this year.
My guess is the club will pass on Cespedes if he is going to get 50 million or so.

gosh i hope they pass on giving an that unproven cuban 50 million dollars.

DetNews.com has blasted their forums into oblivion this morning, and the good folks over there who have been talking Tigers for many years are scrambling to find a new home. Many of them are showing up here:
I’m putting this info out there for anyone who has been visiting their forum or know someone who has been.
They got one day’s notice on this. Incredible.

Thanks, Rich. I’m heartbroken they shut it down. I signed up on tigertalknow.freeforums.org last night. Over there I’m “middleaged” just like I was on Tiger Talk. The only snag in registering is getting past the page where they want your cell number. Just click on the word “pass” (I had to do it 3 times) if you don’t have a cell or don’t want to give your number. There were some tremendously educated and intelligent tiger fans on that site. Very clever and poetic souls and die-hard, life long Tiger fans. I read it every day for years.
OK, what’s going on with Delmon. Has he been offered a contract, yet?

Pup – I was wondering if that was you – funny, my name is Kathy as well
I’ll stick with Pup – like it! Not many women on this board from what I can tell, although of course it is nearly impossible to know, but funny we have the same first name

Illinoisfan is female and she’s a regular reader. She pops in now and then with a comment. I love talking baseball and there are many other women who do.

Thanks for the site. Much better than the freep or mlive. It seems as if they just want to call people names for their opinions. Just bought the S.I. baseball book at Costco for my mom. She is 77 and a die hard Tiger fan. She tells me there is not much to watch on TV these days. Anyway, the book has a lot of history and some great photos. My daughter’s in-laws live in Bevery Hills, MI and right next door to Mrs. Gehringer. She came over for dinner last summer. That lady loved talking baseball. I wonder if the Tigers will trade Turner. Don’t sell the farm!

there isn’t much on tv these days. just a bunch of channels.

Leave it to Beaver is on. So is Monk. Last night I even watched some Marylin Monroe and Jane Russell. The problem with tv isn’t that it is a poor distraction or entertainment. The problem is an absence of community which some blogs like this one have begun to fill the void for like minded folks.

God Bless everyone, especially Tiger fans.

Just amazing the DetNews attitude. 24 hour warning with the alternative offered limiting you to commenting on articles they chose to post.
Their attempt to wind back the clock 50+ years when newspapers were able to control news is long gone.

Luis Salazar, Tiger´s MVP in 1988, still I want to know why the Tigers did not resigned him , is receiving an hommage previous to the ASG in Venezuela.

Floating a rumor now about Jimmy Rollins, although it’s coming from his own agent. The switch hitter would certainly fill that leadoff role. Peralta to third. I think Jhonny was more upset with the way Cleveland moved him than the move itself. He seems to like it here, and he should. I’m doubtful we can go with a platoon at both third and second (how do you work your late inning defensive moves?), so something’s got to happen. Just kickin’ it around, I can’t begin to guess what Dave will actually do.
The Twins seem about to sign Josh Willingham. I like “The Hammer” but don’t think he’s what Minnesota needs in that ballpark. Losing both Cuddyer and Kubel would make them unrecognizable.

wow what would Jimmy Rollins cost? Are they looking for prospects or young MLB ready players in return, i guess would be the question. The later would probably create a larger hole in our team than add. Jimmy’s very good tho – NL MVP a few years back.
when will we hear what sherzer, kelly, DY and those boys were offered? I know Rhymes was the only non-tendered…..

Rollins is a Free Agent…reportedly, at age 33, looking for a 5 year deal. Nobody will go there, but it’ll probably take a 3 year guaranteed deal +/- an option year. He’d be a good fit here, but at 2 years + option year. Phillies would be sure to match that…don’t see the Tigers as significant players for him…been burned a time or two by aging SS with diminishing skills. The market has been set by Furcal’s signing with St. Louis 2 years $14M at age 34. Rollins should get 3 yrs-$27-30M.

Last month , Beck discarded any move for Rollins.
Supposedly, Detroit is still on Gio . Even if they need to move Turner

I don’t think we’ll sign Rollins, and that’s why I noted that the rumor seemed to come from his own agent, looking for leverage. Danny Knobler picking it up gave it a little oomph, but not much. My point was that Peralta could move to third without, IMO, much problem and that we need to address one of the two positions now being filled by platoons.
I’m somewhat leery of dealing with Oakland on Gio Gonzalez. It’s far too early to talk about moving Jacob Turner. I want an unquestioned star player for this kid. He’s 20 and, if allowed to, can develop into something special.

This “illinoifan” is not a female. Not sure where you got that idea. Is there another with a similar name? Not that I have ever seen. I’m one of the “old” guys, a Tiger fan since the 1950’s.

I don’t know how I got that idea either. And, it was very stupid of me to write that. Wrong state, I guess.. We do have one thing in common: Tiger fans since the 50’s:>)

More than 50 scouts saw Zumaya throw today in Houston. Report from one in attendance: 93-96 mph, decent cb, OK cmd. “He’ll get a job.”—-Tweet from Ken Rosenthal FoxSports

breaks my heart to see him go.

oh he’ll get a job. will he hold it a whole season tho?

