Gio-graphy: Getting Gonzalez will take big package

Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski noted a little progress on gaining some regard from other teams in Detroit’s position prospects, but he also noted that the primary interest from teams in trade talks has been the team’s highly-touted pitching prospects, as usual. If the Tigers are going to make a serious attempt at acquiring Gio Gonzalez from the A’s, as the San Francisco Chronicle’s Susan Slusser suggested late Tuesday evening, there’s no reason to think they could do it without giving up highly-regarded pitching prospects, starting with Jacob Turner.

Slusser reports the Tigers have strong interest in joining the Gonzalez sweepstakes, which so far has centered around the Yankees, and would probably be willing to include Turner as part of their offer. Essentially, then, Gonzalez would slot into the open rotation spot rather than replace one of the other four, and Turner would be a man without a role in Detroit.

A’s general manager Billy Beane told reporters earlier Tuesday that nothing was imminent. Dombrowski said Tuesday afternoon that talks on various fronts had reached “a lull period.”

The A’s have been attracting interest in Gonzalez as he heads into arbitration eligibility for the first time in his career as a super-2 qualifier. If another team acquires him, they’ll have to pay for Gonzalez’s success over the past couple years, but they’ll get four seasons out of the 26-year-old left-hander before he’s eligible for free agency.

With that type of control, and the level of interest from big-market teams, the A’s have every reason to expect a haul of prospects for their gifted young left-hander. What form that package takes will have to depend on the team.

Supposedly the A’s are interested in young outfield help, but while the Tigers have some young talent there, it’s not their strength. Andy Dirks just completed a surprisingly strong rookie season that included some stretches of everyday play and can play all three outfield spots, but he isn’t regarded as a top prospect. Avisail Garcia has the physique and ability to become a very good player, but has to find the consistent performance to match.

The Tigers also have some young infield prospects, but the A’s already have talent there, starting with Jemile Weeks. The Tigers prospects generating respect are the pitchers, starting with Turner and continuing with Drew Smyly and possibly Andy Oliver. If the Tigers are going to offer the type of package the A’s received when they traded Dan Haren four years ago, as Slusser suggests, they’ll probably have to offer a little bit of all of that.

Yes, the A’s are deep in starting pitching. But as Dombrowski has always believed, you can never have enough pitching. It’s a commodity.


Any chance the A’s would throw in that stud young third baseman they have, Scott Sizemore? He’s ten times better than what the Tigers have at third right now.

Lynn Henning mentioned Paul Maholm as possible target. Their ERA and whip are similar( different league) but Gonzalez would be under control for years to come. Still, Maholm is a free agent and would cost money not more prospect from an already thin farm.
Maholm: 3.66/1.294. Sure, it was a carrer best year in his contract year.

Albert still hasn’t made up his mind. Ugh! So tired of hearing about him. Surprised to find out the Tigers are actually being talked about. I’ve probably seen Gio pitch, but can’t remember him. If he’s that good, I’d give him Turner. However, it seem the phillies also want Gio.

“I wish we didn’t have him anymore,” Leyland said, “ On Lamont
We fully agree this time

GG would be a very nice addition to the rotation. I don’t see any need for us to be carrying 4 LHP in the Minors with the rotation we have at present.
Don’t know enough about Turner yet to be joining the club that thinks he is some budding superstar. I haven’t seen it.
This is where Delmon Young may come in handy. Young, Oliver or Wilk and Clete Thomas might make the A.s part with Gio.
Then , of course, get Cespedes!

12 other teams are now interested in him.

I was somewhat surprised to see Wandy Rodriguez mentioned, being that his deal would be similar to Burhrle’s. As always, I’m wary of guys switching leagues. I’d pass on that one.
Regarding Gio Gonzalez, it depends on the package. Prospects are always just that, prospects, and you’d be acquiring a left-handed pitcher under team control who would be insurance against one of our other current starters not making the grade long term. I wouldn’t “sell the farm” but that term is open to your own definition.

Where I would not agree with DD is if he even considers discussing Brennan Boesch.
I think BB is a keeper.
I like Dirks but I think he has trade value that might outweigh his chance to play here.
I’d certainly prefer to keep him than Raburn if push came to shove. The argument would be that Ryan can play 2nd. That is debatable. To me Ryan Raburn is, physically and philosophically, an almost prototypical 3B man.

I had included your statement about Boesch in my own post but deleted it for brevity. You finished my thought, Dan. We should not trade Boesch. That would be selling the farm.

The number I am most tired of hearing: “95”.
As though the Tigers can do nothing and that means they will win that many next year?!
Realistically, that won’t happen. Try to improve–try to make a team that can win 100.
The money is there.
Only a few choice moves will give you that kind of team.
Go for it.

there is a lot of noise this week, and very little signal, i’m afraid. these Gonzalez rumors just seem like noise to me. are the Tigers willing to give up Turner to get Gonzalez? that is the bottom line…and it still would not be enough to seal the deal. I’m guessing it would take Turner, Young, and Smyly…still worth it?

sometimes rumors like this are circulated for the benefit of the trading team, so they can create an expanding market and jack up their price…

it also seems to me that Tiger fans, generally speaking, overvalue many of our young players. Dirks, for instance, is a 4th OF. a solid role player, but unfortunately not much trade value. Beane is looking for offense and Dirks is not a plus hitter at a corner OF position.

I still like Dirks as a better all around alternative, (speed, LHB, glove, energy).
I will be the first to put my neck on the chopping block and state you can’t expect an aging, hurting, weak-hitting, Brandon Inge to play 3rd base on a championship team.
The key word is expect. Maybe he will pleasantly surprise.
It is a weak link. They can’t afford to platoon there if they are platooning Raburn and Ramon at 2B.

i agree, 3B should be the first priority. Inge is likely done. Sometimes these guys just fade into retirement, for others the end is abrupt…the guy I compare him to at this point is Pedro Feliz. Didn’t hit for average, had some power, decent defender. Played 3b for Phils prior to Polanco. Whatever happened to him? Went from starter to oblivion in one season.

there might be an opportunity to acquire a 3B in the aftermath of the Ramirez signing. particularly, if the Angels sign him, then Callaspo becomes tradable. he might be a fit in Detroit for his on base skills. not much speed or power though, don’t know anything about his defense.
I think they’ll find another 3B candidate, but my guess is it will be late in the offseason. a solid major league average 3b would be just fine. they don’t need to “swing for the fences” on this one.

Buehrhe to be a Marlin.
Gio? Malholm? Wilson? I hope not Bedard as floated by Henning. Kuroda? AJ Burnett?( His problem is NY like it was for Rogers, once out from there he will be the second starter he was for Jays).

Sorry , did not know. Bedard was already signed.

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