Tigers, Dotel agree to terms on one-year deal

The Octavio Dotel deal is complete, pending a physical. It’s a one-year contract with an option for 2013. Danny Knobler of CBSSports.com reported a $3 million salary for Dotel next year.

Team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski declined comment on the deal, other than to say they have interest in him.


good man DD. This’ll go a long way.

I’m ok with. 1 yr deal. 2 years would of been too much.

Gosh just for grins, here are the basic splits of our main middle relief guys.

vs. Left 86 27 .174 .273 .256 .529
vs. Right 86 17 .244 .409 .453 .863

vs. Left 149 36 .215 .289 .295 .584
vs. Right 274 33 .314 .375 .431 .806

Doc OC
vs. Left 72 17 .236 .345 .500 .845
vs. Right 123 45 .154 .198 .211 .410

vs. Left 68 32 .176 .291 .176 .468
vs. Right 80 35 .113 .287 .125 .412

vs. Left 65 9 .292 .373 .462 .835
vs. Right 76 15 .263 .370 .342 .712

As you can see, we filled A LARGE HOLE, especially since Al^2 has a history or injuries.

Thanks Evan. My other post was just daydreaming of Brennan’s bat with Delmon’s. I don’t think I would give Nolan Ryan a 10 year deal. He was on the MLB network talking about CJ Wilson. Would you sign CJ to a 5 year deal for too many millions?

One club, in this case the Marlins, drives up the price and nearly everyone is overpaid because of it. The Pujols siging makes some sense because he can DH over here in the AL. Nothing has been as weird as that Werth signing by the Nationals last winter.
I’m on the fence regarding Cespedes, obviously because I haven’t seen him play. We’ll have to put faith in DD and the scouts on this one. The fact that Dave seems to be waiting for him says a lot.
I think DD has done the right things so far. There will be more pickups and meanwhile, the Central is getting weaker as we speak.

Ahhhh boesch and delmon in the same lineup🙂 the only question is do you bat Boesch 3rd and Young in the 5-6th spot (with cabby at 4th); or do you keep Delmon in front of Cabby and Boesch batting something like second?
Good point about Albert being a DH. I just can’t justify giving 1 person that much money….what if they get hurt geesh!
The cespedes issue really does come down to trusting the scouts and DD. Very tough job those men have with this Cespedes.

AJ (or a new leadoff hitter) Boesch, Cabrera, Martinez, Avila, Young, Peralta, Santago, 3rd base posistion. Uncle Albert as a DH until he is 50. Remember DD said that Maybin was untouchable in a trade.

There was a obscene amount of money thrown around thiis week and really its disgusting. I love baseball but it is in desperate need of a salary cap and a floor, the money ia going to price people right out from being able to go to the park.

Agreed, some really bad contracts being signed out there. Thing is, the teams signing them aren’t the usual suspects when it comes to teams spending too much. People were calling Angels owner Arte Moreno frugal a year ago when they didn’t get Crawford and Beltre. And Jeffrey Loria’s reputation is well known. Not sure what that says about the industry.

greed is destroying the planet – has been for a looong time

From 7th on Detroit looks as ESPN commenters say when Mariano Rivera enters:”turn off the light and let go”

One thing to keep in mind is JL’s propensity for L-R matchups. Many times we may see Coke and Schlereth and not Dotel or Alburquerque, and sometimes not even Benoit. It’s not just JL, most managers do this even when they shouldn’t.

I tought too about that but 4 out of the 5 that have their posts for sure.VV, JB, OD and AA , are RHP s. Assuming that one of the the two remaining spots go to Schereth or Below he would be able to do that. But with an almost full RHP corp it is hard to keep the matchup barring an ocasional use of a reliever in the field

Rich, I love that “JL’s propensity” remark.
On another topic, Jim looked good while being interviewed on MLB Network,…jeans, sports jacket cool shirt and he looked refreshed. Pretty good-lookin dude in his late 60’s.
Not really sure if Detroit will go for Cespedes. I’m sure Dave had to give Mr. Ilitch his opinion of him. Lots of things can still happen in the next few weeks.

payroll additions: $1M Laird, $3M Dotel, $0.75M Santiago raise, Porcello arb eligible, Young arb eligible, Scherzer arb eligible, Coke arb eligible, Kelly arb eligible, Raburn $0.8M raise, PGrande $2M raise, Verlander $7.15M raise, VMart $1M raise, Peralta $0.25M raise, Cabrera $1M raise

payroll subtractions: $13M Guillen, $3M Penny, $10M Ordonez, $1.4M Zumaya, $1M Betemit, $0.8M Brad Thomas
payroll is $12.2M below last season with 5 arb eligible player raises yet to be determined. Scherzer ($0.6M) and Porcello ($1.5M) stand to get the biggest salary bump, and it’ll be interesting to see if the Tigers offer them a multiyear deal to buy out some or all of their arbitration eligible years. Young’s ($5.3M) salary will also bump a few $M. They’ll be near last season’s payroll once the dust settles.

Porcello is not arbitration elegible ( According to Baseball-reference). Detroit has a team option for him. He is owed deferred money from his bonus. He signed a Major league contract with many especial features. He was then a Boras´ client. As long as I know

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