Hmmmm….can’t find my 103mph t-shirt. I say go for Gio, it’s a new day. The farm is now for sale.

I thought Billy Beane was supposed to be smart, not just slick. Asking for Turner, Castellanos AND Smyly?? Who is giving us off the A’s roster–Reggie and Rickie?

Sal Bando would be more usefull but at 67, 65 and 50 something…

Sal Bando. 3B stats in Oakland 1969……162 Games…609 AB, 106 R, 31 HR, 3 triples, 25 doubles, 113 RBI, 111 BB, 11 HBP, .281 BA, .400 OBP, .484 SLG. That’s about 731 plate appearances. Yeah we’ll take that Sal Bando, El Tigre. He’s 67 so I’d stick with a one year contract with incentives.
Whew. Illinoifan. That was a close one. You’re back on our team:-)

Nice Marty, That would be a good trade as he is a proven player, not a prospect🙂 Okay, today the farm is NOT for sale.

Late last night I was roaming around the internet looking for Tiger news and ran across a column that said the writer had gone to the winter meetings and talked with several people including Jim Leland. Leland didn’t expect much because they (the team) didn’t have any money. It’s starting to look that way, isn’t it?

well if you assume that there is an amount of money the owner (god bless him) is willing to spend, then yes, the tigers did not have much money to spend this year (i.e. not a lot of money came off the books). It’s all laid out quite clearly here: http://www.freep.com/article/20111102/COL22/111020399/Michael-Rosenberg-Don-t-expect-Tigers-go-off-season-spending-spree
I have said this previously, but it’s worth repeating. Having a bloated (lets say > 120MM) payroll brings on expectations and media hype while depreciating your overall accomplishment (e.g. the yankees are never happy winning the division, but rather need to go to the WS to be satisfied). Tigers fans sometimes says “oh we have needs at leadoff, 2b, 3b, and in the starting rotation”….but that is those peoples opinion – not a fact. The truth is, the Tigers are significantly better than they were 1 year ago, have a lot of young talent that will develop this season and nearly made it to the WS last year.

Not to mention the prices people are paying for free agents is RIDICULOUS. Holy cow, the agents have mucked everything up so badly it’s almost a foregone conclusion a team will be overpaying for a top tier FA. A shame.

When Ty Cobb won his first MVP award in 1911 he made 9,000 dollars. Which with inflation is roughly $208,000 in 2011. And i’d take the 1911 version of the georgia peach over most of the FAs today (he had a OPS of over 1.0 with 83 steals).

Good one Evan. Money does not win chapionships, players do.

listened to a recent interview with Dombrowski on mlive.
he talks briefly about improving the athleticism of the team and is mum about the Cuban refugee OF other than to say he’s an “interesting” player. many indicators point toward Tigers making a strong push to sign this OF…perhaps main question will be whether Ilitch’s pockets are deep enough.
i see the point about athleticism as the starting 8 doesn’t have much speed or defensive range other than Jackson. is it worth sacrificing some hitting to obtain “athletic” attributes in an OF and middle IF? would Crisp be a better fit on this team than DYoung? i’m not so sure about that. i wonder if this interest in athleticism comes from comparing the squad to Texas who has better athletes at 3b, ss, 2b.

cuban players are not known for their hitting ability. thats a huge question mark for someone wanting 50 freaking million dollars. don’t do it mr. I!

You just have to admire the Tampa Bay Rays. Good lord, they must have good scouts. Good scouting and crunching numbers seems to be what they are all about. Also, you can NEVER have enough good pitching. Go Tigers!!!!

a very valid point about the value of scouting

DD is basking in the afterglow of a championship season. Don’t bank on the same squad repeating in what is becoming a much ballyhooed “weak” division. It is imperative to improve your team where and when it is needed.
I think a 5th man will likely be a southpaw from the farm. Unless they get a highly accomplished veteran I feel they may as well go that route.
But the deficiencies in team speed and leadoff have to be addressed. If played properly DD can use those deficiencies to also improve the outfield and infield defense.
Coco in himself is not enough to offset the displacement of Delmon IMO. I like him but let’s not forget that DY has the ability (much like MCab) to carry the team on his back for a while.
A stop gap 3B man like Headley does not intrigue me. I like Kelly as much as that scenario. A guy like Rollins would be good for the team, good for the lineup and good for the city.
Hanley Ramirez would also move Jhonny to 3rd and provide a devastating lineup, though he would noit bring as much D as Jimmy would.
DY should stay until summer if they sign Cespedes.

wait, why do “weaknesses have to be addressed”…..are we not a stronger team than last year? I think we are. Is our division stronger? I don’t think so.

what weaknesses would be created by acquiring Hanley Ramirez via trade? How will his attitude be? How would Jhonny feel about moving to 3rd? What would we do with Inge?

Two points I’d like to make here:
1) Delmon Young is a notoriously slow starter. His Aprils and Mays are bad. I’d like to either move him before the season or stick with him for the duration. A contending team isn’t in a position to trade Delmon at the deadline, since they would have accepted the bad and given away the good.
2) We only have three guys on the bench, not counting Laird. I don’t see how you can platoon two infield positions with that.
Bonus 3) JL doesn’t get much use out of speed anyway.
Super bonus 4) I think Cespedes goes to Miami.

