Tigers closing in on reliever, looking like Dotel

The Tigers are closing in on filling their need for a reliever to handle the seventh inning, and it’s looking more like Octavio Dotel is the answer.

Without naming names, team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski indicated they’re zeroing in on their guy.

“We’re making some strides,” said Dombrowski, who had talks ongoing late Wednesday afternoon just before his regularly scheduled daily meeting with reporters.

As of early Wednesday afternoon, the Tigers were one of two teams primarily involved in negotiations on Dotel, according to a source. Detroit has other options, including Luis Ayala, but Dombrowski indicated they’re zeroing in on a somebody, and that adding that arm has become a priority.

“If there’s one area, after we signed [Gerald] Laird, after we signed [Ramon] Santiago back, if there’s one area that probably received a little more focus than us than others, it’s been trying to tweak that bullpen,” Dombrowski said. “We’ve been looking at a lot of different [bullpen] options, but we do have priority/priorities at this point.”

Ken Rosenthal of Foxsports.com tweeted that the Tigers are the front-runners for Dotel, with a National League club also involved. The Cardinals, where Dotel won a World Series ring a couple months ago, and Brewers have also been linked to Dotel in recent days.

Dotel is believed to be seeking a two-year contract. Dombrowski said Wednesday he would “prefer not to” offer a multi-year deal to a reliever at this point.

“The preference would be short-term,” Dombrowski said, though he said that sentiment isn’t as strong as it would be for any starting pitcher they might sign for the fifth spot.


upgrading the bullpen sometime between the end of this season and next season’s trade deadline seems inevitable, though the timing uncertain. 2 guys, maybe 3 (if Coke included) they could count on in the postseason. just not enough. too much, too soon for the young up and comers in the pen.

yeeeaaaaa give dotel 2.5 per year for 2 years! that’ll shore up the bullpen. Hey if pauley and purcey come around well have a heckofva bull pen!

Lets face it, we need someone who can really get righties out. I’m not talking benoit or VV, because they are back end guys. Our righties all have question marks – with Al^2 not proven he can be injury free and purcey and pauley not performing in detroit, yet. idk if dotel is the answer, but i know he can be AN answer.

Bad news to me!

You’d rather rely on Schlereth?

Rather not see a long in the tooth pitcher under contract for 2 years!

naw DOC OC is prolly ok for 2 years – i’d agree if you said 3 years. Schlereth has a .409OBP against righties, the DOC has .198OBP against righties.

OH and incase you are wondering, AL^2 has a .287OBP against righties. The DOC has the cure for the right handed batter, folks.

Fair point, but they have to get somebody. I just heard that Dotel has the ability to come into situations and get out of them. That kind of thing is huge. Another thing in this old-timer’s favor is there’s nothing on a ballfield that he hasn’t dealt with. He can handle the pressure. We lack that sometimes.

You can never have enough good pitching.

i hear a 1 year deal with a vesting option is what is most likely going to happen.🙂 And on a side note, i feel that Benoit, Al^2 and Schlereth grew up some this year -> we might have a heckofa bullpen this year!

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