Tigers, Dotel close to finalizing one-year deal

The Tigers found the man they wanted to shore up the middle of their bullpen, and Octavio Dotel found another new home. They found a match Wednesday evening, and the two sides spent Wednesday evening putting together a one-year contract.

The deal was not finalized as of late Wednesday evening, but a baseball source characterized it as close. It’s expected to include an option for the 2013 season, a compromise between the multi-year contract Dotel was seeking and the one-year deal the Tigers preferred.

The Tigers have a policy of not confirming contracts until a physical has been completed. That likely won’t happen until after the Winter Meetings have concluded at the Hilton Anatole hotel.

The 38-year-old Dotel will be playing for his 13th Major League team, and his third in the American League Central, but he has been a Tigers target on several occasions over the last five years. He’ll finally get his shot in a seventh-inning role to bridge the gap between Detroit’s starting rotation and the late-inning duo of setup man Joaquin Benoit and closer Jose Valverde.

Dotel’s pursuit was down to two teams by Wednesday evening, pitting the Tigers against the Cardinals. Dotel won a World Series this fall in St. Louis, and by all accounts felt a strong pull to go back. However, the chance to win in Detroit and the strong Latin presence on the team helped draw Dotel to the Tigers after they began courting him a couple weeks ago.


I like it. How old is Mariano Rivera? I am for batting Miguel 3rd. Did the Tigers miss Brennan’s bat in the playoffs?

wait, Brennan’s bat was replaced by Delmons, but yes they missed him. Delmon does NOT walk.

and for that matter he doesn’t play a very good left field either. and he can’t run. wait, why do we like him so much? oh yeah, he can hit for power.

DY leads MLB in assistances since 2007

Pujols going to the Angels. Not someone I want to pitch to six games a year. I’m hoping for a good race between LA and Texas this year.

Detroit has won their series( in the season) over Saint Louis for years. Pujols has not been a great threat or not enough anyway.

I’ll play devil’s advocate for DY. The guy can rake. When he is hot he can intimidate pitchers at the plate. The short steps he takes running look a bit silly but belie the fact he actually does not run THAT bad. He employed a little more discipline in the playoffs I thought. I like the guy but do agree we need more D in LF. I think DY can be very valuable in obtaining a starter or a speedy infielder (provided we actually do sign Cespedes).
I don’t get the Angels’ signing of Pujols. A 10 year contract for a guy who is 32? No trade clause?

Dotel will be a big help.

i fully agree on your later 2 points – however, i still think delmon is a 1 or 2 tool player (power and average). If they sign Cespedes, which i think they should NOT – then i would hope he’d start in LF next year.

Evan, are you leary of Cespedes because of his lack of North American experience?
IMO, he’s a game changer. It would put THREE game changing bats in the lineup. He is also very strong defensively and would transform our LF conundrum. We need speed and a good glove out there to complement AJ.
They could sign him, put him in Toledo, and play Delmon till July.
Or, my preference, use Delmon to get your other need(s) fulfilled and play Cespedes right away.

So we get to the meat of the issue. You are 100% correct, and I think either the 0.5 seasons is more appropriate. Except for the “IMO” portion….which is simply this: Nobody knows if his bat will translate into the MLB. Will he hit .280 with 30 hrs and too many strikeouts? maybe. He has no minor league experience – he only has his cuban league track track record. Are there tons of positional players in the MLB are Cuban league defectors? Not really, there is a couple – not enough to say: lets give this boy anything over 5 million a year until you KNOW.

* sorry, the 1/2 season in toledo before playing in the majors would be necessary… ^ typo

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