I’m getting used to whenever I say “black” Evan will respond with “white”. In fact I’ve come to like it as much as expect it.
Hanley Ramirez brings ZERO wekanesses to the team. He would repsond like a mature professional to be wanetd by a club like the Tigers. Jhonny Peralta would play his heart out at 3rd without grudge. Peralta is capable of taking an assignment like that and turning it around so it is in his favour. The pressure of playing short (handled EXTREMELY well) by JP last year would be relieved and he would be allowed to be a Silver Slugger candidate at 3rd—all while contributing to his team’s success.
As to Delmon being a slow starter—all things must pass– I really like this guy’s approach at the plate–at least as far as his confidence goes. He hits the crap out of the ball. Too bad he plays in a park where defense is really important in LF.
Stagnation is the death knell of MLB teams. Onward and upward.

The team as it sits today is not quite good enough. To win the central, maybe. But is THAT good enough?

IMO, any season where the division is won is a good season. yea going deep in the playoffs is important too – and i think that can be done with our team….basically as is….sign a couple backup plans and call it good.

And seriously, who cares what we do with Inge? Other than respectfully retaining your players until they retire what real value does he bring to this team at this point in his career?

touche. hey he batted well in the POs….. I’m praying he steps it up for his “contract year”

Inge may be done. What’s a bit difficult to say with certainty is how much of his poor hitting last year was due to illness and how much to a decline in ability. If he has a role it will be limited to vs LHP and late inning D replacement. Lack of position versatility, speed, and hitting make him a less than ideal bench player.
If they don’t get another 3b in the offseason, and Inge in fact is done, then where do they go for those ABs?…guess Worth is next in line. The better question is how much does management believe in Don Kelly as the near everyday 3B? If the belief is weak (as it was with Rhymes at beginning of the season), then a plan B better than Inge or Worth is important.
I do suspect they’ll make a move for another 3B or a SS that shifts Peralta to 3B. Kelly’s skill set is more valuable to the team coming off the bench. Don’t believe he’s the 2nd coming of Tony Phillips.

As Fangrpahs would say, Inge is a sunken cost. Release him like it was done with Sheffield , Willis,Robertson

I am in agreement with you Evan. Don’t trade the farm. And bloated payrolls ultimately don’t assure anything. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see a whole lot of options left out there that are all that exciting. Cespedes is obviously intriguing, but Rich is probably right. Would make sense for him to go to Miami. That is the athleticism I’d like to see the Tigers evolve into. Unfortunately, none of this stuff happens over night. Which is why it’s imperative that the Tigers (as all teams should) concentrate on scouting and developing.
Anyone think Kelly could fill the leadoff role as well as fill the starting 3B role? I thought he quietly came on strong last season as the Tigers made that great August/Sept run. He didn’t have much of a first half but showed some surprising power late in the season. He can bunt and runs the bases well. Should improve at third with regular time there. Are we overlooking a potential starter?

Hey Dan, I do appreciate your tenacity, always looking for the big trade or signing to improve the team. Always thinking aggressively about what needs to be done…never wholly satisfied. Mark of a GM. I do agree. This team still needs some improvement to get beyond just winning the division. I always hope (probably naively) it comes out of the farm, but hope is the key word there. If hope equaled wins, the KC Royals would have a winning record once in a while. (Careful for what I suggest….they just might this upcoming year.)
By the way, is that you swinging the bat in your thumbnail? Good form.

I think Hanley was the SS that Mr. D almost got last year (or the year before). No name was mentioned, but I’d bet $$$ it was HR. With a good SS, Jhonny would be more than willing to go to 3rd, imo. He was fine with it when Inge went down and did just fine. Nothing splashy, just solid. I don’t think we’ll get Cespedes, either. He’ll go to Miami.
A girl can always dream about Rollins at SS, however.

I always liked Rollins too Pup. I’d favor him over HR simply because of his attitude.

Well I think the Tigers have improved the team. Who cares if you are in a weak division. You still have the chance to play and beat the best team (Yankees). Why sell the farm to win it next year? Some luck and good or bad bounces and the Tigers go to the World Series. We want to win for years to come. Nobody has mentioned Jim Leyland. Is 2012 his last year? How would Gibby’s style of managing change the team. Go Tigers!

Michael Cuddyer got his 3 yr $31.5m deal from the Rockies, which is one of the fairest contracts I’ve seen this offseason. Going from Target Field to the Rockies ballpark will be quite a change for him. He’s gotta be lickin’ his chops.

a bit surprised that Twins didn’t match that price, since it’s not much more than they paid Willingham. Cuddyer played anywhere they needed him defensively in recent seasons, even 2b. he was the face of the franchise after injuries to their other stars.

Just heard in the radio Q had elbow surgery and won’t be ready until after the all star break!

You can NEVER have enough good pitching.

HUGE BLOW to the bull pen. now we only have 1 righty for the middle innings. CRAP

What do people think about the tigers reported interest in BAZOOKA JOE?

Saunders is a fit. LHer, doesn’t walk many, does give up some homers because of it, lots of innings. Bound to work faster than Penny did. He’d be fine if the fans will display patience and just let him be a 5th starter.
I have to say I’m not surprised about Alburquerque. He puts a ton of stress on his elbow snapping off that wicked slider, and he throws a lot of them. Hopefully the surgery will strengthen it. Sure would like to see what he can do healthy. I don’t think this is another Zumaya case, but you never know of course.

