Tigers inquire on Gio Gonzalez

The Tigers are among the teams interested in A’s left-hander Gio Gonzalez should Oakland GM Billy Beane decide to deal him, but any chance of a big push appears to be dim.

The Tigers inquired on Gonzalez here at the Winter Meetings as an idea to see if they could do something bigger than expected for a good price. The asking price in return, however, apparently cooled that interest. While top pitching prospect Jacob Turner could be expendable in a package for Gonzalez, who has four years left before free agency, other potential pieces in a package beyond that appear to be a problem.

The Tigers are open to improving, but they’re not going to do it while taking away from the core of the team that won the AL Central and made it to within two games of the World Series. Unless the asking price comes down, it doesn’t appear to be a good fit, and with so many additional teams reported to be interested, a discount doesn’t look likely.


Well comment #1 here should be why did DD not bother considering Erik Bedard?
The guy gets ground balls, is crafty, can K a batter and doesn’t walk many. Oh, he also wou8ld be an excellent 5th man in the rotation who happens to throw left-handed!
Oh well. Forget Gonzo if it means Turner AND Castellanos AND Boesch. That is absurd.

As Gilda Radner in her Barbara Walters guise said, “wumors are wunning wampant.” It’s a veritable rumor-fest this week and that needs to be kept in mind. Even things we say here may end up on the rumor mill. Joining the fray here, my guess is the A’s wanted Boesch. Deal breaker.
Waiting for a Cespedes signing is a somewhat large risk, IMO. He’s reminding me of Wilkin Ramirez, who’s only contributions were a shot to the hedges at Comerica and getting more TV face time than any non-participant in Game 163.
The “95” reference is just a reminder that, while we need to improve, we’re not desperate. They have another offseason scheduled for next November.

Jim Leland was just interviewed on MLB Network. They talked about AJ a little bit and his strikeouts, but Jim insisted he’ll be the leadoff guy until they get him someone else. Said he knew Tony was going to retire beforehand.

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