The forgotten man is David Pauley.

The only reson Albuquerque is with the Tigers is because of his history of injuries and of lack of control( oddly enough he was uncontroled in the minors but not in MLB). Two team let hi walk away for that. His slider assure his career willl be short

Another way of spelling Joe Saunders is W-I-L-K.
I am overwhelmed with indifference at the rumored pursuit of Saunders.

Re: Al. What a bummer. We sure need him or someone else to fill that spot in the BP, He had that awful and weird accident last year with the head concussion and now this. I nope he’s at the Opening Day game for all the festivities. He was a big part of the Tigers success last year.

That’s supposed to say I hope he’s at Opening Day festivities. Must be getting tired. We need a #5. I can live with Joe.

Justin Henry. AA. 317 in Venezuela. He will play until december the 30th

injuries are the great equalizer in this or any sport. guess we saw that first hand in 2010.
despite the injury to Albuquerque, IMO they don’t need to make another move at this point. have been reading a positive spin on his injury, with Dombrowski saying it’s not like Zumaya’s. my question is…stress fracture is caused by excessive force transmitted to the bone…what can they do beyond putting hardware in the bone and giving it time to heal?
leyland says he was careful with how he used him, so probably not going to change usage pattern. will they have him throw the slider less? will they change his mechanics? these both risk throwing his performance off. we don’t know how well this kid takes care of his arm…so there might be room for improvement there. maybe some gain in functional strength of the muscles will help protect the fracture site. i’m sure they’re looking at the problem from all these angles and more.
some lingering concern for Benoit and Valverde. both were worked pretty hard during the postseason. wondering if there will be repercussions this season, particularly for Benoit who has a checkered injury history.

Is no news, good news?

Anybody know much about D-Backs leftfielder Gerardo Parra? 24 year old Gold Glove winner from Venezuela, appears to have been replaced by Jason Kubel as the starting LFer for Arizona. El Tigre?

Good numbers in the minors. LF at Comerica needs someone with a gold glove, (or at least some other colour that closely resembles!)

Gerardo Parra plays for “my” team here. Aguilas del Zulia.Last year he had his best season here but he wanted to be ready for MLB and left the team in the postseason. He was replaced by Timo Pérez( yes, that Timo Pérez). There were rumors about problems between the team and him but this year is playing here again. His line :.303/390/723. In 10 games till now.As a point of comparation Justin Henry AA Detroit is batting 331/401/772.
His carrer in MLB:282 /331/734
He is known for his great arm.He plays RF here , that means something . Aguilas play at the huge stadium Luis Aparicio “El Grande” . The stadium is extremely pitcher friendly not only for the dimension but for the weather ,a hoter San Diego ´stadium.Rob Deer hit 5 Hrs in 60 AB with 55 SO when he played here.

People here is surprised by the Kubel´s signing. Parra will play here, like Henry ,until dec the 30th , the end of the regular season( the team is near to clinch a place in the postseason), to be ready and rested to compete to be regular as he deserves.My guess , his lack of power could be the cause of his displacement.

TIMO!! hahah

no going to lie tho: i sure wish i could watch a baseball game in person. Thanks for the info El Tigre!

The reason I bring him up is that we need a leadoff hitter and we may need to get creative in that regard. Parra’s OBP was .357 although he didn’t seem to walk much. He struck out half as much as Jackson. His 8 triples might double in Comerica. He’s obviously a good outfielder. Ideally a new leadoff hitter would be an infielder, but who?
Now hopefully what we say here doesn’t become an “official” rumor. Joking, of course.

We have got some very good ballplayers on our team but how does a guy like the Rockies’ Carlos Gonzalez go almost unnoticed? This guy is one of the best players in the game and you hardly ever hear about him.
Brings to mind the decision that DD will have to make soon (with the blessing of Illitch of course) about Cespedes. Boom or bust? I figure you gotta take the chance. This is not a guy who hits or misses. If he succeeds he is a game-changer for years to come. If he doesn’t he still has really decent value. Every now and then you have players your are graced with. You are not sure at the time but in retrospect what about Gibby and Ron LeFlore?
Cespedes has the potential to have attributes of both of those talents but gift wrapped in one package. That’s amazing.
Don’t let the Yankees get this guy Dave. Special players don’t happen that often but when they do just sign them and sit back and enjoy.

CarGo is from Maracaibo. He played until last year beside Gerardo Parra for Aguilas del Zulia
He was third in the MVP voting in 2010. He won a Golden Glove and a Silver Slugger. He won the Luis Aparicio award last year. He does not go unnoticed but he does go without ESPN coverage since he plays in the west coast and does not play for the Evil Empires

It looks and sounds like Mr. D has already finished his shopping.

I’m thinking it’s more that we’re just not desperate to shake things up. There’s a very real possibility that another club will come to us with a deal in mind. There’s still two months of offseason left. Most of the names “out there” have either been too expensive, would cost us an unfair amount of personnel, or were never really “out there” as much as some thought.

Ron LeFlore was the result of a different era. It was fashionable to give excons a second chance. There was a boxer who went from jail to a Heavyweight Worlchampionship fight. Other even boxed in jail.
He gave Detroit six great years 280 avg., 60 SB. But as was the policy for the team the did not sign free agents until the timely sale of the team( they were scheduled to lose Lou, Trammell and Morris) and was traded.IHe was part of a long list of talent traded or lost ( there were no compensation picks back then): Richie Hebner, Rusty Staub, Steve Kemp. Champ Summer( at least they got Willie Hernández for him). Luckyly for Tigers most of them flop outside Detroit.
Gibson was also part of a trend, the multitalented player: Dave Winfield played baseball, basketball , hockey and was drafted for football. Around the same time Bo Jackson tried to play both football and baseball. It was a little demeaning for baseball,Jordan and many other saw baseball as so easy that with a little training you were able to be in MLB.

What do you all make of the Roy Oswalt talk of him now open to a one year deal?

Roy Oswalt used to be a real thorn in the Tigers’ side. What a great pitcher! I’m thinking they probably don’t want a RH’er. Still, they went with all RH’ers last season.

Supposedly the Tigers are looking for a lefty not another RHP.
Anyway at the website we are all reading , the rumour is that he is waiting for Gio to set the bar

You must be thinking of someone else, Kathy. Oswalt has never faced the Tigers.
I don’t think a recently injured Oswalt translates to an innings eater. Gio is being overrated IMO. I thought Joe Saunders was a logical choice for what they’re realistically looking for. I’m not wild about having the young pitchers spend spring training trying to make the team.
I remember that boxer fighting out of Rahway prison but don’t recall his name. And let’s not forget multi-sport “Neon” Dion. He makes a cute pixie in those NFL commercials. It’s a good look for him. I remember a game where Dion had an interception as time expired to seal a win, but instead of just going to the ground, this guy started a hook and lateral play in a stupid attempt to score a touchdown for the defense.

Wasn’t he a pitcher for the Jays. I seem to recall a few games he pitched.

Once again, you’re correctamundo Rich. Good thing I’m not placing bets today or going to the casino, huh?
There’s been a new video released re: Cespedes. It shows him running, catching, and hitting BP. Some of the balls he hit were over 500′. I don’t think Mr. Ilitch is going to give up that much cash for this guy and he’s going to cost a pretty penny for some team.

I think the Aroldis Chapman scenario may be a double edged sword for Cespedes. Chapman was highly heralded and GMs have seen that the risk reward in that situation was higher than they though it would be. The jury is still out on Chapman. Will teams really buck up 20 million more for another Cuban phenom?
If I were to bet on Illitch I would bet he will open up the purse strings a bit for this guy. He has publicly stated how wonderful it would be to have anaother “big bat” in the lineup. He is another year older and another year without a world championship.
If he makes a mistake financially the sting is more like a noseeum than a serpent.
Look for him to make a contribution to the cause.

Well no Gio, going to the Nationls! I tell ya I have been very underwhelmed by DD and this off season! So far that is!

I lost interest in Gio after learning what Beane wanted in return. I would have laughed in his face. Glad DD didn’t bite. The Nats have made a mistake, IMO.
Depending on the timing, Cespedes may be far more expensive than is anticipated. I remain leery of this entire business. When it comes to the pressure of living up to a big contract, it’s the hitter that will fail much more often than a pitcher. I’m fine with not signing him. If we do, it will be interesting to watch.
I’m still waiting for the two infield platoons to be addressed. I can’t believe they’d suddenly begin to rely on Santiago after all these years, and I see Kelly’s biggest value being his positional versatility.

This might be the year, we just don’t get a big high-profile guy like in the past ie Victor, Pudge, Magglio, Cabrera, Valverde, Benoit. They must think we have enough to win with what we have already. Maybe a good trade opportunity will come along, and maybe it won’t. They have to have another starting pitcher. But, maybe DD believes we have someone in the minors who will fill that role. New York hasn’t done much either. Our team was so bad for so long, they had to pay guys to come here. We still have a very good team, but we still need more pitching. I don’t think we’ll get Cespedes. Mr. D would have to be blown out of the water, after his trip to the Dominican to ask Mr. Ilitch for the kind of money it would take to get him

Last night I was watching MLB Network while they revisted the top playoff games. Jim Leland’s Marlins team of ’97 was one of them. One of the hosts who played for Jim, said he was extremely focused, and, this is speculation on his part, because Jim knew this was probably his last chance to win a WS and he knew the team would be sold off the next season. He talked about all the double-switches Jim had to make and how he always likes to go with a righty/lefty bullpen and how he nagged Mr. D to get him the pitchers he needed. His players loved him.

I like the Tiger team we have right now. Are you forgetting about Mister Fister? What could a full season with him be like? Winter is officially here but we have no snow. Merry Christmas Jason and to all the Beck’s Bloggers!

Merry Christmas to all.
Waiting to find a 3b under the Xmas tree. I wont be disappointed if at least Saunders is there.

Even if they will be Central Division Champions the way they are now

merry christmas to everyone around here. I already got all my presents from santa illitch this year – AL central champs and a 1st round victory. I don’t mind 1 more year with platoon situations at 2 & 3B.

Merry Christmas to all my pals on this blog. It’s a beautiful day here in Michigan. We had just a light snow last night but the sun is shining brightly today with hardly a cloud in the sky. I’m dying to open one of my grandson’s presents: MVP Poster of Verlander, but will wait until he comes over.
MLB network said last night Yoenis is a resident of DR. Hasn’t really been reported much, but I know I didn’t dream it. You know how they come on during a show or between commercials and sometimes make an announcement of trades and such. Well, that’s exactly what they said. He’s now a resident.
As I reflect on last season, I just didn’t believe at the start of the season that the Tigers would win the division. They did that in grand style. We saw some heckuva games. Some of them, I still think about. Some teams just seem to be getting better and better……..Angels, Phillies, Nats, Marlins, Royals. It makes me a little nervous.

Great point pup. Status Quo is not an option in today’s game. Gone are the days where you pencil in the same lineup for 3 or 4 years running!
Hope you have a beautiful Christmas with your family. And the same to all who frequent this board.

Merry Christmas to all here, from western Canada across to New York State, down to Venezuela and beyond.
Going off topic for a special occasion. The DETROIT LIONS. The last time they made the playoffs, I still lived in Michigan and was in fact a season ticket holder at the old Silverdome. Sure wish I could have been at Ford Field yesterday. Good job, guys.

Is there any way I can access last year’s games?. I missed only 2 or 3, but there’s one in particular I’d love to watch I think it might be called: A comedy of errors.
The Tigers made at least 4 – 5 errors and it was a game I’d probably get a good laugh over. I believe it was a game not televised and it was an away game.

Access the team schedule at Tigers.com then find the game you’re looking for. Click on the score in that date box and it will take you to the Gameday page. From there, you have access to the entire game if you have MLB.TV or video highlights if you don’t. Always a good way to kill an hour or so in mid-January, I say. Btw, I think that Oakland game in September was the only one not televised at all.

Rich, speaking of off topic, I know this is a baseball site. But, I have to also cheer for the Detroit Lions. Our extended family watched the game. I actually got a Lions blanket for a present. Once you make the playoffs, anything can happen. Ask the Yankees! Go Lions!

Jason, may I suggest a new topic for the new year?

I can agree on that!

I feel like I’m going through withdrawals. My goodness, are the Tigers going to do anything else?

As today, roster for the first game of the season:
P Verlander

that lineup would probably have offensive numbers in the top 10 ten of the AL – maybe top 5.

Depends who’s throwing against us though!
Depending how Ajax adjusts I see Santiago being a better leadoff man. Heck, Kelly could be considered. He has always run well and seems to be ABLE to respond to challenges when presented with them.
My fingers are still crossed for another force to offset one of the platoons next year.
BTW, I think the best thing for Ryan Raburn is that he plays everyday. A big part of his early season woes may just simply not be enough ABs. I know he “kinda” played regularly at the beginning of last year but now really. I still think his absolute best position could be at 3rd.
I guess I should make a New Year’s resolution not to repeta that again in 2012.

I took that in account. First game against Boston with Josh Becket.RHP.

Against Lester. I know the splits for Boesch but Leyland does not care about that

I would almost rather have Santiago hitting behind Ajax, but to do that you’d have to flip flop them….or flip flop Ajax and Kelly. Ajax of course could eventually develop into the prototypical lead off batter but not until he finally reduces his SO’s by, one would hope, half or at least a third.

Santiago in the 9th post means a second lead off. LaRussa used his pitcher in the 8th spot for that reason. I thinks his pupil will abide by his teachings

Ajax has potential at leadoff. He seems to lack discipline and/or direction. Constantly reinventing his approach or his swing. As Marty wisely stated, the problem is the strikeouts. They are rally killers. Good at bats ahead of Young and MCab are essential. If nothing else they help to wear the pitcher down that ining just a bit and that is when you want your big boys up to the plate. Add to that the extra benefit of “seeing” what he is throwing in all parts of the count. Santiago can be selective. Ajax can’t afford to be. Hopefully Boesch improves this aspect of his game too.

I also think that either Santiago or Kelly could hit leadoff. These are guys who weren’t blessed with natural talent and have had to learn the game. I’m with Leyland on these types of players; I like ’em. I’ll be surprised, however, if one of those infield platoons isn’t addressed before spring training.
As I pointed out once before, Ajax could cut his K’s in half and still be at 90+. Just an amazing amount of strikeouts for a non-power hitter. I’m convinced that getting him away from leadoff would do him a world of good. If that happened, JL would have to resist the temptation to put him right back in the 1-hole.
Raburn was supposed to be a regular last year and that lasted exactly one game (he had a double off the fence). It was difficult to keep Boesch out of there.

He is better than Conceprción in 23 departments. Still Conceppción has received more votes than him. He was robbed in 1987 of both the MVP and his place in the Hall of Fame. 314, 20 something Hrs and 104 Rbis) the first SS with 100+ Rbis since Banks.
Detroit won 7 of 7 against the Jays while George Bell went .250 on those games. But the second place team got the MVP.
If Larkin and Morris dont do it this year , nobody will go in this year.
BTW: I would vote for Mc Gwire. Ped were not banned them so he broke no rule.He did not answer in the Congress? Well, Todd Jones said that he admire him for that because he did not sold out his teammates.
A pitcher inducted some years ago was jailed for drug trafiicking and was inducted in the Hall. Marichal chased Roseboro with a bat. Alomar spitted on an umpire and got it while here people want Yorvit Torrealba banned for life because he pull the mask of an umpire.Ty Cobb was a gambler and was guilty of manslaughter.

Petition to Jason.A speller check or a preview would be welcomed

Specially with Raburn as regular. We will regret what we will write

They are making it far too difficult to get into the HOF. There are guys from the black and white photo days in the Hall who aren’t half as good as Trammel and others. I mean, Joe Tinker and Johnny Evers, really? All they did was inspire a rather childish poem. These voters need to get past their childhoods and realize that modern ballplayers are every bit as good as the ones they grew up reading about.
Trammel and Morris in the Hall is a no-brainer. And there are a lot of others who are also deserving.

So was Sweet Lou and he is not even elegible by the veterans comitee

I think the best criteria is who was dominant is his era.Every great player had advantages but those advantages were common to all players. Only the great were able to proffit on them.
Here there is “sport commenter” who usually use the Norman Cash batting title wrongly as an example of a player benefiting from the dilution of pitching. His wrong argument , diluted pitching allowed him to hit 300 in spite of his Ajax like rate of SOs. I ask why Kaline did not hit 400 then?
Babe Ruth made the transition of pitcher to the field as the same time the death ball era ended. He batted at Polo Ground and its stagering 272 feet foul line.( The hr heard around the world would have been a fly to shallow left at Tiger Stadiun) . The 460 were only in the center. The he went to the 303 of Yankee Stadium. Death valley again, only in the center.But the ball became alive for all.
Ted Williams 296 at the foul line in RF and many pitchers careers were shortened by the war.He went to the war, but it is easier for a batter to recover.But it was short for every Bosox player and the les quality pitching also afected all players
Mickey Mantle batted mostly from the left side plus diluted pitching.But pitching diluted for all
Of course there are counterexamples: Willy Mays at The cold Clandestick Park or Hank Greemberg at the really big Tiger stadium( some people said the Tigers stadium was short at the LF, yes, it was, 328 compared with the 340 of RF was short. Still it was longer than any aother stadium.
In the end , eras can not be compared. The HoF is for the player most dominant in their times.
Morris, Trammell and Lou Whitaker belong there.only Morirs, perhaps will do it


Well stated El Tigre. I don’t know how you come up with all that stuff but it is interesting. I agree with your argument, choose the most dominant players in their era. Statistics from era to era just can’t be fairly compared. The technology and sophistication in materials, clothing, gloves, shoes, bats and balls, grass, playing surfaces, virtually everything, has sped up the game, and made it truer. (Not coming up with a better word there.) Not having seen a game in person in 1908 I am admittedly speculating a bit here. But those tiny gloves with no visible pockets evoke a line questioning. Maybe sharpened spikes make up for that shortfall.
And I agree with your point too RIch. Who were Joe Tinker and Johnny Evers? Well, in 15 seasons Tinker averaged.262 and amassed a whopping 31 HR’s. Evers, who obviously had a much better eye, in 18 seasons averaged .270 but only found the fences 12 times. They must have been phenoms in the field. So anyone worried that the HOF has been watered down with marginal players in the modern era and feel the need to “protect it’s mystical integrity” are a little late.

Almost forgot. Morris, Tram, and Sweet Lou belong in the Hall.

There is an intriguing rumor regarding Matt Garza, the source being John Paul Morosi and Ken Rosenthal. A pitcher like this would give us five solid starters and good luck to anyone playing a series against Detroit. Shouldn’t cost as much as Oakland was asking for Gio.

Rumors have become big business as we all know. I’m not letting myself get too hyped up about it, but it sure would be nice.

Garza is a competitor but we are gonna need a couple of big spitoons in the clubhouse if he is on the same team as Phil Coke.
I would prefer a solid LHP as our 5th starter.
And yes, it is looking as though DD feels that commodity may be home grown.

I read it too. But it does not make sense. Five RHP as starters and only two LHP at all? unless they will use Scherzer or Porcello in a trade for a 3B and call Turner. Calling him will overload the bullpen so they need a stater than can work longer.For that Jackson or Saunder would be better, they are real inning eaters.And beside that why trade for a starter that will be under control for less time than their current staff?
They have been linked to Jurjens too
We will know soo or later
The regular season here ended yesterday. My team made the postseason in the last minute thanks to a player stealing home in the 12th inning in a game between their rivals.
Justin Henry, Detroit AA ,ended his work here with 328/403/781 .Playing LF not 2b his position with the AA team. The team though they wont make the postseason so they only hired him until yesterday.
Villareal, his team ( Magglio´s team)was the one clasifiying stealing home,ended with 4.61 era and 1.61 whip in 27 innings in relieve

Well , it was a good 2011 in sports. Hoping that Lions, The University of Michigan and Tigers make a better 2012 …Happy New Year

No, it’s nothing to get hyped up about, but there is very little Tigers news so I guess we discuss the latest rumor of the week (or month). My viewpoint is that a rotation of Verlander, Fister, Scherzer, Porcello, and Garza means the road to the Central division passes through Detroit for several years to come. DD has shown an ability to sign his own players when he wants to, so it wouldn’t necessarily be for one year. Garza has been a 200-inning pitcher. A lefty would probably be Joe Saunders or the like. I’m not real high on Jurrjens in a trade, although I liked him when he was here.
Do I think we’ll trade for Garza? No.
Winning a game by a steal of home……….don’t see that up here very often.

Garza for Turner?
Not in my books.
A Hamels or a Kershaw maybe.

Anyone else think DD is just bored? It just doesn’t make sense to me, but what do I know😉

Olney said other teams not only Cubs

El Tigre—That is the first I’ve heard about Henry playing 2B—I thought he was strictly an outfielder

He plays here LF only but I read someone here saying he played 2B at AA.That is why I mentioned it.

I checked it. Baseball Reference has him playing 2b , 3b at AAA with Toledo.
I did not mention it before but he left the team one week in advance because of dehidratation problems that left him out of the roster for the final days. Aguilas needed him badly. They lost the last 5 games of the season but they had assured a tie in the last spot for the postseason before that.

Feliz Año Nuevo Amigo.
I guess no matter where he plays, he does not look like a solution for us IMO. Particularly OF.
Tigers have been pretty quiet but once again, we have seen DD make an important acquisition—Dotel.
We would seriously benefit from a solid, speedy, slick fielding, good hitting infielder though.

Muchas gracias, igualmente.Thanks , Happy New Year too
I wrote about him only because he played here and for “my” team.He has no power (Playing for Zulia, he had no chance of showing it, the home field is like Petco but hotter). He is a contact hitter, ideal for CoPa.But he is a couple of years away from MLB.
The Garza trade is still there. It makes no sense unless they will unload Porcello. He is due a raise and he will be too expensive for a fith starter. At one Cub´s blog the writer says that Oliver and Field or García could be enough for Garza.
Also read that Below is being floated as the fith stater

I don’t think Garza would be a 5th starter any more than Fister was. The 5th starter would become…….Porcello? At any rate, a super strong rotation can not only hold down an opposing team in a given series but put them into a collective slump for several games after. That’s huge over the course of a season.

That is my point Porcello as fith starter? Garza means he is gone

That would be a mistake. The purpose of getting a guy like Garza is to solidify your rotation. Simply replacing another starter would not accomplish much. i would take Ricky P over Garza anyway. Porcello is going to be a dynamite pitcher and perhaps as soon as this coming year. He has a great arm, he is smart, willing to learn and he is young. He’s a keeper.

Well yeah. I’m not following the reasoning that Garza (or any upper tier starter) would have to replace Porcello. Having 5 top notch starters means it wouldn’t be so difficult to address positional issues, as they wouldn’t need to blast opponents into oblivion. We won the ALDS with starting pitching, and timely offense.

It sounds to me that Mr. D has decided to go fishing. Throw out the bait and see what he comes up with.

They dont need a fith stater in the first month. Many times he will be skipped to allow JV to pitch with 4 days of rest because he does not like to pitch with more rest. And paying someone the kind of money Porcello will command soon for that does not make sense. As long as I know he is arbitration elegible so he will get a huge rise before the hearing
Supposedly they were after someone that can be a starter a once in a while go on long relieve.
And if they are ready to deal Turner why they did not go for Gio? Or go for Shield or Davis?

They did try for Gio, but they wanted too much in return. ie, NC. I don’t even like typing his name because to lose him would be dreadful.

Okay, I see what you’re saying, El Tigre. Two responses: 1) Porcello may still be at the stage in his age and development where a skipped start from time to time may be beneficial. 2) I think they wanted a starter that could become a long reliever IF one of the minor league prospects showed well in spring training. By signing Garza, they’d be going away from that approach and Turner might be traded. It’s hard to evaluate the second scenario since Turner is so young and still very much in the prospect stage.
If nothing else, the Garza rumor makes for good conversation on how to approach the rotation.

Brad Penny is probably not coming back. Someone has to replace him in the pitching rotation. If Turner is ready, more power to him.

I got to thinking last night about the seemingly log jam of free agents waiting for a job. Many of them have Scott Boras as their agent. Yes, a few of his clients his clients have a new home, but I wonder if part of the problem is Boras. Happy Monday, everyone! Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!

scott boras is baseball’s colon cancer

Why do you say that?

“greed is good” ie Gordon Gekko….ish.

strictly imo, though. I’m not speaking for evan.

Jacob Turner is now off the trade block according to Mr D. Cubbies probably wanted more than just Turner, just like the Yankees said they couldn’t get him because cubs wanted their top 3 prospects. I can live with what we have, but maybe someone in the BP would provide even a little more insurance.

Happy New Year bloggers! Jason, are you out there? Agents are like lawyers. Hey Pup, I still like our team the way it is right now! Go Tigers, 2012!!!!!!

Well , it is more or less official. Turner was only bait to keep traffic to websites during the break.
Below looked like he would be the fith starter. LHP, ready for MLB. And did well as starter. And a truly home product since he hails from Michigan
Anyway, Saunders wont be a bad insurance neither Maholm. Even if the latter could be a little expensive.
Michigan´s team needed OTs but the swept their bowls. Now, waiting for the Lions

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